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  1. Shhhh! Don't let that get out. I'm about to write an article to let you guys in on an absolutely amazing secret about meteorite fires. Cheers! billpeters
  2. Jake, No characteristics of a meteorite. There are billions of magnetic rocks in the US, none of which are meteorites. Anyone can find magnetic earth stones nearly everywhere. Just take a strong magnet and drop into sand and you will see what I mean. Check our O Richard Norton’s, “Rocks from Space” or visit the ASU Meteorite Center. billepeters
  3. It looks exactly like a rusted wedge. billpeters
  4. Good catch Erratic, But it looks too symmetric, more like a piece of scrap metal. That cut metallic interior would be excellent to test on an inside of a toilet tank to see what it may streak. It it is grey or dull red, it is not a meteorite. I would get a second opinion with a hands on expert. I still think it is scrap metal. It looks wrong for a meteorite. Keep looking down, they're out there. Cheers! billpeters
  5. Odin, There has never been a meteorite found at the Tunguska event in 1908. Perhaps you have it misidentified and could correct. billpeters
  6. Wow BMc, That's quite an amazingly detailed report. It still should be submitted to reasonable investigators. Maybe the other former Marine Scouts can be located to verify your account and provide their perspective. I would presume that the Company Officer immediately cancelled the sniper exercise. You wouldn't want to accidentally start an intergalactic war by firing off rounds. How did you guys get so close to see so deeply inside? Since it stayed still for 20 minutes did you all go up to it and get a better look? What happened next? billpeters
  7. Why would an alien spacecraft need lights? The purpose of lights is to make themselves to be seen so that other craft can see them and don't crash into them. If it has a light on it, it is not an alien spacecraft. Cheers! billpeters
  8. Thanks BMc for bringing out the Industry 'standard' explanation for the first Lights Over Phoenix event that night. "As it happens, analysis of the sole amateur video of the formation is instructive. Even with enhancement, nothing can be seen to join the lights. Indeed, their pattern changes over even a few seconds’ time: “The lights clearly move in relation to each other, proving that the lights represent five separate objects, rather than a solid body” (Ortega 1998). In other words, eyewitnesses who interpreted the lights as representing a single massive craft were simply connecting the dots. Reports of stars being blocked out by the perceived craft were probably due to the closer bright V- formation lights that outlined a triangular area and made it difficult to see less-bright stars within—an optical principle used for stage magic effects known as “black art” (Hopkins 1898, 64–68). That evidence is supported by amateur astronomer Mitch Stanley, who observed the lights with his large Dobsonian telescope. Its ten-inch mirror gathers some 1,500 times the amount of light as that of the human eye, and its eyepiece magnifies an image sixty times—putting him, in effect, that many times closer to the lights than viewers on the ground. Stanley could see that the lights were, in a word, “planes.” He saw that each light was actually a pair, one each on each plane’s squarish wings (Ortega 1998)." The altitude of the first event is confirmed by multiple "witnesses in Glendale, a suburb northwest of Phoenix, who saw the object pass overhead at an altitude high enough to become obscured by the high, thin clouds; this was at approximately between 20:30 and 20:45 MST." The second point you brought out , BMC, is the oft repeated conflation of the two Lights Over Phoenix events as mentioned in the Fife Symington eyewitness account. Of course there were no flares with the first event. All speculation is spurious and hides the second Lights Over Phoenix event that was about the Maryland National Guard air patrol dropping high altitude search and rescue flares on the other side of the Sierra Estrella Mountains SW of Phoenix. The Truth is out there. Don't give it away! billpeters
  9. WillM, You have great insight here. Your wisdom and those like you are key to the growth of this intriguing and entertaining industry. I builds the imagination and opens up new mental gymnastics. Cheers! billpeters
  10. Bob, One of our world renowned top doctors had first postulated their existence. I believe his name was "Seuss". In fact, his chief assistant, a strapping young fellow named, "Horton" actually discovered these little aliens and made the first contact with their species. It was such a monumental discovery that it was written up and published in one of the most widely read books in the world, "Horton Hears a Who". If you listen extremely closely to your sample perhaps you will hear the same message. Cheers! billpeters
