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  1. Not going to make it to this one Bill, but I'm sending you this for the raffle.
  2. What do you think of this for back country detecting? https://www.gasbike.net/products/phatmoto-rover-79cc-motorized-bicycle
  3. WoW! Congratulations on a Great trip! The photo is gorgeous! The gold ain't bad either!
  4. I like that Bill is in the video at 0:59 !!!! Great vid!
  5. Really looking forward to opening my mailbox and seeing it in there!
  6. It is amazing how all of these parts come together. You have become an aerospace engineer!
  7. Good to see you here Horst! These guys will hook you up for sure, and hopefully put you on the Gold!
  8. MINT White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector With Headphones
  9. First rule of Stock: Brokers don't make money when they are not making deals (buying or selling), so a stable market IS NOT their friend.
  10. Congratulations MXT Sniper! You nailed it at 10: PhilippinesEcuadorAustraliaHong KongTrinidadEuroHrvatska (Croatia)CanadaMexicoBermudaMessage me with your shipping details! Thank You to all that participated! Ending early because no one can beat the sniper's first correct guess.
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