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  1. My favorite boots to date are the Red HEad bone-dry snake boots. I get them from bass pro when they go on sale from 89$ from 139$. They are very light weight, super breathable and wear like tennis shoes once broken in. I cut the zippers off and use velcro for detecting. Snake protection is an absolute "must" for me, not just for protection but for a peice of mind getting into nasty, thick terrain when out solo. As for the 5.11s, they're good but no where near as comfortable IMO. Not to mention our fire dept. just switched contracts to get away from those boots as too many complaints were coming in regarding comfort. I am a big fan of LA police gear. Ive purchased multiple 5.11 tactical pants from their clearance section for 90% off. Almost sounds too good to be true but ive literally scored pants that were 90$ for 9$, not to mention they threw in all kinds of free gear. Crazy I havent been out prospecting lately since my son was born this year but i do still enjoy getting on these forums reading on all of your guys adventures. Good luck out there fellas!
  2. Right on Bill, good luck out there. I finally scored a keene 151 and the 25" spiral concentrator wheel to top it off. Got a killer deal at the gold show. Unfortunatly Its gonna have to sit in my garage till i get back from a 3 week school in texas. On the plus side, ill be fishing OH Ivie the next 3 weekends.. hopefully ill have some fat bass to post in the fishing section. The lake is producing the biggest bass in the country right now. Im bringing 65lb braid, gopro headcam and a clean pair of shorts. Landon
  3. The only thing im getting tired of is cleaning the drool off my keyboard... keep them beauties comin'
  4. Hey guys, for those who dont know.. Backpage.com is similar to craigslist but seems to have more of an outdoorsman crowd, and they allow gun sales. It hasnt caught on everywhere yet but is growing fast. Just like craigslist you start by going to your local add. Las vegas "sports equip." section alone has probably 15-20 gun related posts per day. Pretty neat site, lots of deals...thought id share. Landon
  5. Steve, yes these are obsidian. The ground in the area is littered with shards of it. The area north of st george ut (veyo, pinto, gunlock, newcastle) has a lot of volcanic remains. They didnt have to go far to get their material. Ive had many days where ive found 20 plus in a day, but most or all have been chipped off or broken. Id say 1 in 20 is completely intact. Ive heard from multiple sources that the real old arrowheads are propable from the anasazi indians that could date back thousands of years. Based on how many i come across i would imagine the area had a dense population relatively speaking. The more recent finds were probably from the pueblo and paiute indians. All just a guess of course.. Landon
  6. Hey, thought id share a few finds. These two where found within 15 ft of each other in southwester Utah. These two i kept, but have photo'd and put down atleast 20 others this past yr. If only my nack for finding arrowheads would leak over into my gold game id be alrght. Enjoy.. Landon
  7. Just found this subforum. Finally somewhere i can post results!..lol Had a few random pics on my phone from shorts trips outside of vegas. The one with the tape is from Dacey Res. at Wayne kirch (sunnyside) just north of vegas. The other was ice fishing minersville res. located just east of beaver Ut. Like most fisheries we usualy catch stockers from 10-17 inches but do occasionally pull nicer sizes out. Enjoy Landon
  8. Hey Kevin, youve came to the right place! Your detector will work, but will not penetrate to the depths most "gold" specific detector will do. That being said, put the odds in your favor. Target shallow areas, exposed bedrock is a good start. Go where gold has been found. Take a rake and locate drywash piles also. These are piles left behind by people using drywashers. You can youtube to see what to look for. If you find piles that are intact theres a good chance they havent been thoroughly detected. If there is gold left, once it is raked youll have only inches to detect and you could get a solid signal. Make sure to practice with a test nugget or splitshot fishing weights. I went out over 20 times before detecting gold. some people score nuggets the first time. Eitherway, be patient and enjoy the ride! Good luck Landon
  9. Adam, For one, I feel you! im very sick aswell. I just had my first son, who is amazing by the way.. but it has had me out of the game for a bit. Im used to being out every other weekend. Ive settled with the gold porn on these forums to get my fix. in the next few months, once hes a few more months old, ill be back at it again. Dont give up, gold will show up. Every trip counts! Continue to learn.. forums, books etc. Utah does have gold! Ive seen it. i plan on spending a lot of time in your area. i have land in enterprise and make the trip from vegas as much as possible. my past trips have been mostly fishing, hiking etc but this year ill be focusing on gold! A big difference between Utah and the surrounding gold producing states is that Utahs smaller productions were kept hush hush. Many of the finds never made it to the books. I do acknowledge it isnt a widespread nugget heaven but people do find gold. If your having trouble hitting bedrock, explore your area until you find good looking geology with exposed bedrock. work out from there using proven methods of searching but knowing your still relatively shallow to the floor. sample and move on. gps your each sample, take home concentrates and then return to the better areas. Wazzup Rex, ill hit you up next osceola trip. Im bringin a keene 151 next time. Good luck Landon
