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  1. Hi Guy; Like you I was looking for a really good cleanup method, I tryed 5 types of recirculating sluices after seeing the workings and results from my friends wheels and blue bowls.Ibuilt a (pop& sons)6" cleanup sluice and started running tests on# 8 mesh cons,reran tailings to check for recovery, finally ended up with set up that gets the fine gold.I thought , it works so well at cleanup, why not in the creeks and rivers?so I made it fold in half, and made a flared scoop to put in place of the recirculating water supply end of the sluice.After a couple of trips to our sites, I had to build sluices for them like mine.to much info. to post here, if you want more you can e-mail me at <bundys@roguelink.net> good diggin!
  2. Hi Guy; sent you an e-mail today about gold recovery, has my contact info.so send me an e-mail if you want more info. keep those cons coming!!
  3. THANKS John; great info! when I looked at the specs. for a lot of much more expensive brands, I found not much differances, thats the one reason I didn't want to spend more if the high $ models would not be a great deal better. ordered a set for under $30.00 that has higher ohm than big $$ ,plus all the other same features.have a friend with the high $ whites, so we can do a litle test, he is deaf in one ear and poor in the other , so if mine work for him, BINGO WE WIN!, HAPPY to have found this forum!!
  4. I think I will be buying a LOBO ST , and also headphones(told I should use them) so my little S.S. check won't allow big$$ for the headphones.been looking at three brands on line(calrad 15-118) (eagle#1AA05)(depthmaster2)would any of these do a good job? or should I spend more to be happy? don't kick me to hard,just a pumped up newbe , can't wait to get going! THANKS ALL FOR the great stuff on this forum!!
  5. :confused0013: I,am mainly a gold miner using a sluice box and pan. going to get into using a metal detector to add to the fun. sooo what brand or type would you old experts suggest, as long as its not over $1000.00. will be using it primarely for gold ,in and out of the water, nothing over one foot deep. I have never used one, but I have a friend who uses it and he gets alot more yellow bits that me. any and all help will be great THANKS!
  6. have not tryed miners moss, but will try anything. is it hard to clean out and does it load up quickly?Is there a best type to use for my rain gutter sluice? thanks for the info.
  7. I have been trying some various things and materials to catch and keep the fine gold in my rain gutter sluice. the best results so far is to use the rubber ribbed miners mat with a rubber shelving material (large bead type) I got at target, it came in a roll 1' wide x about 8' long, this is the stuff many use in RVs to keep glassware from moving around. I spray glued the shelving material to the top of the ribbed mat to keep it from lifting off the ribbed mat. you have to wash out the sluice more offten but it keeps the fine specs better than any thing else I have tryed. would like to here from anyone who has some thoughts or systems they use with this type of sluice.
  8. Thanks for the good info. will try it next time I have some dirt.
  9. Isaw a video of a sluice set up running a "dc" bilge pump from tub water being powered by using a battery charger instead of a battery. anyone have any tips or experience using this method? looks like a great way to save your battery for field use.
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