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    Some Outing Footage!

  2. Terry Soloman

    Some Outing Footage!

  3. Terry Soloman

    Saturday nugget shooter hunt

  4. Terry Soloman

    Full time prospecting?

    When I was running AGA full time, I used to buy gold at Les Bender's office. I became friends with a fellow that was living off the grid, out by Antelope Creek. He averaged about 6-grams of gold per week, and moved a lot of buckets every day to get it. He was always desperate for gas money, and looked skinnier every month. I gave him 85-percent of spot and he was always happy to get it. Ditch diggers make more money than most placer gold miners. Once you have the gold, then you have to sell it. It is NEVER worth what you believe it's worth. Buyers are not your friend, and will pay you as little for your gold as they can - especially in small amounts. Why not take an extended vacation in the goldfields and get a taste?
  5. Terry Soloman

    Bad News, Good News...

    You are a Warrior Unc! I am glad to hear you made it, and that you are recovering. I have 12-stents, and I know what you went through. My prayers are with you and your family, and I hope to shake your hand in a couple of days!
  6. Terry Soloman

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    I can hear the big silver bird's engines starting to crank! Come on Thursday!
  7. Terry Soloman


    If my phone and DVR didn't do it automatically, I'd be lost!
  8. Terry Soloman

    Ugly Ground but Beautiful Gold

    Really beautiful gold - Wow, Congratulations!
  9. Terry Soloman

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    Great Map B!
  10. Terry Soloman

    Took a Hit

    Could we raise some money to sue? Find a lawyer? How about local TV station Consumer reporters? Make them aware and caution folks that use this service. They don't like negative PR.
  11. Terry Soloman

    You have to see this....

    Great vid!
  12. Terry Soloman

    Just sooooo cool

    Great history and education - Thank's Bill!!!
  13. Terry Soloman

    First Nugget...

  14. A well deserved nod to the "Nuggetshooter!" Other than that all I can say is purple hair and piercings.
  15. Terry Soloman


    Bunk's kinda funny lookin'.. hold on, that's a picture of me!
  16. Terry Soloman

    Stupid is As Stupid Does

    I made a mistake like that once. Her name was Dianne.
  17. Terry Soloman

    Attention Military Veterans!

    For Anyone Having Difficulties With The VA, The White House now has A 24/7 Hotline - 855 948 2311. They will call you back within 24 hours & it works! Use this for ANY Difficulty you may have with the VA. Please Pass This On!
  18. https://phys.org/news/2018-10-role-traumatic-stress-violent-romanticized.html
  19. Terry Soloman

    Attention Military Veterans!

    I am so glad you got the attention you deserve! Thank YOU, for your service to our Country!!
  20. Terry Soloman


    Calvin is the Man!
  21. Terry Soloman

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    SEXY! Gonna be hard keeping the ladies away now Doc! Kate and I have said a prayer for your quick and full recovery. She went through a similar procedure last month.