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  1. Years ago we did find a few. Pretty slim pickins these days. Most run dry washers. It's hard to find any open ground that's not claimed, what with the price of gold now.
  2. I've been away from the forums for a long time. What a bunch of wonderful people here. God bless all of you and Johnno and his Dad. Jim
  3. I can't speak for others from New Mexico, but I've been up to neck in alligators for over a year. I just now whipped 'em.
  4. Jim Mc., I remember that trip well! Great fun with great folks and gold to boot. It don't get much better than that! I sure miss "Woody" and Jack. I learned a lot from them. It's so good to hear from you. Jim Goldmaster II = lots of nuggets!!!!!!!!!!
  5. An excellent detector! I was fortunate to get to use a prototype Goldmaster II early on in the Dale district by 29 Palms, Ca. Jimmy Sierra had given one to my old friend "Woody" Woodworth to test. They didn't have the ID iron meter working yet. Woody and I had been using the original Gold Bugs and Minelab GT16000. That Goldmaster II sure is hot on small gold. You'll do well with it!
  6. Happy Birthday John B. And, many more!
  7. Skip, Teddy Bear and you are in my prayers. RSJ
  8. That's a great set up you have there! Best of luck to you Allen!
  9. Thanks Garimpo! How inspiring! There sure are a lot of people that need to watch this video. What great lessons to be learned! Best wishes! RSJ
  10. Garimpo, thanks for reminding me. Best wishes! RSJ
  11. Neat story, Terry! Thanks for sharing. Best of luck to you. RSJ
  12. All the small shooter coils are double D. RSJ
  13. There is no such thing as a Mono coil for a VLF detector such as the White's Goldmasters. There are concentric and double D coils only. A mono coil is only used on the antique BFO and the pulse induction detectors. All the early Goldmaster coils were concentric. The original Jimmy Sierra Gold Max coil was just a larger concentric coil. The newer Black Sierra Gold max coil is double D. All the coils work ok in most cases. The double D handles the more mineralized ground better. All coils that fit the Goldmaster II, GMvSat, GM3, GM4, GMT, and GMZ are interchangeable. RSJ
  14. I'm sure sorry to hear of Bob's passing. He bought a metal detector from me when I had a shop in Albuquerque many years ago. He also was partners with a friend of mine on several claims several years ago near White Oaks, NM. My sister lives near Greeley, Co. and I have visited the Museum and seen the boulder with gold in it. The last time I spoke to him was several years ago when he lived in Del Norte, Co. and was farming potatoes. I met him several times over the years and it was allways fascinating listening to his stories. R.I.P. Bob! RSJ
  15. I don't know who has used one yet. There has been some confusion about them. It seems Fisher released a first version to Cabelas for $499.99. Link:http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/links/link.jsp?id=0075670631026a&type=product&cmCat=SEARCH_all&returnPage=search-results1.jsp&Ntk=Products&QueryText=GOLD+BUG&sort=all&Go.y=9&N=0&Nty=1&hasJS=true&_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&Go.x=19&_DARGS=%2Fcabelas%2Fen%2Fcommon%2Fsearch%2Fsearch-box.jsp.form23 A second version (GOLD BUG SPECIAL EDITION) is supposed to go to the dealers sometime soon @$549, and then later a third version called the (GOLD BUG PRO) will be available for $699. I called the factory, but they never returned my call. Best wishes! RSJ
  16. I ordered one. Looking forward to reading it. Rattlesnake Jim
  17. I think Charlene is on the Alaska Gold Forum. That was too good! Thanks!
  18. Hi Don! MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! My brother thought I needed a GPS, so he bought me one several years ago. I found that the best use for it is as a paper weight on my desk. It does a wonderful job! I guess I could learn to use it to mark claim corners more accurately, etc. I just ain't fond of all this new technology. Good story! I hope you are doing well! Rattlesnake Jim Roswell, NM
  19. RIP Jim You will be missed for now. We will catch up to you later. My condolences to your family.
  20. They are basically the same when using the GMT in manual ground balance. A vsat is worth somewhere around $200 to $250.
  21. My experiences have proven to me that in highly mineralized ground, I lost depth on nuggets when the ground was wet. The mineral salts seem to become conductive when the ground is wet and the ground becomes noisey. Iron trash becomes very loud in damp ground. I believe that a lot of the signal is reflected back and does not penetrate at depth. I have recovered very deep nuggets with a VLF when the ground was super dry. Pulse detectors may react differently. Maybe Reg will explain it or add his opinion.
  22. Lots of folks use an MXT for gold. It will do just fine if you take the time to learn it well. In mild ground the stock coil will work ok. In hot ground the shooter will do the trick. Just get after it! RSJ
  23. That's a nice one for your first! Best of luck on the next one! It will come soon. RSJ
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