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  1. So its been a few weeks, but I finally took my trip to the Mineral Bar! It was a good time, but I definately was not ready for all that work. I went with my girlfriend, and brought my sluicebox with me. After we arrived, I realized that it was about 96 degrees outside and i forgot to bring a hat. I remembered everything except the hat and the sunscreen. Once we had arrived, I started to walk up the river but didnt last more than 200 feet. It was just too difficult to carry all that equipment that far. I wasn't going to let that stop me though. After poking around for a big, i started to dig un
  2. So I made my girlfriend watch an episode of Gold Fever! I dont think she finds it as hilarious as I do, but they show her the basics of using a gold pan. Im not sure if you guys watch that show, but I cant get enough of it. I love the low budget quality and tom massie is just ridiculous. I was about to place a bid on one of the two Tesoro Bandidos, but decided against it at the last second. I think I have a lot to learn about detecting before I make a purchase, and Id rather save to buy a better machine later on. In regards to joining a club, I don't really think that its something Id be wil
  3. wow you guys are great!! Im definately gonna keep my eyes open for the bandido 2 and hope that something eventually comes my way! The mineral bar camp ground looks really great actually! i had no idea that you could find more than just gold, but im definately gonna have to do some more reading to better identify whats in the pan! Id hate to be tossing out Before I slept yesterday, I grabbed a book I had randomly purchased for a dollar at a used book store called "Ghost towns and Mining Camps of CA" or something very close to that. The book isnt great, but it DOES feature several maps and l
  4. Thanks for the quick response! I plan on driving early morning towards the Yuba River and spending time using my sluice, and collecting concentrates all day, and then leaving when the sun sets. Im sure ill find very little to nothing my first time. Im very aware of how difficult it is, which is strangely one of the reason I am so fascinated with prospecting! As far as detecting goes, it sounds like it may be something I should try when I can afford to get a better model for gold. I figured I would have a chance with the uMax Silver, but I guess its not the smartest purchase. My price range i
  5. Hey guys! :coffeetime: My name is Basel, and I recently joined this forum a few days ago. Im a graphic designer and am usually stuck behind a computer all day, but I spend countless hours daydreaming about being far away from technology. After years of reading articles and websites, ive finally decided to just get out there. I have decided to drag my girlfriend to come out with me even though she is convinced that i've gone mad. I have purchased some gold pans, a Keene sluice box, and have been looking into some metal detectors. I think I would be happy buying the Tesoro uMax Silver as a
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