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  1. https://www.shophq.com/Product/673-634?icid=OnAirToday-_-Invicta+Live+from+the+Warehouse-_-673-634&cm_re=OnAirToday-_-Invicta+Live+from+the+Warehouse-_-673-634
  2. There is a space on my book shelf just waiting for this bad boy!
  3. Just remember my prediction if the President is replaced. A lot of stock money will go straight into gold as the dollar plummets
  4. If Trump is not re-elected, Gold will top $2,000.00 an ounce overnight.
  5. Sorry my friend! I'll email them this week.
  6. Sold 20-ounces today, and made just over $500 an ounce! Been holding my breath for $1550.00 an ounce and it happened!
  7. I think it's the rare Superstition Mountain Pine that actually imparts that one of a kind flavor.
  8. I tear up every time I hear this. Thanks for sharing Frank. Thinking of you my friend.
  9. More prayers for family and friends. So sad.
  10. A good friend, and one of the best treasure hunting partners I've ever had, Andrew, recently took up yet another hobby creating Silver Coin Rings. I sent him a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar, and here is the beautiful ring he created for me - Wow! Thank you Andrew!!!
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