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  1. I've said it before and I will say it once more some potential hunters are run off by telling them what they found was not a meteorite by just looking at a photo. A link would work a lot better just like this one! http://meteorites.wustl.edu/id/metal.htm
  2. Did you ever stop to think that he was just like you when you started out?
  3. http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2014/08/29/death_valley_sailing_stones_mystery_solved.html
  4. It's very simple, this guy took the time to sign up, asking for a opinion and what he got was cursed at. Did you every think that the guy might have turned into someone that was really interested in meteorites, if he got a polite answer. I have a lot of meteorites wrongs, that I've brought home to try to prove that they might be a meteorite, I'm not going to do any testing out in the field. Where I don't have the right light conditions to see if what I think is metal, TURNS OUT TO BE A SILICON. I have three very small fragments of the Sutter's mill meteorite fall, that I found on the second da
  5. Well I don't know what you call it Mr Expert, but I'm from the old school, and that's what I call xxxxxx rude, do you have any friends, or didn't your parents teach you manners? Maybe that is why this board is dying, because of know it all so-called EXPERTS like you, lets see what university did you study meteorites in? Oh that's right you didn't!
  6. Well they caught the guys that stoled the meteorites! http://www.lasvegass...eteorite-theft/
  7. You couldn't ask for a better guy to show you around Gold Basin! Rick
  8. 4 Billion Year Old, Extremely Valuable Meteorite Used As Doorstop By Tennessee Family (VIDEO) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/21/meteorite-used-as-tennessee-doorstop-discovered-by-accident-sold_n_1992818.html
  9. Sonny There are people in any activity that will give it a black name, they are only thinking about themselves and could care less for all the guys like you,.. that have put so much of your time into making this a rewarding hobby. There are good reasons why property owners put up signs. One that comes to mind is very simple, did you know that you can be held responsible if someone gets hurt on your property, even if you didn't give them permission to be on your property? We hunted the fall, and asked a few of the owners if we could hunt their property, when the answer came back no,.. we thank
  10. Nice finds guys, but where in the nugget, am I that blind? Rick
  11. Great finds as always, we had company in town. That's the price you have to pay to live in Vegas. Hope to make the next one.
  12. If I was you I would post the photos before I went out and bought anything. I would show the window that you cut in the photos, and tell everybody why you think it is a meteorite. When I first started out hunting I brought back a lot of rocks, to test out thinking they were meteorites. Hell I even picked up a rock walking across a parking lot yesterday, It looked like a meteorite, and with my eyes I had to pick it up, after all how did this rock get there? Once I picked it up I knew that I just got some exercise bending over to pick it up, but that was it, must have fell out of a truck, or som
  13. Nice one Frank, did that come out of Gold Basin?
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