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  1. Hello fellow dreamers I'm heading to Yuma and the area around Yuma say within 30 miles of town. I was wondering if anyone can help me find some place were a newbie can have a chance at finding some yellow stuff. I have got a small highbanker and a metal detector it's a stinger and lots of gold pans. I have a home made rock crusher and all will be with me. Now i don't exspect anyone to let me work there areas but just some place that's open to the pubic and has some passed gold fines. Well I know this is a long shot asking for help but I see people in this group giving help and advise to each
  2. Does anyone know if just the cable and connectors be bought for my Stinger don't need the coil. THANKS MIKE HALL
  3. Hi all mike here in Fontana,ca. Just wondering if anyone has been up in the canyon since the rain the last couple of weeks ?
  4. WOW my friend thats so cool I get all excited about the things that pan has seen and who was using it back in the day !! Great find congrats Sir!
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