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  1. Tried uploading 2 IMG files, tried to upload rock photographs to ask the guys to help identify, the uploader kept saying this upload failed?
  2. daniel dads son.hi guys i will make 100% sure i will see all of these beutiful and awsome full of inpact meteorites. those pics of yours are amazing :spinnin: p.s merry xmas :D :D
  3. Hey Frank, Do you want to sell it? Frankly :P speaking, that is the most oriented and beautiful meteorite! And a cold find makes it even more special. Your hard work and patience paid off. Good job!
  4. It's been quite some time since I've written, but the greatest factor in finding a meteorite is your proximity to a strewn field. So if you live in California, it's not too too far to Gold Basin in Arizona. All other factors such as what type of metal detector, etc., pale when compared to residential proximity as I call it. That's the most important factor. Unless of course you plan to look for cold finds and those are hard to plan for because they are found by chance!
  5. Gebel Kamil is a newly discovered impact crater and has not been extremely hunted so there are exceptions.
  6. What the....I've been away from the site for less than a month, what happened since? What's with the new look? It looks very different, wow....Like am I on nuggetshooter.com or not?! :hmmmmm: I guess the website got a facelift.....And a new meteor over Peru. The first one in Carancas hit the ground hard, the pieces are fragile and very expensive, minerals there let alone meteorites are very expensive in Peru, tourists there are really taken for a ride!
  7. Hi DaveDigger, You're asking for opinions, so I'd like to put my :twocents: worth: If you don't mind filing a corner of the metal object (a square inch), you could find (or not find) Widmanstatten lines that would sway your concerns to either yay or nay of the object being a meteorite. Try it.
  8. Jim (Desertsunburn), I am using your steps and it does narrow down the possibilities of a rock being a meteorite. I've never seen this described so well especially using the Tare button for measuring the volume of the stone (the weight of the stone in air is a no-brainer). I thought about doing this before but stupid me I was thinking of suspending the stone in a graduated cylinder of water and reading the increase in volume by the graduations. Let's see now two and a half lines up now is that a half or a third, dang! You presented a very practical approach as one is actually measuring the buoyant force and because one gram of water is also one cc of water, we substitute the reading in grams after the ingenious Tare push for its volume, how convenient! Thanks again for teaching and informing us.
  9. And oh don't forget two meteowrongs don't make a meteorite. Just injecting some more meteorite addiction and raving mad sayings.
  10. If someone meteowronged you, you don't have to meteowrong him back, just meteorite him.......
  11. The Canada Post strike has struck us down, man did it hurt us. The companies that pay us do so with posted cheques and they haven't been arriving because of the strike. Anyway I have the same problem ID'ing rocks. I'm always thinking I have found a meteorite when about 99.99% of the time it is a meteowrong. Lately I have been finding the rocks' densities by the bulk density test for meteorites as described by Desertsunburn (Jim) on Youtube. A good indicator density for a an ordinary chondrite meteorite is average 3.21 to 3.40 gram per cubic centimeter. Such a test is not conclusive but it helps in narrowing down the possibility you know by the principle of elimination. See http://meteorites.wustl.edu/id/density.htm me='Ruan M' timestamp='1307768062' post='154764'] Hi Iv'e also read that it gives people false signals , but if I understood correctly most of them said that it is almost too sensitive , so if it tests negative for nickel then it should contains ZERO amount of nickle . Iv'e also read on a couple places like, if the pink color fades after 5 minutes then there not enough nickle for meteoritic origin. But if it doesn't show any nickel then ill be totally stumped , then ill probably take it to a neighbor down our road who collects rocks and show it to him as he might now more of what type of rocks are in the area. There's also the Prairie Meteorite Search that comes through here and ill probably take it to them if they ever come by If all else fails ill have a good meteorwrong , iv'e learned more about meteorites and of whats a meteorite and a meteorwrong PS; the nickel test kit should arrive any day now , (it should have been here already but Canada Post is on strike ) Kind Regards Ruan
  12. I have got to say congratulations! It looks like it's from a fresh fall or else it fell a long time ago in a very dry place.
  13. I'll be praying for you to find some, don't forget to take water and snake protection.
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