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  1. Hi Bill it a was a pleasure meeting you this last weekend ! and Great job.. It was a good show and seeing old friends like Jim M from Whites, Walt E. from Oregon and so on. Wow it doesn't get any better than that. Rimshot good idea for Bill to make a DVD .. Jon
  2. Hi Jim and Bill, This weekend Gold Show I'll be working the Mad Mining booth it might be the 1st booth when you walk in. So please stop by and say Hi. jon@jimstraightpub.com
  3. Hi Jim and looking forward to meeting you to Bill. It will be a good time seeing everyone next weekend at the Gold Show. Best to All. Jon
  4. Hi Jim it was good talking to you today and I'll see you at the Lancaster Gold Show next Sat 4/12 Whoops I let out a surprise, hey Bill we have never met but Jim wanted to surprise you by showing up at the show. lol. Jim I'll be working at one of the booths just haven't finalized which one yet. I'll let you know later and please stop by, there will be a chair waiting for you Sir. All the Best to you. Jon@jimstraightpub.com
  5. Hi Jim, Wishing you A Happy Happy Birthday ! I hope you catch one of those hot looking red head women (lol) All the Best to you. Jon
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