  10. Great Finds Adam! Cool pic of the Gila Monster too, ive always wanted to see one in the wild. Ill be doing 4 days in a new location starting thursday.. hopefully ill have some nug pics to post soon. Landon
  11. Im lookin foward to it..cant come soon enough. Frank c, ill be sure to stop by and say hello to you and Bunk. Congrats on the recent finds also! Landon
  12. Im not as familiar with Franconia, but as for gold basin.. I would say the odds are with you to pull atleast one if your swinging all day. Probably more if your lucky.. still no guarantees. Either way, you always have vegas..the trip wouldnt be a complete loss. Landon
  13. Patrick, it was a pleasure meeting you. thank you again for the footprints/internet research tips. Good stuff.. Landon
  14. Sounds great Steve.. We are actually planning a trip northbound late april, ill keep you posted. Hopefully Austin can come too, chasin snakes and lizards is something ill never grow out of. ill txt you my info.. landon
  15. Nice meeting you and your boy Steve. I was trying to get your attention as you pulled away early that morning. I didn't notice you only had one detector until you quaded by.. we had an extra gmt you could've used so you both could swing something. Glad to hear you'll had a good time.. next time we meet up the feel free to use it anytime. Landon
  16. My dad stepping in a dig hole to give an idea of depth... good times as always Landon
  17. Thanks Bill for putting the outing together. We had a blast! It was great putting a face to some of the forum names. Everyone was more than helpful. The wind was a little tough and unfortunately we got the skunk but no complaints, it was an overall awesome weekend. Cant wait to do it again.. Landon
  18. From what ive gathered, there are two people in the state of nevada that can officially verify your finds. One is Dr. David Batchelor, an astronomy professor who teaches at CCSN Charleston campus. My girlfriend has him now, and im in the geology lab next door.. The other person im unfamiliar with, but is up in reno. If you wanted to track down your possible Reno connection, get ahold of Batchelor at CCSN. Just for the record, Dr. Batchelor told me about 1/1000 people that bring him potential meterite finds actually have one.
  19. Thanks Bill I checked out the reviews. looks like the only complaint is the lack of noise isolation. seems perfect for the detectorists, great sound but you can still hear rattlers. Which adaptor did you go with? i noticed some pricier than others.. Landon
  20. Dang Jim, sounds like youve been through some bites alright.. Your fortunate to have made it through without any permanent damage. Terry i remember when you originally made that post. What a sight to see! I love rattlesnakes and all animals for that matter, but i am very cautious when it comes to the green mojaves.. they are a diff breed- Hemo/neurotoxin. its a deadly combo. Last week in gold basin i was extra cautious. Theyre thick out that way..looks like im gonna need to upgrade my 4500 to the external speaker, as id hate to bend down to dig and take a mojave bite that i couldnt hear, especially during spring when temps allow them to be mobile during the day. Id say less than 10% are out now but over the next month that should go to 80% plus ..they are gonna be out looking for that long awaited meal. landon
  21. Heres one i found, happened to have the pic on my phone. i know some areas that always produce and are littered with them, but its aspecially cool when your in a completely new area and find one. the first always reminds you to really keep yours eyes open..
  22. great finds! those clear ones are cool. especially all being full unbroken arrowheads. are the ones you have pictured a collection of your best or are you just great at finding the full ones? when i picked up some land in utah in 2007 i was finding so many i started to just take pics after keeping the first 50 or so. some times you get into them thick out in the field, but most ive found have broken tips, probably why they where left. Some of my personal favorites are the obsidian with the deep reds running through them. I have most of mine sitting in my camper up on the property, i need to get them all together and take a pic. ill be sure to post when i do. Landon
  23. im not sure if i can delete my post so id like to clarify.. regarding my statement "many where the same old vague nonsense" i take back. It didnt sit well with me after rethinking my statement.. although some did not appeal to me, they may to you.. Writing a book to share ones personal knowledge i have a huge respect for and just kinda felt bad sounding like im "dissing" them. ..and Bill, sorry i slipped with a bad word, got carried away. this cracks me up even writing this but i feel a whole lot better..
  24. is it cool if i get your name tattooed on my detecting arm? j/k lol No but seriously congrats! your the man.. amazing collection
  25. Great stuff Bill and isnt it the truth. I really like how you touched on attitude. It may sound silly, but taking a second to ground yourself, take in all your surroundings and feel the purity of the outdoors for all of its gifts and beauty can really put you in alignment for great success. Furthermore, if you get skunked, it doesnt even matter, to me its about being out of the chaotic mass energy fields of the fast pace city and in to peace and tranquility of the outdoors. A connection unfortunately most of the world may never experience. Thanks again Bill, Landon
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