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  1. I'm usually in the market for fine gold. Just message me and we can work out something.
  2. I found one of those same signs in Prescott National Forest. Funniest part is it was on a valid claim where the road crosses the creek. Could it be the forest circus looking out for the claim holders rights? LOL ya i know, of course not but it does make me chuckle to think about it.
  3. Well done boulder dash!! I cant wait to see what you do tomorrow. :-)
  4. Congrats!! time to get it put to work :-)
  5. Thank you Hoser John and AU Seeker, it would be great to see yall there.
  6. Get out your dredges and come dredge some excellent water in Idaho. Being a state that appreciates miners, Idaho has set aside over 15 miles of the South Fork of the Payette river starting at Garden Valley, ID and going up stream from there. All that is needed is the state-issued water permit, which you can get from https://www.idwr.idaho.gov/streams/recreational_mining_permits.htmlThis event is to protest the epa sticking their nose in the state's business and attempting to require a npdes permit for a small suction dredge. Rest assured, this is not required and the best part is you cant g
  7. Hey boulder dash, I am that same Jim :-). we're currently planning this year's event in Idaho and i hope to see you there. Better gold but same good folks plus new ones. I'll be there before 5pm tomorrow(friday) afternoon. Same truck, new camper and no idea what i'm doing. Been here a year now and still dont understand this dry prospecting thing.
  8. I don't have a detector but would love to hang out and learn what I can. As a dredger that relocated to az im finding that sand doesn't work in my water pumps quite like water does so I am pretty curious to learn about these detectors BEFORE I buy one :-). Been mining for over a decade but have not done any of this dry stuff. Is there a requirement to join a club for this outing or just show up and observe? Jim
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