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  1. Hi Don! MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! My brother thought I needed a GPS, so he bought me one several years ago. I found that the best use for it is as a paper weight on my desk. It does a wonderful job! I guess I could learn to use it to mark claim corners more accurately, etc. I just ain't fond of all this new technology. Good story! I hope you are doing well! Rattlesnake Jim Roswell, NM
  2. RIP Jim You will be missed for now. We will catch up to you later. My condolences to your family.
  3. They are basically the same when using the GMT in manual ground balance. A vsat is worth somewhere around $200 to $250.
  4. My experiences have proven to me that in highly mineralized ground, I lost depth on nuggets when the ground was wet. The mineral salts seem to become conductive when the ground is wet and the ground becomes noisey. Iron trash becomes very loud in damp ground. I believe that a lot of the signal is reflected back and does not penetrate at depth. I have recovered very deep nuggets with a VLF when the ground was super dry. Pulse detectors may react differently. Maybe Reg will explain it or add his opinion.
  5. Lots of folks use an MXT for gold. It will do just fine if you take the time to learn it well. In mild ground the stock coil will work ok. In hot ground the shooter will do the trick. Just get after it! RSJ
  6. That's a nice one for your first! Best of luck on the next one! It will come soon. RSJ
  7. Try this! http://www.appleseedinfo.org/
  8. sonnysnewlife, now that you have insulted all of us, contrary to what your hero John wayne would have done. Please take your bullcrap somewhere else. My friend garimpo was trying to be nice and show respect to those who he thought deserved it, but had been overlooked for many years. You are not only not being nice, if you maintain this attitude you will not be welcome at any prospectors camp fire. Why don't you take up golf. snakejim
  9. Sonnysnewlife, what the hell is that icon with the blood running down someones shoulder? What's the purpose/message? Just curious. Also, no matter what the Native Americans did amongst themselves, it does not justify what was done to them by outsiders who wanted their land. Excuses are like a$$holes, there are millions; it doesn't make it right. Look at your own signature. You are condoning or justifying what you stated you are against. snakejim
  10. My condolences to you and his family. God bless!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving! God bless us everyone.
  12. Yep, you hit the nail on the head. Happy Thanksgiving! God bless us everyone.
  13. My old friend "Woody" Woodworth passed away Sunday at 4:00 pm. Woody was one of the first to use a metal detector to find gold nuggets. Woody and his buddy Herb Gibbons found a 12oz nugget with an old White's coin detector on one of their first trips. Woody also wrote articles for a couple of the treasure magazines, most notably "Western and Eastern Treasure magazine". He was a very good fellow and I'll miss him. Rattlesnake Jim
  14. That's a pretty one. Way to go Mike!
  15. You remind me of John Kerry putting on his charade of being a duck hunter. :laught16: :laught16: I mean, here you are defending Obama when his voting record shows he is anti-gun. Look it up, it ain't hear say. It's the facts.
  16. I wasn't upset about what you said about Bill Hillary. I think most politicians are scumbags. I was upset that you didn't think the other fellows should post what they thought. Are you going to be the forum administrator now? Let me get this right, we have freedom of speech, but only as it suits YOU?
  17. You can go to another forum or elsewhere if you don't like it here. We really didn't twist your arm to be a part of this group, now did we? :coffeetime:
  18. Thanks Greg! I appreciate that. They closed the Forest on May 1, but it's raining here tonight so maybe they will re open it soon. I was getting a little before they closed the area. Thanks again! Best wishes! RSJ
  19. Well done! Nice job Allen. Excellent music choice.
  20. George, I'm sorry for your loss. My condolences and prayers go with you! Jim
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