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  1. Rod

    I have a 4x4 pick up that think it is a atv

    cactus racing stripes all the way down on both sides

    if I get to AZ this year I'll give you a beep



    ps. still not asking for their honey holes just everyone tells everyone to go under the power lines on weavers claim they are finding gold there

    seen lots of people under those wires and alot of junk

    but thats the best info I got

  2. I lurk around the sites because being in Wisconsin the only big gold is the blocks of cheese and cheese don't beep

    We were going to Nugget Lake in WI(5 hours away) in June it has really fine gold and not much but it's fun to get any gold this was going to be 1st time there

    but end of May sister in law fell shattered both bone in low leg going to be living with us all summer

    there goes to trip

    But the last 2 years we have been coming out to AZ and staying at Congress North Ranch camp ground

    Been poking around with MD's and recirculater found a little fines

    Question being would anyone be willing to show us around if we come this next winter I have found that anyone at the camp will not share with anyone else

    I am a gpaa and weaver member but cann't seem to find locals that work the area and willing to teach not asking for anyones gold haven just some place that you went and found a nugget or 2 so I know at least I have a chance and in the right area

    I'll keep lurking around and learning if I have any story I surely will share them

    THE GOOD THING; the sister in laws leg beeps HAHAHA


  3. The orginal owners sons who now owns proline told me what skip said hi-banking run full throttle with the water level to almost the top of the sides

    dredge he said put the back or hose entanece end at the top of the water the front end exit end of the water and material just in the water

    dredging run the throttle at the speed the least you can and still get good suction and flow increase throttle rpm as need the DEEPER OR FARTHER AWAY from the unit the more throlle you will need to keep the same suction and flow

    I hope this helps if you still have questions call proline direct they are vary helpful


  4. I have a Detec amp and speaker for my gp3000 and was told that I could use the same speaker with the 5000 because it has a built in amp

    I don't know if the 4000 has the built in amp if it does the Detec speaker only is $75 if not

    go on ebay they usally have detec amp and speaker set up on there


  5. We put a bucket 3or 5 gal at the end of the recir. with a 1/4" classifier on top to run the water through keeps thechucky stuff out of the water and you can detect or pan to make sure no nuggets got away also the bucket catches alot of smaller than 1/4" so you emty the bucket more and saves the big tub to last longer

    we hang the pump abou 3/4 from the top so the pump top is out of the water but the suction part is in deep enough and put screen around the pump and fold it under to keep trigs grass and crap from getting into the pump

    lets you run alot longer before the pump has all the crap sucked in and emtying the tub as often

    my 2 pennys worth


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