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  1. CALIFORNIA?? Is that the same state that won't let hound hunters hunt the endangered Mtn Lions?? Have no doubt the mighty left strikes again! Robb
  2. Thanks for the help folks...its a bit of a learnin' curl for new tenderfoots on the trail.. :Huh_anim]:
  3. Bob, Nobody is bigger than the law friend. There are folk who get paid to that care of folks that bullie people now days. This isn't the 1800s. I understand they might be distant family and all. Their not the Clantons and I'm not Wyatt Earp for sure. I will tell you I have no interest on trespassing on there leased or private property.... It seems like they believe that all the BLM land is theirs because their family was there fist. I know the back ground of it and the ol' man does have some valid points. A lil 'bout me. I'm a patriot who loves his country and loves its people m
  4. http://www.goldprospectorssupply.com/Groun...-Pick_p_81.html
  5. sawmill, Your a voice of reason.... I may just make a nice phone call first. No sence of demonizing the man. He can't be all bad.... Robb
  6. I don't believe in trespassing or claimjumping and I obay all private property signs but I'll be damed if I can't go where I want to on BLM land. Thats our tax dollars folks sorry. Ya need to draw a line somewhere. If I ever head out to those parts I won't be alone and we won't be unarmed. I also hang with folks who love taking pictures and would just love to press charges at the drop of a hat. The Klumps should take heed cause they may just have to hand over some of that ranch if they $%^# with the wrong folks. Thanks, for the heads up gents but unless I'm breaking the law the Klumps
  7. Looks like Bradshaw Mtns, Quartzite, and Vulture Mine areas seem to be the most popular. I just want to avoid areas with a lot of trash on the ground if at all possible.
  8. Thanks for the great onfo gents it helps a bunch... :icon_mrgreen: Robb
  9. Seems like the Bradshaw Mtns southwest to Quartzite. Also, Wickenburg areas Vulture mine. I'm just wonderin' if there are any good place up by Flagstaff, Williams, AZ or Cochise County, AZ. Cochise county is located in the southeast corner of the state. Cochise county has the Huachuca Mountains, Dragoon Mountains, Mule Mtns, Whetstone Mountains, Dos Cabezas Mtns, Chiricahua Mtns Thanks for any info, Robb
  10. Marked on each of the items is a number 23 and below it 3E if that helps any...
  11. Hey, Frank About 3 inches long 1.5 wide.....they have holes in the sides like their was a pin to hold them in place as well. thanks, Robb
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