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  1. Yes, as Tom mentioned there are lots of those pesky aluminum strips found around Tom Wells Road area. I did notice Shep casually scattering same in his wake in an effort to discourage stalkers.
  2. Thanks Mike, I was able to finesse the wire coil on the shaft out of harms way and secure it with electrical tape.... Once a sheet rocker everything looks like a nail! Just ask Fed ?... Have golden spring, summer, fall etc.... jeff
  3. Fred, Thank you amigo for the advice..... The framing hammer was really not a good idea.... I ended up moving the wire a bit and securing it with tape..... Spent the afternoon exploring the El Pasos north of Randsburg..... Also got to look at the huge terraced open pits of the Yellow Aster and Baltic mines..... Stringer district.... Very interesting stuff.... Talk soon. Jeff
  4. Ok guys this is a shout for assistance from some of you more experienced GPX users.... I need to reroute the wire from the quick track button on the handle to the port on the control box.... I have looked at ML instructions online for assembling the unit and they say "plug the thingy on the end of the wire into the port".... Ok they did not say thingy but you get the drift... I thought the thingy should simply plug in and be removable with slight force much as you would expect plugging in and un plugging your headphones, there I go assuming again.... Simply put, the thingy does not unplug with slight force... So that is my dilemma, if left to my own devices I am sure I could really screw up a great detector and that would be a bummer as Shep is too far away to fix it easily.... So if any of you guys have dealt with this and know the right way to remove it please let me know.... Thanks in advance to any of the Nugget Shooter crew for your 2 cents.... Nugget Shooter Forum is the best... Happy Hunting Jeff Situation fixed, I was able to just rearrange and tape the wire coils out of harms way..... This was to allow a detector holder I built for my Samurai to clamp the upper shaft without putting pressure or strain on the quick track wire... Still curious as to how to safely remove the connector from the control box....
  5. Wow, women (plural)..... and Patrick was missing...... I knew I shoulda gone. Rats! Jeff
  6. Bunk is a great guy, you will benefit greatly from his knowledge. Have fun. Jeff
  7. I can't wait to see the rock dangling from ur neck...... You're going to need a neck brace.
  8. Fred, I have never known Shep not to have a Cold Bud, nope, not never. Jeff
  9. Doc, 47 por favor. Thanks for lifting the summertime blues! Jeff
  10. Hey Guys, This is a very good video about the Liberty, Washington mining area. The lecturer discusses hard rock as well as placer gold deposits. Enjoy, Jeff Liberty Gold Mine Geology
  11. Boulder Dash, Happy Birthday to the bedrock beating two legged excavator ....... Jeff
  12. Bill, It looks like you had a great birthday, glad you could get out and celebrate! Jeff
  13. Well said Bill, Congratulations on the gig, I know you will represent the prospecting community with class and good humor!!! Jeff
  14. Dave, Thanks for sharing all those great photos with us, as Mike said you can sure frame a beautiful picture. Lots of great stuff in the desert to shoot. Jeff
  15. Adam, Thanks for another very entertaining account of you and BD doing what you do best, thinking outside the box and coming up with nice nugs and pics. You guys rock. Jeff PS, hope you both thawed out
  16. Patrick Happy Birthday and Good Hunting Jeff
  17. Ahh yes that's it, blakenese oxly
  18. BD, I think I read somewhere that the black coating on Peg Leg's gold was manganese, is that what the coating is??? Good findings! Jeff
  19. Glad u r back Frank, Cabo in your future !!!! Jeff
  20. Au, Thanks mucho, good information. I looked on the Fisher site and missed the information. Jeff
  21. I am sure one of you experienced Gold Bug 2 hands will know the answer here, are the Fisher factory coils safe to use in shallow water? Thanks for your assistance, Jeff
  22. Yep Jim has a stout cage with double wire mesh set in the yard, walks the dog up from downwind so they get the scent, then the buzz and WHAMO on the shock collar then RUN, defiantly makes an impression.
  23. As Patrick mentioned there are folks who train dogs to avoid snakes. I took my Aussie to a fellow in New River, Az. His name is Jim ?, and his business is "Viper Voidance" I believe. He has a lot of experience and is quite a character to boot.... The training only takes about thirty minutes and he will retest your animal to see if the training sticks at no cost if you bring the dog back at a later date. If I can find his card I will post his info. Probably find him on Gooooglee.... Jeff
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