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  1. Bob, Is that a large mouth? No, the fish, I meant the fish.... Great shooting sir!
  2. No, the minerals belong to the claim holder, and any removal would be considered theft. There is a lengthy discussion about this subject on the Detector Prospector Forum, the thread is "Rye Patch Claim Jumpers". Barry with My Land Matters has words of wisdom posted there for our education.... Don't feel alone.
  3. That is a great question, I have often wondered where I am when in the bush.... I think the recorded claim notice states the location within a section which is one square mile containing 640 acres. Each section can be broken down or divided into quarters, and further broken down from there... There are very informative sites online, My Land Matters is great... The PLSS overlays on Google Earth are helpful but not always accurate, the PLSS is the public lands survey system and will show Townships, and sections... To make things more interesting, some claims have been abandoned but the markers remain, sometimes knuckleheads remove markers, and the claims are still valid. I think the only way to know if a claim is still valid is to check at the county where the notice was recorded... I wish I had a better answer for you, maybe someone with better knowledge will chime in and we will all benefit. Welcome aboard. Oops. I just re read your post and you obviously have been using My Land Matters, maybe I should read carefully before I open my keyboard....
  4. Thanks Randy, let's see what happens next.
  5. Like unk said, amazing craftsmanship.... I know there are lots of folks who are creators or enjoy seeing what other creative folks are doing and your candid and low key airplane building saga is something many would enjoy.... I for one would enjoy a video tutorial on the welding process you used, a little cutting, fitup, prep, and torch work... Those are skills few have... The hinge construction, banjo bolts, etc.... Then there is all of the wood werkin stuff, and not to mention the vwenstein power source... Not necessarily self promoting but it might be fun and educational for others.. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Jeff
  6. Nice work on the banjo bolts Dave, necessity being the mother of invention etc. etc.... Seriously great stuff and thanks for letting all of us tag along!
  7. Posted 27 minutes ago Heads up. I have to go out of town to pave a road in the Yaak. A stretch of 5.5 miles and I will be back in 2.5- 3 weeks. when i get back I should have earned enough to finish off whats left of the printing cost, as I will be making federal davis bacon wages, and 14 hrs a day 6 days a week. My company won't cover anyones rooms and I will not waste my hard earned money on hotel room fees, so I will be camping along the Yaak river road for 3 weeks. There are 25-50 Grizzlies in the Yaak so it will be hair raising each night. The Yaak is said to be the last wildest place left in the lower 48. When I got up there for the first 2 days, I could see why. My supervisor found me a nice spot to camp along the Yaak river which when I got there realized was smack dab in the middle of old gold mining tailings. There is nice bedrock along the river. There wasn't alot of good gold found in this river, so I will be leaving my detector at home. I have to pack enough food and water for three weeks as I will be the only one staying on the job site without leaving for the full 3 weeks. I got to try out the 5thops perimeter trip alarm and it works very well. I will feel better knowing that if a grizzly comes into my camp he will be tripping off 1 million scoville of Ghost Pepper powder dispersed in a giant cloud around my camp. I won't be doing any prospecting as I hear some people are geeting strange rashes from digging in the dirt and gravels up there. I know the area is covered in mica also know as vermiculite (espestos), and also Uranium is another primary mineral in the ground there. These two elements could explain the strange rashes. When I get back I will update everyone on the total reached. I have to leave in a couple hours, so if anyone on here also goes onto nuggetshooter forum please post this on there as I am still trying to pack my gear and don't have time to post any more today. thank you everyone.
  8. Yep, and big buzzards too... Oh no, bird strike on #1 engine and wind screen! Quick, long arm reach around with the windex and rag, don't forget to fly the airplane.... Busy now... Egads, what would Sully do? Amazing work Dave, much respect for your skills.
  9. Cholla cacti at LSD is very easy for a human or dog to tangle with. Painful and time consuming to rectify....
  10. Many good points here, I too found gold in Holcomb Valley many years ago. <> Human time, not geological time as in epochs or some such thing. Generally I have found insights offered here by some members to be worthy of serious consideration. I know Adam for example is a respected fellow in the arena of sniffing out placer gold deposits as is his pal Wade I think, and that Bedrock fellow from NM also is a wise and cunning fellow, he has probably forgotten more about iron meteorites and ironing boards than anyone on these here forums, not many NASA veterans on here. ... I would urge you to be open to the insights these fellows may offer, as they have serious credibility with members of this community. Maybe Fred or Mr. Wet/Dry washer will chime in as well and we can drag a few poodles into the conversation... It has been a long day so thank you.
  11. Beans and more beans to go with the excellent smoked meat! Your outings are always great Bill, thanks mucho.
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