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  1. Hi John, I was interested in the WSPA taking over the claims and I would receive a WSPA membership. Bill
  2. I've sent Bill S. a PM with no response yet...maybe he is still out in the dessert. I almost became a member of the WSPA a couple of years ago, but ended up buying some claims in Rye Patch, NV instead. It's still a long haul for me at 14+ hours one-way to Rye Patch and as I get older, I'm considering passing along the claims to a good club like the WSPA. I spoke to Chris Porter last Fall about my claims, what the history of the claims were and gold found on them, and what to do with them. He recommended transferring them over to the WSPA. So, what is the status of the WSPA and would
  3. Guys, I found this interesting discussion on an Aussie forum, showing a comparison of the GPZ-7000 and the GPX-5000. Read the middle of page 4: www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=8936&p=4 I'm starting to save my money now! Bill
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