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  1. Ok guys, I'm getting the huge thumbs down on the bounty hunter.... will listen to you all and save my cash. My Chilean wife is contacting the Universidad de Chile's geology dept, who we saw whilst they were on a field trip to the same thermals we were swimming in. And my reading of the posts in this forum will not stop till the day I post a nice photo of something worthy of an impressive grin! Thanks, DB
  2. Hi... again. Thanks for the input. I've actually visited the above links in my research funnily enough. I'm stuck in Santiago for the next year or two and it would be nice to find an area nearby in the Andes for a try out. Then, due to my preference of the south over the north and my love of all things green I might consider heading down there, Tierra del Fuego was home to a 'gold rush' once. Is there any way, with any alterations of the settings that the Bounty Hunter could be used for gold? I know the mining companies have been sending out geologists into the field for years but does
  3. Hi guys, Nice forum, lots of good interesting stuff in here. I'm in Santiago, Chile, and the only metal detector of any reasonable price I can get my hands on is a Bounty Hunter Lone Star (and that is $300). Is this really just a 'toy' detector compared to what you guys use and will it be any good for 'the hunt'? I've tried to study the local geology the best I can and find out some history but, I believe that you guys have the saying 'the best place to find gold is where gold has been found'. Is that really the case or is a good few days out in the mountains worth a trip? I'm an adventu
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