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  1. Hey Steve, I left a question for you in the lounge. Are you being effected by the fire in your area?

    I logged an area east of Forest Hill several years ago and was wondering about the fire effecting y'all.

    1. El Dorado

      El Dorado

      Sorry I did not see this until today.

       The fire came darn close this time, but the firefighters did an amazing job protecting my small community of Todd Valley.... the lower part of Todd Valley was evacuated but my street was voluntary evac.... We were ready to bug out on a moments notice for ten days......The sky was like a constant airshow.......al is good now and almost back to normal.  I only wish the rest of the country was the same

  2. So, I can foresee that all previous claims, from 50 yrs ago or older, could be designated as historical sites and subjected to being banned from further prospecting.
  3. My 3 thoughts for the day,.... Why gun control and not criminal control? What ever happened to 3 strikes and your out, and where is the death penalty for murder and rape? Just wondering...
  4. Need one in DC that's on an automatic timer, a flush every four years.
  5. ...and I recently heard that I can no longer call myself an "American" or "Caucasian" because the terms now offend "somebody". So what do I call myself? I guess I'll just have to revert to my basic roots, Danish, from the tribe of Dan who crossed over the Caucus Mts., one of the so called lost tribes of the Israelites. So now my heritage is offensive to the "Muslims".
  6. Some large U.S. companies have been buying up Gold and Silver as a hedge against deflation. Seems the whole world would have to be effected for a real disaster to take place, much greater than the "depression" of the early 1900's. It had some worldwide effects but nothing like what, very well could be, on our horizon.
  7. Ah shucks weaver, ya ruined it for me.
  8. There's always one, Mike. 88 at the claim three days ago, now, 87 in Reno. ABFT (A..... 'Bout Frickin' Time!!! )
  9. ...and now mocking Iwo Jima heroes with a rainbow flag....
  10. Really????? A "rainbow" lit "White House"? As a Christian, that really offends me. But that's O.K. 'cause I'll just fly my "Rebel/Christian" flag in protest. (That's my new flag, a "Rebel" stars and bars with a Christian Cross in the upper left corner.) The cross will be easy to add to the flags on my truck. So now I'm a religious-ist with a rebel background. "...as in the days of Noah..."
  11. I have a bright red pickup. Soon to have the "Stars and Bars" on the hood, doors, and tail gate. If "they" ban the Rebel flag I won't remove it until "they" ban gangs, or anyone else, from flying the Mex flag. ...or any flag representing a country with which we had war. So there,....
  12. My thought for the day,.... Uranium,... Uranium mined from mines in the U.S., from mines owned by the Russians, who are selling rockets to Iran, with whom we are currently attempting "nuclear talks", Iran's centrifuges running 24/7, with Iran supporting terrorism world wide while shouting "Death to America". So, here's the gunpowder, and a gun, now all you have to do is put the two together and fire. Where's the part where we stop 'em? ...jus' a thought...
  13. Just saw a show on the history channel. UC at Irvine has been able to "create" gold using mercury under neutron bombardment for a 24 hour period. They came up with 1/3 of a penny weight at the nominal cost of $200 per hour or $4,800. Just think, 1 penny weight would bring in $14,400.00 Gotta love science.
  14. If'n ya wanna see Hillery's E-mails just ask the Russians.
  15. Money and vanity with a good dose of contempt for fellow man. Y'all ain't seen nuthin' yet. Times, they are a changin'. OWO just over the horizon. signed: "Sovereign Citizen Extremist"
  16. A relationship due to density? How about in a liquid form? Gold is surely more dense than quartz, yet they seem to travel together.
  17. A mortar and pestle are key in assaying too. The finer the material the better. Take it down to being like talc-powder.
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