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  1. Welcome. It's absolutely not a meteorite. It is slag. Slag is not steel, but leftover remelted refuse. It is quite common and dumped everywhere. billpeters
  2. Iska warran or mambo, Jamale! I have been running an interpretation business www.400languages.com for 28 years now where I use Somali and Swahili interpreters nearly every day. I use other Bantu languages like; Maay maay, Rundi and neighboring country languages like; Juba-Arabic, Dinka, Maadi, Amharic, Tigrinyan, Afar and about 75 other African languages. We interpret onsite for local African background people in the Phoenix, Arizona area for medical clinics and the courts. We also interpret over the phone and by video conference. "Jamalito" is a positive nickname to me here, but cul
  3. Just like all Earth rocks that have a 1000's year old weathered surface. billpeters
  4. Meteorite fusion crust is normally smooth, black, and about as thick as your fingernail. It may have crazing surface cooling cracks that are less than one millimeter deep. Your boulder has nothing similar to meteoritical crust. billpeters
  5. Welcome to the forum raising, Your rock is standard basalt extremely common and found everywhere in Arizona. You need to explore more about meteorites and what they look like and their texture. You should visit the ASU meteoritical center. They should be open now. billpeters
  6. محمد, Welcome to the forum. The bad news is that your rock has no characteristics of a meteorite, but all the characteristics of a terrestrial rock. Take a look at your suspected rock(s). If it glistens like a crystal structure (ie: quartz) at any point in the rock, it can’t be a meteorite. If it has layers, it can’t be a meteorite. It’s sedimentary. If it has small gas bubbles (vesticles) in it. It is not a meteorite, but basaltic or sedimentary. If it is moderately magnetic it is NOT a meteorite. If there is a thick crust on it, it can’t be a meteorite. If it has very rough
  7. Morlock, For decades it has been known that the deuterium heavy water ratio of comets and meteorites did not match Earth's oceans. It seems clear that most of all water on Earth is primeval in spite of all of the TV hype. Yes, comets and meteorites have contributed some, but more like just a few percent at best. billpeters
  8. All, Please join my Zoom short talk on the East Valley Astronomy Club monthly meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m. MST August 21, 2020, that's -7 Greenwich Mean Time same as California. You will need to send an invite to participate in advance for the Zoom. You are welcome to stay for the main speaker who follows. If you would like an invitation to upcoming virtual meetings, please send a note to our VP at vp@evaconline.org. Join the Fun! billpeters
  9. Come on guys! This material is a goldmine to inspire me to write my stories. There are so many hidden gems in their obsessive perspectives that make life so interesting. It is a thrill to get into the mentality of their thinking and run with it to fully explore the ulterior universe in which they they reside and repackage it in a fun, and entertaining way for your viewing pleasure. Les keep life interesting and enjoy the banter, billpeters
  10. Adolf, Here are two pics of the "Wrath of the Beholder" that you say you are giving me. I am looking forward to getting it from you. Thanks! billpeters Wrath of the Beholder!
  11. Morlock, I had found this listing independently at spaceweather.com yesterday and computed it chance of hitting Earth at 2.1 to 1. So, about one out of two this close would have hit. The mass of NEO Asteroid 2020 QG is 185 tons or 170,000 lbs at 13 feet in diameter. The article says that it is the size of a pickup truck, but what it really means is the length. The average pick up truck weighs 5000 lbs, which would take 34 pick up trucks to equal the mass of NEO Asteroid 2020 QG. It is about twice the weight of the Washington Monument or half the weight of the Statue of Liberty. That woul
  12. There are zero lunar meteorites found in North or South America. Your rock is common sedimentary rock with nothing at all like a meteorite much less a lunar meteorite. Visit a rock shop and handle real meteorites to learn about the hobby. billpeters
  13. Adolf, It is a sedimentary rock with layers in it. It is well worn by water over the eons before it was laid down where you'd found it. It has nothing similar to a meteorite. Get a copy of Richard Norton's, "Rocks from Space" and check out real meteorites for comparison. billpeters
  14. Jadee, I am skeptical. A lot of scirocco's 382 posts look like meteor-wrongs. There are no meteorites designated with a B9 prefix. His numbers have no recognized meaning. I would take your rock and turn over the back of a porcelain toilet tank top and scratch your rock enough to leave a streak. It won't hurt the value of your rock in the least. If it leaves a dark grey , black or red streak it is NOT a meteorite, but probably contains magnetite. Check it for being magnetic. If it has a moderately strong pull it probably is NOT a meteorite. Let us know the results. billpeters
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