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  1. Wow BD, i love to spend a day watchn you and hearing what your hearing. Im with the others id rather find small ones than nothing at all. A few questions: Small coil of course? Is the ground very mineralized? Any idea what kind of weights they run? my smallest was 3 grains and yours look smaller. Do you recover each target or ever take scoops of dirt and pan it out? Recovery device? hand or nugget cup i spent months debating over my gm4b or a gb2, shoulda bought the gb2 15+ years ago, lol.
  2. i could use a gps unit for prospecting. What unit would you recomend. im thinking on something i can input a whole section to go to so i know when im in unclaimed land or input a area i need to stay out of. id also like to be able to enter a lat/lon on the fly in the field to go to. ive never had a gps. thanks
  3. Id love to have a PI detector. I was thinking about the infinium but dont know anything about it. I dont think i could take swinging a 7# minelab. How is it for nugget shooting in mineralized ground?
  4. Ive been looking for the book "zip zip" but no luck finding it. I cant even imagine 1/4 grain. I just pulled 3 nuggets last week 14.6 , 9.8 and 1.8 grains and the 1.8 was small. I didnt really find the gold as much as took the pinch of dirt and put it in peanut butter jar and panned it later. But that was not in mineralized ground. Now that i have a spot that has gold i should be able to practice more and get better. I bought good headphones but have only used them once, infact with the 1.8 grain flake for about 30 min. I dont like using the headphones because with signals they got to loud.
  5. I recently went out and each trip found a small nugget, the first 3 i ever found. I also picked up a 7.5 gram 14k gold braclet to trump all my nuggets while i was at it, lol I was using GM4b stock 5x10 concentric. I did get a few really small signals and were to tough to pinpoint in areas that were not heavy in black sand and just pinched some dirt in a container and then panned it and found a small 1.8 grain flake. There are some spots with slight washouts from rains and streaks of black sand. Any tips for tweaking the detector for finding more tiny flakes or possibility small patches of fin
  6. Ive been talking to my uncle who went nugget hunting with someone 20+ years ago and he swears they used some sort of whites detector with a coil that was only maybe 2" in diameter. Anyone ever hear of or seen these? He said they found alot of really tiny cold in one tailing pile.
  7. Anyone know any areas around there where i can poke around with my detector? Im going to be staying in oregon house for almost a week and id like to get a sold day of prospecting in. I think most of the surrounding areas are private property. thanks rob
  8. nyone have any idea what 5lbs of mercury is worth?
  9. Great, I fiugured out how to use it. I typed up 2 letters and sent them off for the mornings mail.
  10. Whats LR2000??? its it a feature i have to check on GC?
  11. Im going on vacation to visit my uncle and id like to do some detecting. If i stop at blm will i be able to get phone numbers for the claims where id like to detect so i can call and ask permission?
  12. I just had a weird coincidence today. I was looking at piece of property to prospect on and looked it up on topo to look for bedrock, that was last night. Then today i for some reason searched and found the exact piece of property on listed for sale as a "unpatented mining claims". Can anyone advise? I dont know who owns the property and was still checking on that but geocommutatornt show any active claims. Just want to be in the right if i go poking around and wondering if someone is trying to sell something thats not theirs?
  13. Anyone have the link to the online totp program that shows all the current claims? I forgot what its called, thinking geo-shomething or other
  14. also if you really want to swing a big coil like the goldmax, the chest mount is really nice for removing weight from your arm. That is much harder to find with gm4b and gmt models. I want to say the control box on the my GM3 was 2 lbs.
  15. Im still a beginner and I have not had my detector out in years but my last outing was with the shooter coil in a trash infested campground. I was always getting so many targets in such a tight area, 3-4 targets per short swing that i had alot of trouble using the discrimination. The shooter coil helped alot to separate targets and and allow the detector to tell me which ones were not iron. Ive heard from a few goldmaster users and dealers and they always either love or hate the shooter coil. The dealers i spoke to that did not recommend the shooter were against it for depth and coverage b
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