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  1. SOLD Good luck with it Bob
  2. 2018 Chevy 2500 HD 6.6 diesel short box 4x4 crew cab has diamond pattern aluminum folding tonneau cover 7000 miles The easy way no leather, no sun roof Like new save new price and sales tax 49750.00 Call 920-946-2249 Thanks, Roger
  3. For sale new never used equinox 800 the box and everything that came with it Assembled and put in corner 750.00 Located in Congress, AZ near wickenburg Call 920-946-2249 Thanks Roger Thanks, Roger
  4. Looking for a Thompson drywasher the 12 volt/hand crank puffer Must be in good working shape Thanks Roger
  5. I'll give you a 1000 if you go find me a couple oz's of gold and you don't even have to haul me along I'll wait at the bar Roger
  6. It would also be nice to go with someone to talk and keep me pumped up that there really is some nuggets out there or at least see someone else find one would be fun Roger
  7. Rod I have a 4x4 pick up that think it is a atv cactus racing stripes all the way down on both sides if I get to AZ this year I'll give you a beep thanks Roger ps. still not asking for their honey holes just everyone tells everyone to go under the power lines on weavers claim they are finding gold there seen lots of people under those wires and alot of junk but thats the best info I got
  8. I lurk around the sites because being in Wisconsin the only big gold is the blocks of cheese and cheese don't beep We were going to Nugget Lake in WI(5 hours away) in June it has really fine gold and not much but it's fun to get any gold this was going to be 1st time there but end of May sister in law fell shattered both bone in low leg going to be living with us all summer there goes to trip But the last 2 years we have been coming out to AZ and staying at Congress North Ranch camp ground Been poking around with MD's and recirculater found a little fines Question being would anyone be willing
  9. The orginal owners sons who now owns proline told me what skip said hi-banking run full throttle with the water level to almost the top of the sides dredge he said put the back or hose entanece end at the top of the water the front end exit end of the water and material just in the water dredging run the throttle at the speed the least you can and still get good suction and flow increase throttle rpm as need the DEEPER OR FARTHER AWAY from the unit the more throlle you will need to keep the same suction and flow I hope this helps if you still have questions call proline direct they are vary he
  10. it was 32 degrees here last night in meadview az
  11. I think Pat is a member He's talking the new claims in the pick and shovel news letter All it says in the P&s is that they are in a gold proven area I have not seen the P&S it's still in Wisconsin Roger
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