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  1. Hi All I have been thinking about getting a Minelab detector and I heard that there are a fue models Minelab was going to discontinue even for repaires and I was hopeing someone could tell me which ones not to get? TIA Birddob 1
  2. I am going out by the Basin also this weekend but a bit further east up on the masa, I have 2 detectors a White TDI and a x-terra 70 which is for sale by the way . Will let you know how we do. Birddog 1
  3. Just think if that knife could talk what it could say. Birddog 1
  4. Hi Bill does these false signals happen with all detectors like pi ones? And would this false signal be at the apex of the swing when you start to swing back? Birddog 1
  5. What metal detector would be better for finding these space rocks, a PI unit or a standard detector? Birddog 1
  6. Tyler where do you live? Birddog 1
  7. Going to the Gold Basen this weekend does anyone know where the P Office was in the Basen? Birddog1
  8. I would like to know more about the AT Pro. if any one gets one. Birddog 1
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