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  1. Patrick, Happy birthday my friend, I hope you are having a great day! Jeff
  2. Walt, Does it come with eight hours of training in GB? Just kiddin. Jeff
  3. Dave, Thanks for the update, I guess that explains why the flying machine updates are missing..... Glad Frank was able to assist, he is a very talented guy. Your post reminded me of something I had not thought about lately. I had a baja years ago and experienced a strange occurrence as I was descending a trail coming down into Lake Isabella from the mountains. Much to my amazement I observed the wheel and tire from the front on the passenger side of the bug moving away from the vehicle at a good clip. Rolling down the trail just like a road runner or something it was. The bug was st
  4. Dave, That is an eye opening post! Lesson learned I reckon, how is the flying machine progressing? Stay healthy, Jeff
  5. Thankee for the good wishes guys, I hope you all are doing well and keeping an even strain on things! Jeff
  6. Thank you Skip, Great day, sun shining, kids are well so that is as good as it gets! Stay healthy my friend. Jeff
  7. Wow Doc, Those robots are getting more lifelike by the minute.... Congrats on another successful launch, keep on inventing! Jeff
  8. Tom, Fascinating subject and nice outcomes. Thanks for sharing your information with everyone! Jeff
  9. Happy Birthday Amigo! Hope yer stayin cool and havin a cold one, mebe two..... Be well and happy huntin, houses and that other stuff too!!! Jeff
  10. Thats really cool Tom, look out bugs!
  11. Terry, Thank you for sharing your bird shots, and as Luke said the tempo is appreciated, not too fast and the pleasant moosic is relaxing. The shot of the raptor flying with a fish in its talons almost perfectly replicates a photo I got years ago of an Osprey flying over its nest with a fish in hand shot over the Sea of Cortez. Well, maybe not in it's hands exactly, but you know...... You have a beautiful back yard, I am glad to see you are doing well. Keep up the good work. Jeff
  12. Slim, In your initial post you asked, "How can people use anything for an excuse to riot, loot and burn down property that had nothing to do with anything?" In my experience people don't generally riot when their utility rates increase, or when their neighbor has a bbq and does not invite them to the party, or even when politicians are caught with their hand in the cookie jar.... This murder is an affront to the decency of all who have seen the video. Way past anything. It seems most of the posts have acknowledged the truth of each others position, the cop who kneeled for se
  13. SoCal, As Desertpilot mentioned Gorilla glue works for him, I have been using Gorilla wood glue on various non wood projects and found it to work well. If the surface to be bonded is smooth I rough it up with sandpaper and the bond is very strong. (Probably not the thing for assembling a fuselage tho...) I have also had good results using the tubes of construction adhesive from the big box stores, several brands available. Again surface prep. is important, scratch it up, dust off, apply glue and clamp or compress. Now if I could just get these fingers separated.... Have fun.
  14. Terry, That is a beautiful area, thanks for letting all of us go on a hike with you. Jeff
  15. Thanks for doing this Hermit, young people need to be exposed to mining and agriculture. Many of them don't have a clue where there food and Iphones come from..... Jeff
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