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  1. Don, Thanks for the info. It is a wonderful looking site and I hope the turds can be kept out. The last photo is really interesting too. South and West of Dumont Dunes has a lot of history, sadly much of the desert is closed to us mortals due to Wilderness Areas, Wilderness Study Areas, etc. and more from our bureaucrats. Fort Irwin National Training Center occupies more than one thousand square miles. Good information as always Clay! Jeff
  2. Hang in there Don! How are you doing, have you been putting some weight back on? Stay safe amigo and get better so you will be back in the hunt when things calm down. Jeff
  3. Don, Great photos, thanks for sharing. That looks like a hydraulic mining site. Around Alleghany mebe? Jeff
  4. Happy Birthday Chet!! Hope to see you out there soon! Jeff
  5. Dave, Yes, it is probably best to get checked out in a taildragger.... I think there are a few Arizona private pilots on the forum, maybe one will have a lead for an instructor. You have crafted a beautiful flyer and I wish you continued success! Jeff
  6. Dave, Belated birthday best wishes! Will this be the summer of first flight? Jeff
  7. Amazing find Terry, watching that and hearing your joy put a huge smile on my face!! You earned it my friend, enjoy and keep up all posted. Jeff
  8. Hey Roger, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your birthday!! Jeff
  9. Slim, That is good article, thank you for posting it..... This whole thing makes me realize that dropping out of a Physical Geology course fifty years back was short sited..... Don Fife was a good instructor! Jeff
  10. Don, Great to know you are on the mend! Good on ya for helping out the newbies, keep on truckn! Jeff
  11. Clay, Thank you for a clear and concise explanation (again). Jeff
  12. Hey Shep, Happy New Year! Maybe give Gerry M. a shout, he has lots of gear and people. Jeff
  13. Happy Birthday and New Year Ol Tom!
  14. Merry Christmas Fireball and Fireball girlfriend, You have found a good place to learn about space rocks, not space rocks, gold prospektin, and philosophy! There are many knowledgable humans on this forum! Cheers, Jeff
  15. Nugget108, John has some private ground (not a claim) and possibly that is the area in question, a proverbial slip of the tongue..... Not sure, but it was correct for the man to ask John for permission in any case. Lots of plundering going on out there..... Mebe John will provide more information. Good to see you on here John! Happpy Hunttin Jeff
  16. As they say on TV, "Frickin beautiful", or something like that. Very nice find Sir!
  17. Patrick, Happy birthday my friend, I hope you are having a great day! Jeff
  18. Walt, Does it come with eight hours of training in GB? Just kiddin. Jeff
  19. Dave, Thanks for the update, I guess that explains why the flying machine updates are missing..... Glad Frank was able to assist, he is a very talented guy. Your post reminded me of something I had not thought about lately. I had a baja years ago and experienced a strange occurrence as I was descending a trail coming down into Lake Isabella from the mountains. Much to my amazement I observed the wheel and tire from the front on the passenger side of the bug moving away from the vehicle at a good clip. Rolling down the trail just like a road runner or something it was. The bug was st
  20. Dave, That is an eye opening post! Lesson learned I reckon, how is the flying machine progressing? Stay healthy, Jeff
  21. Thankee for the good wishes guys, I hope you all are doing well and keeping an even strain on things! Jeff
  22. Thank you Skip, Great day, sun shining, kids are well so that is as good as it gets! Stay healthy my friend. Jeff
  23. Wow Doc, Those robots are getting more lifelike by the minute.... Congrats on another successful launch, keep on inventing! Jeff
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