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  1. Prayers and good thoughts for your friend Frank, I hope he beats this and gets back to living the dream! Jeff
  2. Mac, Marty Robbins was a wonderful story teller, thanks for posting this! Jeff
  3. Nice to see all the green and agua! Way back machine in gear!
  4. Ah si... Beauty photo Bob, thanks for posting. Jeff
  5. Nice work Bill, I rekon BMc is just yankin your chain. Keep up the great work and yes this is still a wonderful forum. Thank yu for providing this place. Jeff
  6. Hi Mitchel, Please don't shoot it, it is beautiful! Passed by you on Thursday en route to Newport Beach and San Diego. There were two guys mid day getting geared up by the big pier on Newport Peninsula on Friday. The beach was packed and I thought I should start beach detecting. One was using an 800. On Saturday at La Jolla near Torrey Pines which was also crowded another guy I talked to was using an 800. They both said they really like the machine. The water was clear and a nice temp, and mellow waves. Lots of baby Leopard sharks cruising in the shallows and it was interesting to watch them swimming by my feet. This section of water sees many Leopard sharks annually when they go to the protected shallows to give birth. Keep up the good finding! Jeff
  7. Thank you amigos! wishing you all Feliz and mucho oro, and good health as well! Jeff
  8. Mitchel, Access to Detector Prospector has been spotty for several days, I can not access it at this time.. It is a great forum and hopefully it can be restored soon. Jeff
  9. Shep, Can you laminate another piece of plastic to it using one of the glues mentioned? Yur pretty strong so I am not worried about the weight. And quit banging it against big nuggets! Jeff
  10. Nice work Bill! Good to see that hard sweat paying off, stay hydrated and keep up the good work. Jeff
  11. Happy Birthday River John!

  12. Indigo, Thank you for your contribution and as some clever person once said "Without pictures this is a worthless thread", or something similar. Perhaps he said photos, I don't remember. I found my first bit with a detector near the Rye Patch reservoir, not on a peak, or even a flank. Sadly, that find lead me to believe that this is an easy game since I found it ten minutes after leaving Gerry's great detecting class. Not an easy game, but rewarding in so many ways since the beauty of the west is amazing and it lifts my spirits just to wander the hills. I also count the folks I have met whilst prospecting to be golden. Many great people with wisdom, grub and companionship willing to share. Wishing you continued joy traipsing around the Washington state hills! OOOPs.. Jeff
  13. Cerro Gordo is an amazing example of what determined people can do if the face of much adversity, I visited there a couple of years ago and met the caretaker who gave us a bit of a tour. He is a great guy with a lifetime of hard rock mining experience, he is a licensed blaster and is from Nevada. The hotel which is currently being rebuilt as you mentioned was in very good condition and was a wonderful example of the architecture and furnishings of the past. At that time the young man who is the present owner was just getting his feet wet so to speak and sadly the fire happened a year or two after that. Thanks for the history lesson Barry! Those guys from Utah make a great team. Quit exagerrateinngg!
  14. Cookie bakers.... Bakersfield? Lotsa cookies here.... Cerro Gordo? Caved in workings. 250 miles to the north of Los Angeles. Elevation: 8,500'
  15. Cool Tool! Thanks for posting it up..
  16. Guys, I am not a film critic in real life but I thought NOMADLAND was an excellent movie and told the stories of the characters in a thoughtful manner. If I remember correctly two or more of the principle characters are actually nomads. I have been enjoying the u tube videos that Bob Wells puts up frequently, he is the big Santa Claus look alike in the movie. He has an interesting history, I think his mission in life now is to assist like minded people with their new path in life. He is a wise and compassionate man. Around here (Bakersfield Ca) there has been a dramatic increase in the homeless population over the past several years. The crowd which shows no respect for the property rights or comfort of others fouls the sidewalks with human waste and trash, they push their shopping carts across busy traffic lanes and walk in the middle of the street at night in dark clothing. A number of businesses have had windows broken out, had people sleeping in their entrances, and been otherwise impacted by homeless people. The city created a special squad to move them out of encampments in public parks because there was a lot of damage being done to the buildings and improvements not to mention scaring off families with their strange behavior. Those are the ones who are mentally unstable, drug or booze addicted or a sad combination of those things. The city in the last year did spend a couple of million bucks to create an "inclusive" shelter with beds for a lot of people, showers, counseling, and other benefits for those who desire assistance. I don't know what the response has been but it appears that the number of street people continues to grow... Bob makes a good point with his last paragraph, folks dealt a bad hand, trying to keep their heads above water. We do have a lot of NGOs here who provide food, shelter and counseling to those who seek it. I will take 3 medium Pikeminnows to go please..... Peace, Jeff
  17. StateofJeff..... Yes it is beautiful country, passed thru many times in a semi and other vehicular modes of transport. Thanks for posting and happy hunting! Jeff
  18. Cavanaugh, Thanks for your detailed response, it sounds like you are hip deep in research and due diligence. I wish you great success and an enjoyable adventure!! Jeff
  19. cavanaugh Yaahooo! Yes, there are lots of great members here and congratulations on your new toy. Thanks to the guy who helped you with it. I dont know anything about Mass, are you going to be relic hunting or is there detectable gold there? Happy Hunting, Jeff
  20. Great job Clark! Thank you for posting, keep up the good work! Jeff
  21. Don, Thanks for the info. It is a wonderful looking site and I hope the turds can be kept out. The last photo is really interesting too. South and West of Dumont Dunes has a lot of history, sadly much of the desert is closed to us mortals due to Wilderness Areas, Wilderness Study Areas, etc. and more from our bureaucrats. Fort Irwin National Training Center occupies more than one thousand square miles. Good information as always Clay! Jeff
  22. Hang in there Don! How are you doing, have you been putting some weight back on? Stay safe amigo and get better so you will be back in the hunt when things calm down. Jeff
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