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  1. Great to here you guys are still getting out there, hopefully I can get out soon, juggling two jobs makes time a little scarce. Great job guys.
  2. Nice job Frank, hope your doing well, I myself have been on skunk row for awhile for finding gold. Have a good one.
  3. Thanks guys, Aj and I made it out today and both found a dink, good enough for me looks like it's the last of the nice weather supposed to be 115 on Saturday.
  4. Nice one Frank keep after it.
  5. I think there .44 Henry cartridges, from what I have seen on Google the double firing pin was because the primer system sucked it was fulminated Mercury and the extra firing pin gave it a better chance of going off. But I very well could be wrong.
  6. I think your right Tom I have 3 of those cases and they are all a little bent too but, 44 cal is close on my calipers.
  7. Hey Tom, I have found the same case before, I know that the H stands for Henry but I don't know much more than that, Cool finds.
  8. Great work guys, always nice to go back to a old patch and find a little more gold. My old patches have a love / hate relationship, I love to find gold and hate going back to those worn out spots.
  9. Awesome Bd, A.J. and I had a spot like that last year where we recover a lot of sun bakers from a monsoon flood. Sure wish more of are old patches would flood like that.
  10. After about a month and a half of no detecting, I decided to get out and try a new area that didn't pan out. But, there was still miles of great looking ground to cover. After a couple hours with no success I did like most and went back to a place where I had found gold before. It was just sitting there waiting for me. Better than nothing, not even a half gram, but I will take it! Good luck to all you guys.
  11. Bd if you come over this Sunday an clean my garage I will do a 50/50 split with you. lol
  12. I like dredging the C.A.P. where it crosses the I 17 north of Happy Valley rd. My partner and I have done good there you should check it out ?. Or maybe the Roadrunner prospecting club might be better. Lol.
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