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  1. I remember a friend had one of those Coiltek pinpointers that had a switch to switch between the coil and the pinpointer on an old Minelab SD. Switching from the coil to the pinpointer blew out something. He was supposed to turn the detector power off before making the switch from the coil to the pinpointer.
  2. Try a small piece of lead or something like birdshot. Tape it to a business card or piece of cardboard. That will work as good as a nugget for a test piece. Jim
  3. Dang. I guess i missed that story. I'll have to ask him about that. LOL Jim
  4. I have used a straw and a bicycle pump and a leaf blower in order to blow the lighter stuff away on bedrock, so I could pick the gold up with tweezers. Interesting tool. It should work. RSJ
  5. Neat photo! Dang shep, I thought I had that title. Been called one all my life. Did you know my old friend "Woody" Woodworth in Coarsegold. Best wishes! Jim
  6. A Compass and topo maps is all I ever used. My brother sent me a GPS about 10 or 15 years ago. I used it once to go to the mail box and back home. I gave it away a month or so ago.
  7. Great video! Thanks, Shep! I once lost a dredge to one. I found most of the pieces all beat to heck. It was not a good day. RSJ
  8. It looks like it went well and everyone seemed to have a good time. It looks like you had a good time.
  9. Here's what the BLM says about assessment work. Examples of Work That Qualify As Assessment Work A building that benefits and improves the claim. Bryan V. McCraig, 10 Colo 309, 15 P 413 (1887). Reasonable value of meals to miners who receive board in addition to salary. Fredricks v. Klauser, 52 Or 110; 96 P 679 (1908). Value of blasting supplies. Id. Construction of road to mining claim. U.S. v. 9,947.71 Acres of land, More or less, in Clark County, State of Nev., 220 F. Supp. 328 (DC Nev 1963); Silliman v. Powell, Utah 642 P2d 388, 393 (1982). Maintenance of access roads to mining claim. Pinkerton v. Moore, 66 NM 11, 340 P2d 844 (1959). Sinking shafts and running tunnels or drifts. James v. Krook, 42 Ariz 322 (1933). Installation of mining machinery or fixtures. Id. Employment of a watchman when necessary to protect structures or property used in developing a claim. Ingersolt v. Scott, 13 Ariz 165, 108 P 460 (1910). Drilling and removal of samples from a mining claim. Eveleigh v. Darneille, 81 Cal Reptr 301 (Cal App 1969). Examples of Work or Improvements That Do Not Qualify As Annual Labor on a Mining Claim Removal of water from a mine for inspection of prospective buyer. Evalina Gold Mining Co. v. Yosemite Gold Mine Co., 15 Cal App 714, 115 P 946 (1911). Erection of a house outside the boundaries of a claim for the shelter of miners. Remington v. Baudit, 6 Mont 138, 9 P 819 (1886). Eating utensils, groceries, and bedding. Fredricks v. Klauser, 52 Or 110, 96 P 679 (1908). Amount paid for horses used in development work; however value of their use will qualify. Id. Payment for iron rails or tools, but their value in developing the mine may qualify. Id. Material taken to a claim but not used. Id. Sampling and assaying. Bishop v. Baisley, 28 Or 119, 41 P936 (1895). Reconnaissance surveys of mining claims. Pinkerton v. Moore, 66 NM 11, 340 P2d 844 (1959). Use of a claim to deposit wastes from other claims and building a flume to carry tailings to claim. Jackson v. Roby, 109 US 440 (1883). Employment of a watchman to prevent relocation. Justice Mining Co. v. Barclay, 82 F 554 (CC Nev 1897); or where there is no valuable improvement or machinery to protect. James v. Krook, 42 Ariz 322, 25 P2d 1026 (1933). Access Roads and Qualifies The construction of access roads as well as improvement of existing access roads qualifies as assessment work, even though the road is not on the claims. For example, the cost of installation of water bars on an existing road to prevent erosion and reduce the need to rehabilitate or maintain the road is sufficient improvement to qualify as assessment work. United States v Herr, 130 IBLA 349, 365-65 (1994). From: Mineral Law, by Terry S. Maley
  10. Years ago we did find a few. Pretty slim pickins these days. Most run dry washers. It's hard to find any open ground that's not claimed, what with the price of gold now.
  11. Boy what an interesting thread. Made me tired reading through it! I guess I shouldn't stay away so long! LOL Best wishes! Rattlesnake Jim
  12. I've been away from the forums for a long time. What a bunch of wonderful people here. God bless all of you and Johnno and his Dad. Jim
  13. I can't speak for others from New Mexico, but I've been up to neck in alligators for over a year. I just now whipped 'em.
  14. Jim Mc., I remember that trip well! Great fun with great folks and gold to boot. It don't get much better than that! I sure miss "Woody" and Jack. I learned a lot from them. It's so good to hear from you. Jim Goldmaster II = lots of nuggets!!!!!!!!!!
  15. An excellent detector! I was fortunate to get to use a prototype Goldmaster II early on in the Dale district by 29 Palms, Ca. Jimmy Sierra had given one to my old friend "Woody" Woodworth to test. They didn't have the ID iron meter working yet. Woody and I had been using the original Gold Bugs and Minelab GT16000. That Goldmaster II sure is hot on small gold. You'll do well with it!
  16. Happy Birthday John B. And, many more!
  17. Skip, Teddy Bear and you are in my prayers. RSJ
  18. That's a great set up you have there! Best of luck to you Allen!
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