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  1. Really! I need a 18Khz coil too. I am going to call Minelab and ask them what they think. I can say, that after spending 5 full days in the randsburg to ridgecrest area in california that there is no coarse gold left after 150 years of mining. LOL. There is at least one bullet or bullet shell every square 6 feet. There had to have been a civil war there!! I am also finding bullets that are not smashed and are totally intact and figured out that people are shooting their guns up into the air and these bullets are coming down gently enough not to smash! I think I am going to start wearing a hardhat while out in that area metal detecting!!
  2. No one here mentioned the Minelab Eureka Gold! Is it considered a good detector too? I just started using it and havent found any gold yet in the gold fields of the california desert.
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