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  1. Hey Steve, I left a question for you in the lounge. Are you being effected by the fire in your area?

    I logged an area east of Forest Hill several years ago and was wondering about the fire effecting y'all.

    1. El Dorado

      El Dorado

      Sorry I did not see this until today.

       The fire came darn close this time, but the firefighters did an amazing job protecting my small community of Todd Valley.... the lower part of Todd Valley was evacuated but my street was voluntary evac.... We were ready to bug out on a moments notice for ten days......The sky was like a constant airshow.......al is good now and almost back to normal.  I only wish the rest of the country was the same

  2. Need one in DC that's on an automatic timer, a flush every four years.
  3. Ah shucks weaver, ya ruined it for me.
  4. Just saw a show on the history channel. UC at Irvine has been able to "create" gold using mercury under neutron bombardment for a 24 hour period. They came up with 1/3 of a penny weight at the nominal cost of $200 per hour or $4,800. Just think, 1 penny weight would bring in $14,400.00 Gotta love science.
  5. A relationship due to density? How about in a liquid form? Gold is surely more dense than quartz, yet they seem to travel together.
  6. Really? You have "Cow" magnets! I don't think my "Cow" magnets will stick a cow to my fridge though.
  7. I use "cow magnets" to pull magnetite out of my sluice and pan. They'd prob work on your rake too.
  8. I don't dispute the above info, just the theory of 3 meteors being the lone contributors.
  9. I was told some years back that there were three humungus meteors of Gold that hit the Earth. One in Alaska, one in Africa, and the last in Asia. They penetrated the earth's crust and mixed with the mantle. I don't believe it for a second it but was an interesting guess.
  10. How does a blind skydiver know when to pull the rip cord? The leash goes limp.
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