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  1. Is there someone in Northern Arizona who would be willing to look at what I found last winter and tell me for sure if it is a meteorite and what kind. After looking on the web I am pretty sure it is, but would like someone more knowlagable than me to varify. Thanks
  2. I have done a little research on the net. I did see one that was about 1400 lbs, was found in Kansas, But I am interesteed in N. Ariz, I do see there is one in a private collection at about 114. Didn't see anything on the one big as a car, I will have ot check that out. I just wondered if any say in the 150 to 250 range are out there. Just thought all you experts might have some knowlage, I appreciate the post so far. You all have a great day..
  3. Curious if anybody knows what the largest meteorite is, that has been found in northern Arizona?? If someone finds one what sould one do? Keep it, sell it or give it to a collection someplace like a university? Hope you all are having a great weekend...very windy up here!!!!
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