  11. Wow Chrisski, I have hunted on the Barry Goldwater Gunnery Range (with a pass) and all over the area south of I-8 and have found over a dozen 1 inch square Flare end caps. I had also found them while hiking numerous times with an approved pass from the Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation in the same area. All of them are bright red plastic end caps with a red "F" molded into the cap. They look identical in shape and size to the end cap you show on the flare diagram, except that they are hard plastic. I had kept them for a number of years, but finally pitched them. I had known that they were high altitude flare caps. billpeters
  12. NWA 4485 is a fine example of a meteorite whose interior matrix and crust does not match yours. You should be able to find numerous examples of terrestrial stones that have matrices similar to yours, but also dissimilar to NWA 4485 and the interiors of meteorites of similar classification. billpeters
  13. Neither the matrix interior nor exterior have any resemblance to a meteorite. Try the geology forum. billpeters
  14. Yup. Cracks are Sun baked. billpeters
  15. "Next you'll be saying that the Phoenix lights in 1997 were not actually UFO but aircraft flares." by Chrisski. Shhhhh! The Lights Over Phoenix is a veritable gold mine! Do you know how much money the Lights Over Phoenix mystique makes through TV shows, documentaries, UFO sites, about 50 books and counting, and endless internet conspiracies? The Lights Over Phoenix is sexy. It sells. Suppose it were to become widely known that the five lights in V formation, which flew from Wickenburg, AZ to the Phoenix suburbs, traveled the 200 mile distance in a slow 30 minutes from 8:00 to 8:30 that early evening averaging just 400 MPH? Or that the five lights with their bright lights facing forward varied in distance from each other? Or that one person in western Phoenix saw them go exactly overhead while another simultaneous report nine miles to the east over central Phoenix saw the craft apparently become invisible (just for him!) as two lights of the configuration crossed on one side of the Moon while the other three passed on the other side? Triangulation of the two known locations would put the Lights Over Phoenix at about 30,000 feet, because the angle of the Moon in the sky was easy to figure out. Or that an amateur astronomer doing evening observing noticed the lights and put his 8-inch Dobsonian telescope on them, saw they were military looking aircraft with sweptback wings, and returned to observing more interesting objects? What if it became widely known that there were two Lights Over Phoenix events that night? The second event began at about 10:00 p.m. over the Sierra Estrella Mountains, just southwest of Phoenix. What if it became widely known that the nine bright drifting lights to the southwest, which magically disappeared one by one, exactly matched the angle of each observer to the tops of the mountain range and were coincidentally at the same time that the Maryland National Guard, who train in Arizona, were practicing for nighttime ocean water rescue by dropping high altitude flares from 15,000 feet that flutter down to light up the landscape below? If this gets out it could destroy an entire industry! The economy needs the Lights Over Phoenix story and every other similar strange account. The good news is that the true believers absolutely want it and will immediately call this out as a conspiracy by the 'Deep State' to cover up the alien visitation. The Truth is out there. Don't give it away! billpeters
  16. Sunset jet contrails often look like incoming meteors or UFOs. The 25/8/2011 youtube video of Peru was of a passenger plane contrail. Meteoroids cannot leave melting trails like these airplane contrails. The light you see is the incandescent ionized air molecules interacting with the meteoroid. When the meteoroid collides with air molecules, its high level of kinetic energy rapidly ionizes and excites a long, thin column of atmospheric atoms along the meteoroid’s path, creating a flash of light visible from the ground below. This column, or meteor trail, is usually initially less than 1 meter in diameter, but will be tens of kilometers long. This first one is of a passenger plane heading west at sunset. The plane was visible as it crossed overhead, but was hidden by the contrails as it headed towards the western horizon. Here the plane is still visible. This one was heading directly away from the observer. Don't be fooled by orange sunset jet contrail youtubes. Cheers! billpeters
  17. Take all of your lunar diamond meteorites and sell them for a few hundreds of millions of dollars each. I am done responding to your posts. billpeters
  18. You've got to be kidding. That is just a low quality crystal carved into a diamond shape that looks like the Moon from the top. It has no relationship to a meteorite no matter what Hong Yun Zhu calls it. billpeters
