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  1. Neat area! I was there years ago. Have friends in Lander. I did find some nice gold. Nothing large, but I didn't throw it back. Larger coils will go deeper, but they lose sensitivity to the smallest pieces. Smaller coil finds the smaller bits, but don't go as deep.
  2. I have a claim with a small creek on it and I am going to use it as a "Historical Mining Classroom". I will be teaching anyone who has an interest in mining, the old timer's ways. I need to build a Rocker exactly like one of these in these photos.
  3. Dude, I think you are wrong. Maybe you should go do some research? Someone lied to you.
  4. Pro: It's an excellent detector for ease of use and good sensitivity. Perfect for covering a lot of ground such as relic hunting, meteorites, coins, nugget hunting, etc. Con: The larger 11" coil won't be very sensitive for the tiny pieces of gold.
  5. It's not so bad if there is a surviving spouse or other heir to the estate. A friend of mine had one of his partners die and can't find an heir. I assume he can pay the maintenance fee this year in lieu of doing the maintenance fee waiver? There is a process where you have to place an ad in the local newspaper and run it for a certain period of time, asking for someone to claim the estate. If "No show", then more "BS" follows.
  6. I have hunted them down each year to sign the waiver, and it's a bit of a pain. If one of them dies, it's a nightmare!
  7. You can't claim 40 acres yourself. You can only file a claim for 20. You can get 40 if you have a partner to claim the other 20. You can have up to 7 partners + yourself=8 x 20 acres=160 as one claim called an association placer claim. Sorry, but you have to take partners to get larger than a 20 acre claim.
  8. Here is a "Fisher" ad on page 33 in the 1990 Silver & Gold issue of Western & Eastern Treasure Magazine
  9. This story is of a friend of mine, "Bob Ellithorpe" an equipment operator in Colorado. The rock is on display in the Denver Museum of Natural History and I have personally seen it on display http://pagosasprings.com/the-summitville-141-oz-gold-boulder/
  10. The Roadrunner Prospector's club had several good claims years ago. I would imagine that they still do. https://www.roadrunnergold.com/ https://www.roadrunnergold.com/membership-information/
  11. You lucky gringo! Glad to see you are still around.
  12. Looking for a partner that would like to look for Meteorites near Roswell, New Mexico. There have been a lot of them found near Portales by a mailman., Skip Wilson. http://meteorite.unm.edu/meteorites/meteorite-museum/new-mexico-meteorites/
  13. Probably a hog nosed snake. They have a turned up nose that they use as a shovel to dig spade foot toads out of the dirt.
  14. Rattlesnake Jim or snakejim here. Been a few years since I was on this forum. Just signed up yesterday! It's neat to see the folks that I knew long ago are still around. Best wishes to you folks!
  15. Jim, I found this magazine article a few minutes ago. I remember meeting you in the Dale District about 1988. Here's a link to a pdf file of Desert Magazine 1976. There is an article starting on page 28 that I think you would enjoy reading. Sure brings out some good memories. http://mydesertmagazine.com/files/197602-DesertMagazine-1976-February.pdf Best wishes to you and all the forums members. Rattlesnake Jim New Mexico P.S. We found some nice nuggets thereabouts.
  16. Very nice! You had a great day!
  17. Bill, as you stated; knowledge is power. Doing one's homework and research is the key to being successful. Jim Straight is a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge on mineral deposits and mining, and I thank him for sharing his knowledge with us. .
  18. Jim, thanks for the undeserved complement. I don't get on the forums as often as I used to. But, I do enjoy reading the posts and helping folks when I can. RSJ
  19. Nice work! They should sell easily.
  20. Hi Jim! I was re-reading your book "Successful Drywashing" last night. It was nice to see photos of some of the old timers that I had met over the years. I'll never forget meeting ole Dowie Critenden out in the Dale District back about 1988. I was with Woody Woodworth and Jack Ward. Dowie had his little dry washer with him. Time sure seems to go by faster as we get older. Re-reading your book "Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hard Rock Gold", hoping to glean some info from it to aid in my search for overlooked veins and pockets here in New Mexico. I hope you are doing well. Best wishes to you and yours! Jim Sumrow aka:Rattlesnake Jim or snakejim Roswell, NM
  21. Charles Garret who along with his wife started Garret Metal detectors in 1964, Passed on 4/3/2015. Sad news indeed. First time I ever tried nugget hunting was at Quartzite with a Garrett Deepseeker. It worked, I found several nuggets.
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