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  1. Makes you wonder if they missed some gold with their old metal detectors.
  2. I have a TDI and recently sold my Whites GM V/sat. The TDI hands down has better depth and can handle bad ground that that was difficult to detect on when I had use my GM. The downside is that the TDI can't pick up those crumbs that you can with a GMT but overall performance is better with a TDI. If you want to meet up sometime you can test mine out.
  3. I'm looking forward to the conclusion of this story so hurry up and get back out there!
  4. Yea I would avoid the NSJ ridge right now. The pot harvest is in full swing. Don't give up though, it takes time to find a good spot.
  5. Thanks for sharing that Steve. The story behind the first slide is fascinating. The first time you posted the picture of it I tried to imagine where it came from and how it made its way from the mine to the ship. Gold is even better when it has an amazing story behind it!
  6. Keep a lookout for future updated maps put out by the managing agency. Usually they start removing roads and trails from updated maps that they don't want people to use in hopes that they will be forgotten.
  7. WOW! I'm not much of a coin hunter but I always wanted to find a US gold coin. You are very lucky indeed! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Having seen several of Steve's pieces first hand, I can attest to the outstanding quality of his work.
  9. Sawyer permethrin insect repellent is awesome stuff for ticks. You spray a pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt with the stuff and within 20-30 seconds of attaching to your clothes they fall off and die. Supposedly its what the military has been using for some time. http://www.sawyerproducts.com/permethrin.htm
  10. What they must not realize is that when the company goes out of business the State will LOSE all the money its currently getting from that operation on top of jobs. Trying to increase the taxes could very well cause them to lose a good chunk of tax dollars.
  11. Steve, now that you caught a leprechaun make him take you to his pot of gold lol. Hope you guys had a good one. Looks like you did! Talk to you soon. Sean
  12. Great stuff. I could use some noobie luck lol. I really like those gold quartz pieces. Keep it up.
  13. Just curious is there alot of trash metal objects that you dig up when out there in the nubian desert?
  14. If the signal is only slightly breaking on a target I would dig it. The minerals in the ground mixed with a non ferrous object can sometimes read like a faint iron signal. Its also normal for the iron discrimination to get better the closer you get to the target.
  15. I use Google Earth in combination with the topo provided on geocommunicator. I like to "bookmark" spots of interest in google earth for later reference.
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