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  1. Fred, I didn't bookmark the pages I looked at, a real mistake this time and now I regret it. I do believe I read this (and read it correctly) in a JPL or NASA study page, but using some of the search terms I used earlier, like "non-magnetic stony-irons" for a quick search yields no joy, oh well... :innocent0009: I took a small cut out of the stone, less than a gram I believe, and it seems to be mostly a large orange-purple crystal, though there is a bright yellow-orange section that has beautiful, iridescence green, blue and other colours. I used a dremel, with a thin diamond wheel, to cu
  2. It failed. Thanks for the feedback. EDIT: The black areas didn't streak but the brown areas did.
  3. OK, I'll cut a chunk out and see what else it may be. Thanks, Eli
  4. In my online reading, I noted that not all iron-nickel meteorites are magnetic so I can't automatically discount the possibility out-of-hand, however rare those findings are. Because the stone is so small and because of the things that fit what I've read and observed, I do not want to cut or file away any portion yet, it is too early in my questioning. As to the colour of the crystals, please keep in mind that the camera is simply a throw-away camera plastic lens positioned over the computers isight camera. The light source is dirty, a combination of computer generated 'flash', household f
  5. "have you made any serious effort to research and classify your rock?" Yes, I've been looking at a number of sites and cross-checking the descriptions of meteorites and non-meteorites against what I can observe in my stone. The more I checked, the more I became convinced I have a stony-iron meteorite. After emailing a local university science department professor whom specializes in observational astronomy, astronomy education, I resumed reading on the web, to check again if I missed something. The Professor may or may not be available to have a look/see, I have yet to hear back from her,
  6. I picked this up sometime in the last 25- 30 years and pocketed it because I thought it was sort of special and interesting. It's a little nothing that I'll take a look at it every now and again along with various other stuff gleaned from the earth while hunting, wandering or simply looking at what might have tumbled down of an embankment after a good rain, and now I want to know; is this a meteorite? www.flickr.com/photos/54724843@N00/sets/72157614350590170/ I put some pics up on Flicker and before I do anything stupid with it, like trying to saw it open with a Dremel before knowing if tha
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