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  1. Since White's factory is shutting down,

    I spoke to Todd at the factory today, since I have a GMT there for repairs. They will still do repairs for the next 2 weeks; then, if you have a detector that needs repairs you will have to send it to: 

    White’s East Service Center
    Centreville Electronics
    9437 Main Street
    Manassas, VA 20110
    (888) 645-0202
    (703) 367-7999
    Fax: (703) 367-0868
    I would still call the factory first, just to be safe!
    Best wishes to all!
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  2. I just received this email!

    American-Made White's Metal Detectors
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    Important Information from White's Electronics

    June 18, 2020

    To our valued White's Dealers-

    This is a very difficult message to write, but the time has come for retirement from White's Electronics.

    We are suspending manufacturing operations at our Sweet Home facility while we re-evaluate the future of the company. It is never easy to make these decisions, however, we are faced with the reality of intense competition in the industry and ongoing counterfeit instruments coming from China. Lastly, there have been critical material shortages since the Covid 19 shutdown that we now find insurmountable.

    All of us here in Sweet Home are grateful for your service. We consider each you part of the White's extended family.


    Ken White


    American Made Metal Detectors since 1950

    sales@whiteselectronics.com • 1-888-666-6121

    Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.

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    You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list
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  3. I have a claim with a small creek on it and I am going to use it as a "Historical Mining Classroom".

    I will be teaching anyone who has an interest in mining, the old timer's ways.

    I need to build a Rocker exactly like one of these in these photos.

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  4. On 6/19/2019 at 12:18 AM, wet/dry washer said:

    our digestive system is designed for vegetarians and not meat. almond flour replaces meat, dried fruits, berries with oatmeal maple syrup and raw honey is me diet. need no refrigerator. 

    most beer and wine have pesticides in them so stay with water.

    Dude, I think you are wrong. Maybe you should go do some research? Someone lied to you.

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  5. On 7/16/2019 at 9:46 AM, Edge said:

    Can I get pros and cons on this MD, please?

    Pro: It's an excellent detector for ease of use and good sensitivity. Perfect for covering a lot of ground such as relic hunting, meteorites, coins, nugget hunting, etc.

    Con: The larger 11" coil won't be very sensitive for the tiny pieces of gold.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, chrisski said:

    Always wondered about that.

    It's not so bad if there is a surviving spouse or other heir to the estate.

    A friend of mine had one of his partners die and can't find an heir.  I assume he can pay the maintenance fee this year in lieu of doing the maintenance fee waiver? There is a process where you have to place an ad in the local newspaper and run it for a certain period of time, asking for someone to claim the estate. If "No show", then more "BS" follows.

  7. 6 hours ago, chrisski said:

    So for me the problem with the small miners waiver on claims bigger than 20 acres, is either each person needs to sign the claim, or a power of attorney for the person needs to be on file with the BLM.  As long as whoever you share the claim with will give you a Power of Attorney for it or you can hunt seven other people down, this year and all years to come, you'll be OK.  I remember seeing in the BLM records on line about the power of attorney being on file.

    I have hunted them down each year to sign the waiver, and it's a bit of a pain. If one of them dies, it's a nightmare!

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  8. 43 minutes ago, Desertpilot said:

    Im looking to locate a few more claims and was curious to know if I filed a 40ac placer claim if it would count as one or two claims towards my 10 claim small miner waiver? Not sure if the limit is based on acreage or actual number of claims? Example 40ac counting as two 20ac placer claims? Just trying to do this smartly and get the most acreage possible with my 10 claim limit. 




    You can't claim 40 acres yourself. You can only file a claim for 20. You can get 40 if you have a partner to claim the other 20. You can have up to 7 partners + yourself=8 x 20 acres=160 as one claim called an association placer claim. Sorry, but you have to take partners to get larger than a 20 acre claim.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Jimmy M said:

    My set of "Treasure" magazines is in storage, but if somebody has easy access to the July 1989 issue, that's the one that contains the article about Bud's find.

    Here is a "Fisher" ad on page 33 in the 1990 Silver & Gold issue of Western & Eastern Treasure Magazine


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  10. 10 hours ago, Electrician said:

    The girl and I had a GPAA membership from 10+ years ago that we never used once, except the day we purchased it at one of those gold shows. I bought it for her after she caught the gold "sniffles" (cause it definitely wasn't the bug) while being taught to pan by Woody Wampler at the show. I wound up buying her a membership, pinpointer and detector, which is all still sitting in the closet.

    Now, I want to go out nugget hunting/prospecting/exploring and want to know which club to join, other than the GPAA. 

    The Roadrunner Prospector's club had several good claims years ago. I would imagine that they still do.




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  11. On 5/11/2019 at 11:49 PM, Adrian said:

    Ok guys in gold basin this weekend, dug a target, filling the hole back in, found this little fella in the dirt I dug out. Who here has ever dug up a snake. Anyone know what kind it is. 


    Probably a hog nosed snake. They have a turned up nose that they use as a shovel to dig spade foot toads out of the dirt.

  12. Hey Snake Jim, just started re reading the same book... Always seem to pick up some more usefull info for locating new prospects and it is getting tougher out there these days. Knowledge is power....

    Thanks Mr Straight.

    Bill, as you stated; knowledge is power. Doing one's homework and research is the key to being successful. Jim Straight is a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge on mineral deposits and mining, and I thank him for sharing his knowledge with us.


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  13. Hi Jim!
    I was re-reading your book "Successful Drywashing" last night. It was nice to see photos of some of the old timers that I had met over the years. I'll never forget meeting ole Dowie Critenden out in the Dale District back about 1988. I was with Woody Woodworth and Jack Ward. Dowie had his little dry washer with him.
    Time sure seems to go by faster as we get older.
    Re-reading your book "Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hard Rock Gold", hoping to glean some info from it to aid in my search for overlooked veins and pockets here in New Mexico.
    I hope you are doing well.
    Best wishes to you and yours!

    Jim Sumrow
    aka:Rattlesnake Jim or snakejim
    Roswell, NM

  14. I've worked on Threshold, Ground Balance and turning down Sensitivity but in that high mineralized area, my VLF detector is extremely unstable, to the point where I can toss a .5g nugget on the ground and barely hear it with all the noise in my slow swing. That is with turning sensitivity way down to quiet it. But I have been reading other people on here who seem to have a lot of luck with my detector (X-Terra 705- 5x10"DD), so maybe I just need to keep at it and get the detector over more gold (instead of bird shot). Persistence... persistence ... persistence ... right? ;)

    Read the manual again and again. In the prospecting mode with the tracking on, it should be running smooth.

    You may need to reset the programs back to factory settings. See pages 46 and 47 in the manual.

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