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  1. I just stumbled upon this trio or miners who had recently emerged from a time machine west of Quartzsite.
  2. Wishing you a very happy birthday and lots more!!
  3. Great story Doc! Thank you for sharing it with us. Merry Christmas to all.
  4. Yea Mike, But you neglected to disclose the location of the Ben Avery Range..... Mebe it is proximal to the Turtle Range, Black Butte, Chocolate Mts. or ? Proximal, not distal.... Cheers, Jeff
  5. Wow Fred, Your humility is truly humbling....... Keep up the great posts.... WM?
  6. This is probably the best place to start..... Have fun!
  7. Yep Fred, Kinda like the magical stuff that happens when somebody with a beard an jalapeƱo poppers an Cabo just happens to hang a wire up in a bush uh huh.... Not mentioning any names mind you.... Jeff
  8. Looking great Dave, I have been doing some gas welding and brazing of late and find it a relaxing activity when everything is flowing right. Took a class many years ago so starting at ground zero pretty much. There is certainly a lot of good information online and on youtube. I am curious as to what tip you are using on that .040 material, filler rod diameter, and pressures you are running. Thanks for taking us all along for the ride. Jeff
  9. Thank you for sharing a very interesting and detailed account of a great adventure. Well written indeed! Jeff
  10. Great news Roger, hope you heal up quickly! Look forward to seeing you at Gold Basin.
  11. Just logged on and saw this..... You are ok and that is what counts, like Mike said the other stuff can be replaced. Glad you are ok. Jeff
  12. Dave, Just curious, is there a factory wing fold option or are you planning on designing one? Either way flying is the berrys!! Looking forward to the build. Jeff
  13. Yea Ron, wonderful news!!! See you out there I hope! Jeff
  14. Hoping you have a great outcome and a speedy recovery Ron! Jeff
  15. Yes, as Tom mentioned there are lots of those pesky aluminum strips found around Tom Wells Road area. I did notice Shep casually scattering same in his wake in an effort to discourage stalkers.
  16. Thanks Mike, I was able to finesse the wire coil on the shaft out of harms way and secure it with electrical tape.... Once a sheet rocker everything looks like a nail! Just ask Fed ?... Have golden spring, summer, fall etc.... jeff
  17. Fred, Thank you amigo for the advice..... The framing hammer was really not a good idea.... I ended up moving the wire a bit and securing it with tape..... Spent the afternoon exploring the El Pasos north of Randsburg..... Also got to look at the huge terraced open pits of the Yellow Aster and Baltic mines..... Stringer district.... Very interesting stuff.... Talk soon. Jeff
  18. Ok guys this is a shout for assistance from some of you more experienced GPX users.... I need to reroute the wire from the quick track button on the handle to the port on the control box.... I have looked at ML instructions online for assembling the unit and they say "plug the thingy on the end of the wire into the port".... Ok they did not say thingy but you get the drift... I thought the thingy should simply plug in and be removable with slight force much as you would expect plugging in and un plugging your headphones, there I go assuming again.... Simply put, the thingy does not unplug with slight force... So that is my dilemma, if left to my own devices I am sure I could really screw up a great detector and that would be a bummer as Shep is too far away to fix it easily.... So if any of you guys have dealt with this and know the right way to remove it please let me know.... Thanks in advance to any of the Nugget Shooter crew for your 2 cents.... Nugget Shooter Forum is the best... Happy Hunting Jeff Situation fixed, I was able to just rearrange and tape the wire coils out of harms way..... This was to allow a detector holder I built for my Samurai to clamp the upper shaft without putting pressure or strain on the quick track wire... Still curious as to how to safely remove the connector from the control box....
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