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  1. Cavanaugh, Thanks for your detailed response, it sounds like you are hip deep in research and due diligence. I wish you great success and an enjoyable adventure!! Jeff
  2. cavanaugh Yaahooo! Yes, there are lots of great members here and congratulations on your new toy. Thanks to the guy who helped you with it. I dont know anything about Mass, are you going to be relic hunting or is there detectable gold there? Happy Hunting, Jeff
  3. Great job Clark! Thank you for posting, keep up the good work! Jeff
  4. Don, Thanks for the info. It is a wonderful looking site and I hope the turds can be kept out. The last photo is really interesting too. South and West of Dumont Dunes has a lot of history, sadly much of the desert is closed to us mortals due to Wilderness Areas, Wilderness Study Areas, etc. and more from our bureaucrats. Fort Irwin National Training Center occupies more than one thousand square miles. Good information as always Clay! Jeff
  5. Hang in there Don! How are you doing, have you been putting some weight back on? Stay safe amigo and get better so you will be back in the hunt when things calm down. Jeff
  6. Don, Great photos, thanks for sharing. That looks like a hydraulic mining site. Around Alleghany mebe? Jeff
  7. Happy Birthday Chet!! Hope to see you out there soon! Jeff
  8. Dave, Yes, it is probably best to get checked out in a taildragger.... I think there are a few Arizona private pilots on the forum, maybe one will have a lead for an instructor. You have crafted a beautiful flyer and I wish you continued success! Jeff
  9. Dave, Belated birthday best wishes! Will this be the summer of first flight? Jeff
  10. Amazing find Terry, watching that and hearing your joy put a huge smile on my face!! You earned it my friend, enjoy and keep up all posted. Jeff
  11. Hey Roger, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your birthday!! Jeff
  12. Slim, That is good article, thank you for posting it..... This whole thing makes me realize that dropping out of a Physical Geology course fifty years back was short sited..... Don Fife was a good instructor! Jeff
  13. Don, Great to know you are on the mend! Good on ya for helping out the newbies, keep on truckn! Jeff
  14. Clay, Thank you for a clear and concise explanation (again). Jeff
  15. Hey Shep, Happy New Year! Maybe give Gerry M. a shout, he has lots of gear and people. Jeff
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