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  1. The first "reported" flight of the SR-71 Blackbird, was 1964. There is no doubt in MY mind that the United States has things flying about today we cannot comprehend. I am also not arrogant enough to believe we are the only game in the galaxy.
  2. Can you imagine that all ground and polished? - Sweet Find!
  3. 1882 O18801892 O1894 O1893 O1889 O190218881901 S1903 OThese make up the bulk of the coins, however, there are a couple of dates that may be worth some money. The bulk of the cache is New Orleans, and Philadelphia minted, with a few San Francisco. The appraiser took a lot of time with each coin, and explained how grading worked, and what it costs. He was horrified when I showed him the video of me finding them, and told me with all that shaking and rubbing them around, I probably caused a couple thousand dollars in damage to the coins. I kinda looked at him and smiled, shrugged my shoulders and
  4. Nice score! Congratulations!
  5. Checking with my buddy to see if it is still in his closet - Stand By!
  6. Who uses Spotify? Here are about 300 of my favorite tunes.
  7. Sand Scoop is in so I'll be headed out to Long Island soon!
  8. Combo parks, beach, farm fields, and woods. Most of the gold came off the beach. Equinox 600, and Vanquish 540. Thanks for looking!
  9. With the first big snowfall yesterday and the frozen ground here in White Plains, NY, my traditional detecting season for 2020 has come to an end. I have a total of $672.76 in dug clad; $43.59 in sight-finds and Coinstar loot; 2.6-ounces (Troy) Gold (10k-14k-18k-22k combined); 3.9-ounces (Troy) silver (.888-.999 combined). I want to thank my Youtube.com/MrTerrySoloman Channel Sponsor, and the following manufacturers whose machines I tested and used in 2020: Minelab; Nokta Makro; and Garrett. Also a big shout out to my friends at Coiltek, and NEL.I will be out at the beach again before th
  10. A Terry Soloman Book Review: “The Nugget Shooter’s Field Guide,” by Reese Townes. GoldSeeker Books; ISBN: 978-0-578-61746-6; 120 pages; Paperback; Color Photographs “The Nugget Shooter’s Field Guide,” is a comprehensive deep dive into the world of gold “nuggetshooting,” exploring aspects of Alluvial; Eluvial; Colluvial; Eolian; and Residual gold deposits and mining. I first became aware of the author, Reese Townes, as a frequent and respected contributor to several gold prospecting forums that I visit regularly. A successful and knowledgeable nuggetshooter, Reese grew up in Mont
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