  19. WillM, Hardly any meteorites contain diamonds. The ones that do are are microscopic, usually brown, and industrial grade quality -similar in quality to one's used for grinding. Suevite diamonds are micron sized. Suevite is terrestrial rock transformed by multi-kilometer wide crater impacts which may contain micro-diamonds. Suevite from Reis Crater in Germany is typical with an estimate 72000 tons of diamonds that are normally too small to be seen. However, the very largest diamond clusters within can be seen, but are much smaller than the period at the end of this sentence at 200 microns and have no intrinsic value. The Alma Sitta Meteorite has some of the largest known diamonds directly found in a meteorite topping out at 100 microns. It is time to stop posting your rocks here and instead look at, read, and interact with other posts of suspect meteorites which are either validated or dismissed. Cheers! billpeters
  20. Two of your three rocks ARE quartz-like crystals, which disqualifies them from ever being meteorites. The other pink stone has crystalline structure in it and apparent layering, again disqualifying if from ever being considered as a meteorite. It is the opposite of a meteorite. Take these to a geology forum and as what they think these rocks are. Don't tell anyone that you suspect that they are meteorites. You will get reasoned answers of the type of terrestrial stones that they are. It is time to stop posting your rocks here and instead look at, read, and interact with other posts of suspect meteorites which are either validated or dismissed. billpeters
  21. WillM, All your pics overwhelmingly show your stones are terrestrial and have nearly the opposite characteristics of meteorites. Take a look at your rock(s). If it glistens like a crystal structure (ie: quartz) at any point in the rock it can’t be a meteorite. If it has layers, it can’t be a meteorite. It’s sedimentary. If it has small gas bubbles in it, it is not be a meteorite. It’s basalt or sedimentary. If it is moderately magnetic it is NOT a meteorite. If there is a thick crust on it, it can’t be a meteorite. If it has very rough surfaces or is angular, except for breakage, is is not a meteorite. If it is heavy, but not much heavier than other similar sized rocks, it can't a meteorite. File off a corner or cut it. It won’t diminish it’s value. If there is all bright silvery metal it can’t be a meteorite. If it is all grey metal it can’t be a meteorite. If there is black crust as thin as a fingernail, and crazing on the outside of the rock, it might be a meteorite. If there are small silver specks visible in the filed off section, it might be meteorite. There are billions of magnetic rocks in the US, none of which are meteorites. Anyone can find magnetic earth stones nearly everywhere. Just take a strong magnet and drop into sand and you will see what I mean. Check our O Richard Norton’s, “Rocks from Space” or visit the ASU Meteorite Center. None of your rocks have even come close. You should go out and buy a real meteorite or two. Cheers! billpeters
  22. Slag is normally magnetic, full of vesicles, flow lines, and when dumped as landfill often covered in lichens or mosses --exactly like yours. There are different types of man-made slag created by different processes with varying concentrations of SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, MgO, CaO P2O5 --exactly like yours. Not all slag is directly the product of high grade steel blast furnaces. The chemical composition of most slags contains SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, MgO, CaO, Na2O2, K2O, TiO2, and P2O5 --exactly like yours from your assay report. See if you can spot in the slag the fluid dynamics of the honeycomb ripples, radial pitting, tubular peaks, lipped sides, stagnation regions, streamer knobs, stagnation skirts, the vortex crests, and especially the ogive erosion sequences in the samples below --exactly like yours. . Mosses and lichens Vesicular; rough surface, lipped sides, stagnation regions, streamer knobs, stagnation skirts, vortex crests Glassy and vesicular; flat surface, flow features, fluid dynamics Surface flow features Glassy and vesicular; flat surface, flow features Glassy and vesicular; surface flow features Surface flow features Surface too rough for a meteorite; contains metal Surface too rough for a meteorite Slag has all of the characteristics of rocks --exactly like yours. by billpeters
  23. Budgie, It is free at Arizona State University, but they stopped taking samples after the show "Meteorite Men" aired because they were overwhelmed with meteor-wrongs. I could get Lawrence Garvie, lgarvie@asu.edu (480) 965-3361; Center for Meteorite Studies Arizona State University, Physical Sciences C-137 TEMPE, AZ 85287 USA to test yours since it is so convincing. He would ship it back for free. However, I would first explore options in Australia as there may be export issues. Cheers! billpeters
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