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  1. I ordered a nickel detection test kit I should get it soon but meanwhile I will keep looking. I will say for the amount of time I am putting for a find in its not panning out well at all. Just today I looked around for another five hours and I am beginning to wonder if the old whites is not picking them up. Now that I am thinking about it I have only dug up one hot rock or meteorite what ever it is in the 35+ hours of searching. The metal detector is working to some extent I have dug countless metal objects varying is shapes, sizes and material. Does anyone have any suggestions? :hmmmmmm: I w
  2. Did the streak test on the back side of a dinner plate and it looks like a #2 pencil I will get a nickel allergy test kit at a pharmacy when I get time to further the findings. From what I have read most meteorites leave a light gray streak and a dark gray streak is not good sign it looks dark to me.
  3. GOD The fence I hate fence, an old fence on the side of a hill you will find pieces of that old fence 50 yards or more down hill from the original fence line. The rocks from space book I will probably get a copy when I need more information on meteorites that is not available on the web. I don’t think it’s going to help me on the hunt 97% of all rocks are covered with moss or leaves few rocks are exposed and visible but only for a year or two in most places. Any thing I have a hit on I dig it up and if it remotely looks terrestrial I keep it and I have only had two possible finds out of 30+ ho
  4. I am just trying to have an idea were to look and have the best possible chance of a find. I live in West Virginia “The Mountain State” the brush, vegetation and incline limits my search area we don’t have dry lake beds. For some reason I am excited about finding a few meteorites in this area because no one looks for them around this area. I am thinking of getting a pulse induction unit and dragging it behind a ATV in the hay fields in the area. This is a few pictures taken near were I live
  5. Found this today after looking around with the whites today and found this thing 3” deep it is magnetic has dark gray and black spots is it a meteorite or meteowrong? The dark spots I spent some time trying to sand them away from the metal but I realized they are throughout the thing. http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w71/but...69/DSC_0033.jpg http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w71/but.../DSC_0034-1.jpg http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w71/but...69/DSC_0035.jpg http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w71/but...69/DSC_0036.jpg http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w71/but.../DSC_0038-1.jpg
  6. So you are saying that some areas a person is more likely to find a meteorite compared to other areas? Do you have any idea why this happens?
  7. After some thought the earth is rotating just over 1000 mph but the orbit of the earth it 66,000 mph I think it safe to say that the earth is mostly hitting the meteorites at that speed. I would think at around 6:am I would be nearly inline with the orbit and would have the highest chance of seeing the most falls but with the sun illumining the ski hinders sight of entry. I would think I would have a “slightly higher” chance of finding one on the southern side of a mountain due to the 23 tilt of earth and a 50/50 chance from east to west. Finds on the flat lands, deserts or rolling hills proba
  8. The reason why I ask I have spent around 20 hours in the woods so far looking for a meteorite with no luck yet. I have a whites 6000D I have it set to pick up any metal and I am digging up every thing from horse shoes to bullets I am already thinking of getting a pulse induction metal detector to improve my odds of a find. If anyone has any suggestions it would be a big help
  9. Has anyone noticed if meteorites have a particular trajectory when entering the atmosphere such as finding them on the western or eastern side of a hill?
  10. This picture makes me think it’s the real deal http://i578.photobucket.com/albums/ss223/M...en/P5130043.jpg But I have only been looking for meteorites a couple of weeks now.
  11. no i didn't streak test it after I cut in to it i realized it was not a medroite. i just need to find more information on a induction pulse metal detector searching with a hand healed unit is slow.
  12. Hey I am new to the site and I thought I would post my first find in my attempts to find a meteorite in West Virginia. http://s173.photobucket.com/albums/w71/but...=DSC_0071-1.jpg I am just excited to have something else to look for other than wheat pennies with my Whites. But after 10+ hours of searching I am realizing they are infinitely more elusive that a wheat pennies. My question is I have seen modified or homemade coils for metal detectors they look like a flat square PVC box people are just dragging around behind them. Does anyone know how to build one or possibly a book or a site?
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