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  1. I have only heard rumors that the owners are trying to re-open it. They have reached out to several folks I know, but I have no first-hand knowledge.
  2. For Sale! $465.00 (OBO) Shipped CONUS NEW / MINT CONDITION Meteorite 44mm Master Diver on Rice Band. All Links, box, warranty. This was a limited run and has been sold out for well over a year.
  3. Another AMAZING project Dave! Your skill set is impressive sir!!
  4. Got an invitation to hunt an old farm in Katonah, New York, and drove up excited and early. After nearly two-hours of hunting near the old stone fences I had found nothing but junk targets, and I was ready to call it quits. I started back toward the farm house and the car, swinging half-heartedly, and feeling a bit defeated. About halfway back, I got a high tone that stopped me in my tracks. 39-40, solid as could be. Surprise! 1883 Philadelphia Morgan!!!!! Talk about your Happy Dance, I went from worn out to full of energy just like that!
  5. Beach Day with the Minelab Vanquish 540. It was a beautiful morning for the 70-minute ride to Jones Beach, with only two traffic jams on the Whitestone Bridge, and them merging onto the Long Island Expressway. We decided on Beach #4, and I hooked up with two other experienced beach detectorists, Joe and Anthony. I started off in “Coin Mode” with my sensitivity at about ¾ strength, detecting the dry sand as I walked out toward the water. I notched out the Corona and Heineken bottle caps, and managed to find three-quarters, two-dimes, two-nickels, and three-pennies on the way out to
  6. Glad you like it brother! Big Gold!!
  7. Winner-Winner! Pm me your shipping particulars!
  8. Where were we, and what year was it? Yes, there is a prize!!
  9. Great video Doc! You sold me!! Now I have to get you to design a short handled sand scoop for the beach out of this plastic!
  10. Watched the video and honestly see no advantage in the scoop. If anything it seems slower than just separating the dirt with your hand. Tell me why I'm wrong. - T
  11. The video was up on YouTube for months, and had over 2-million views, so he made his Adsense dollars before GoPro recognized him.
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