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  1. My favorite boots to date are the Red HEad bone-dry snake boots. I get them from bass pro when they go on sale from 89$ from 139$. They are very light weight, super breathable and wear like tennis shoes once broken in. I cut the zippers off and use velcro for detecting. Snake protection is an absolute "must" for me, not just for protection but for a peice of mind getting into nasty, thick terrain when out solo. As for the 5.11s, they're good but no where near as comfortable IMO. Not to mention our fire dept. just switched contracts to get away from those boots as too many complaints were coming in regarding comfort. I am a big fan of LA police gear. Ive purchased multiple 5.11 tactical pants from their clearance section for 90% off. Almost sounds too good to be true but ive literally scored pants that were 90$ for 9$, not to mention they threw in all kinds of free gear. Crazy I havent been out prospecting lately since my son was born this year but i do still enjoy getting on these forums reading on all of your guys adventures. Good luck out there fellas!
  2. The only thing im getting tired of is cleaning the drool off my keyboard... keep them beauties comin'
  3. Great Finds Adam! Cool pic of the Gila Monster too, ive always wanted to see one in the wild. Ill be doing 4 days in a new location starting thursday.. hopefully ill have some nug pics to post soon. Landon
  4. Im lookin foward to it..cant come soon enough. Frank c, ill be sure to stop by and say hello to you and Bunk. Congrats on the recent finds also! Landon
  5. Patrick, it was a pleasure meeting you. thank you again for the footprints/internet research tips. Good stuff.. Landon
  6. Sounds great Steve.. We are actually planning a trip northbound late april, ill keep you posted. Hopefully Austin can come too, chasin snakes and lizards is something ill never grow out of. ill txt you my info.. landon
  7. Nice meeting you and your boy Steve. I was trying to get your attention as you pulled away early that morning. I didn't notice you only had one detector until you quaded by.. we had an extra gmt you could've used so you both could swing something. Glad to hear you'll had a good time.. next time we meet up the feel free to use it anytime. Landon
  8. My dad stepping in a dig hole to give an idea of depth... good times as always Landon
  9. Thanks Bill for putting the outing together. We had a blast! It was great putting a face to some of the forum names. Everyone was more than helpful. The wind was a little tough and unfortunately we got the skunk but no complaints, it was an overall awesome weekend. Cant wait to do it again.. Landon
  10. Thanks Bill I checked out the reviews. looks like the only complaint is the lack of noise isolation. seems perfect for the detectorists, great sound but you can still hear rattlers. Which adaptor did you go with? i noticed some pricier than others.. Landon
  11. im not sure if i can delete my post so id like to clarify.. regarding my statement "many where the same old vague nonsense" i take back. It didnt sit well with me after rethinking my statement.. although some did not appeal to me, they may to you.. Writing a book to share ones personal knowledge i have a huge respect for and just kinda felt bad sounding like im "dissing" them. ..and Bill, sorry i slipped with a bad word, got carried away. this cracks me up even writing this but i feel a whole lot better..
  12. is it cool if i get your name tattooed on my detecting arm? j/k lol No but seriously congrats! your the man.. amazing collection
  13. Great stuff Bill and isnt it the truth. I really like how you touched on attitude. It may sound silly, but taking a second to ground yourself, take in all your surroundings and feel the purity of the outdoors for all of its gifts and beauty can really put you in alignment for great success. Furthermore, if you get skunked, it doesnt even matter, to me its about being out of the chaotic mass energy fields of the fast pace city and in to peace and tranquility of the outdoors. A connection unfortunately most of the world may never experience. Thanks again Bill, Landon
  14. Hey Joe, i was in your same position about a year and a half ago. I started with the whites gmt which is a great detector, and read these and other forums daily. Use the search engine on here to locate keywords from past posts in relation to your area. copy and paste all pertinant info to a journal. you will always find yourself going back through your notes. from vegas you have multiple options for nugget shooting which include Gold basin, meadview, johnnie etc.. but as you dig deeper youll come across little tidbits here and there that may have you investigating less known areas. My advice for a detector is to decide if you are really gonna pursue this seriously and if so, go straight for a pi detector. if you research a lot, youll see that although people find gold with all detectors, a good percentage of those finds are coming from 10 inches down or deeper which youll probably pass right over with a vlf. Some good relatively inexpensive pi detectors consist of lower end minelabs (used gp extremes, gpx 300 etc.) or a whites tdi. Once you get a detector, understand that its very possible to go out many times with no luck. shitty i know, but its reality. it may cause you to get impatient and move faster covering more ground, reducing your chance of finding gold even greater, its natural. Its important to know that 90% of gold is gonna be very faint, and can easily be dismissed as just another hotrock, because your looking for that loud zip zip signal. The sooner you learn how important low and slow is, the quicker youll be coming home with success. another key factor is, everyone and there mom has hit these common areas, which do still yeild gold, but are pretty dang pounded with high end detectors. get off the beaten path, get under bushes, move rocks etc. As for books, ive bought many, and many where the same old vague nonsense, not all but most..and outdated at that. Jump right to the meat and potatoes of it. get chris ralphs "fists full of gold" its very up to date, and very educational on modern day prospecting including the very very very important sections on geology. I live in vegas aswell, pm me anytime. maybe we can hook up. good luck, Landon
  15. Sounds great! Im in.. ill through the smoker on board, do up some pulled pork and put down some cold ones. Mmmmm.. cant wait! ill be the blue 4door tacoma
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