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  1. Happy Birthday from New Mexico! darn, you're two months older than me. As Kermit the frog says,"Time's fun when you're having flies!"

    1. El Dorado

      El Dorado

      Thanks a bunch youngster

    2. snakejim


      You also joined this forum 9 months before I did. Where has the time gone? Best wishes to you and yours!

  2. Bates has tactical boots on Amazon.
  3. LOL Doc is a master and very successful Detectorist. He's been a Minelab Dealer for years.
  4. Doc, you seem to come up with great ideas all the time. This one is superb.
  5. Since White's factory is shutting down, I spoke to Todd at the factory today, since I have a GMT there for repairs. They will still do repairs for the next 2 weeks; then, if you have a detector that needs repairs you will have to send it to: White’s East Service Center Centreville Electronics 9437 Main Street Manassas, VA 20110 (888) 645-0202 (703) 367-7999 Fax: (703) 367-0868 bobnpaul@centrevilleelectronics.net www.centrevilleelectronics.net I would still call the factory first, just to be safe! Best wishes to all! snakejim
  6. I just received this email! American-Made White's Metal Detectors View this email in your browser
  7. White's GM3 Goldmaster for sale $300 shipped lower 48 states. Works as it should.
  8. Keith has been around for years. Check him out if you have an older detector that needs work or you need an extra coil. http://brokendetector.com/
  9. Neat area! I was there years ago. Have friends in Lander. I did find some nice gold. Nothing large, but I didn't throw it back. Larger coils will go deeper, but they lose sensitivity to the smallest pieces. Smaller coil finds the smaller bits, but don't go as deep.
  10. I have a claim with a small creek on it and I am going to use it as a "Historical Mining Classroom". I will be teaching anyone who has an interest in mining, the old timer's ways. I need to build a Rocker exactly like one of these in these photos.
  11. Dude, I think you are wrong. Maybe you should go do some research? Someone lied to you.
  12. Pro: It's an excellent detector for ease of use and good sensitivity. Perfect for covering a lot of ground such as relic hunting, meteorites, coins, nugget hunting, etc. Con: The larger 11" coil won't be very sensitive for the tiny pieces of gold.
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