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  1. Hi Y'all... Well...I've got my GMT and I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it. I've studied the manual and viewed the DVD. I can reliably find the nails, screws and buried beer cans in my back yard. But my throwdown samples (NWA 869, supposedly L5 Chondrite) don't give me much audio signal at all. The Iron display on the LCD registers quite high, but the audio signal is basically a very short drop out of the background hum (with very subtle grunt if I have that function active). I'm just wondering if there's settings on the GMT that will give a little more definitive response for the
  2. Hi Turbulent, Welcome to the forum. I'm a newbie here too. Lots of friendly people here will try to help with your questions. I'm new to meteorite hunting, but I've been an amateur astronomer for quite a while. I'll try to answer your question and others here more experienced in hunting can chime in and tell you if I'm full of BS or not... :innocent0009: The short answer is...I don't think you'll find many recognizable impact features from an ultralight or similar craft...if any at all. Some of the reasons... If you'll look at some of the posts here, you'll see that the majority of fin
  3. Boy... I'm really plesently surprised at the warm welcome I've gotten here. Thanks guys. Growing up in New Mexico spoiled me! Sometimes I feel so isolated here in Texas. Everything is private land. To do anything outdoors, you have to "know someone"...be a member...pay some kind of fee...camp in the same place as everyone else and put up with crying kids and boomboxes. YUCK! :angry-smiley-010: I miss the days of deciding to go boondocking at the last minute. All you needed was supplies, ammo and gas. Drive out into the desert or up to the mountains, set up camp and do your thing
  4. Yeah Bob...It's possible we've crossed paths. In the early 80's I was in C-Bad. I did stints as a radio news reporter, a telephone man and worked at the local TV station. When the TV station closed I moved to Las Cruces and worked in Electronic manufacturing. Been doing that ever since. Yeah...give me a pm if you're going to be in the area and if schedules permit, maybe we can swap stories over some Mexican food. I know a couple of places in Austin that know the difference between Jalapenos and Green Chile... :innocent0009: I wouldn't mind some pointers for all this. Cold hunting my
  5. Oh yes... I'm VERY aware of how human artifacts and antiquities are regarded. I'm only interested in meteorites & maybe minerals. Any potsherds, arrowheads or even horseshoes & tin cans will stay in situ on any public lands I hunt...and probably private as well, depending on the land owners instructions. I know in the case of my sister, she has a good relationship with the area archaeologists and such. There are some very old pictographs on a cliff face on her ranch...so my whole family is aware of and very into this kind of stuff. I'll probably just take a picture and record the
  6. Well...Thanks for all the words of encouragement. First off...I don't have a GMT yet...but it's certainly one of the units at the top of my research list at the moment. I probably won't be purchasing till later in the Fall or maybe even the Christmas sales. Yeah Bob...the southern part of New Mexico is my old stomping grounds. I was born and raised in Carlsbad and spent most of my college and post college life in Las Cruces. I moved to Austin Texas back in 96, chasing a better job market. Yes...I've been to the Black Range and have been in Coffee and Robberson's caves. I also did a lot
  7. Thanks for all the responses guys! I anticipated there would be uncertainty regarding meteorite hunting on BLM land. It's been about 10 years since I've done much "boondocking" in NM...but back in the day...we didn't need any special permits to access BLM land for basic recreational use like camping or hunting. I was very active in the caving community (when my knees were younger) and we just needed permits to enter the caves. I just wanted to make a quick check here. I used to have several BLM contacts down in the Carlsbad office. I'll have to check and see if they're still there. I'm a
  8. Hi all, Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Tom from Central Texas, but I spent the first 40 odd years of my life in Southern New Mexico. I'm an amateur astronomer off & on for 20+ years, and now I'm interested in space things I can actually touch. I'm also a ham radio operator and a general electronics geek. I'm pretty familiar with the basics of meteorites and am studying the stuff I'm not familiar with, like metal detector technology. I do have a couple of basic questions...particularly for those of you familar with meteorite hunting in New Mexico. No...I don't want directions t
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