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  1. Glad you like it brother! Big Gold!!
  2. Winner-Winner! Pm me your shipping particulars!
  3. Where were we, and what year was it? Yes, there is a prize!!
  4. Great video Doc! You sold me!! Now I have to get you to design a short handled sand scoop for the beach out of this plastic!
  5. Watched the video and honestly see no advantage in the scoop. If anything it seems slower than just separating the dirt with your hand. Tell me why I'm wrong. - T
  6. The video was up on YouTube for months, and had over 2-million views, so he made his Adsense dollars before GoPro recognized him.
  7. After watching Bill with the Vanquish, I decided to get the 540. I went to an area that I have hit many times trying to find and pinpoint a homestead built in the early 1700's near Sleepy Hollow, NY. Yes, "that" Sleepy Hollow. I LOVE this machine! it compacts enough to backpack it, and telescopes out far enough for a man or woman 6'2" tall. Five tone breaks, Readout -9 to 40, Four modes - coin, jewelry, relic, custom. Auto noise cancel and ground balancing, waterproof 12" DD coil and included rain/salt-spray cover. The pole locks are fantastic, and adjusting the length of the upper arm and lower rod is a breeze. Controls are intuitive and easy to access in gloves. Very light, 2.8-lbs. So I'm swinging along in an area that I have taken other artifacts out of and I got a faint , soft, warble in my Bluetooth earplugs, with a 28-32, showing deeper than 10-inches on the meter. Got busy with my Grave Digger shovel, and found this piece of bronze cooking pot (3" x 1"), in the hole at 15"+ with my pinpointer! Man am I excited! I know I'm getting close!
  8. Thanks Jeff! Yes that is an Osprey, that had just grabbed the fish out of Peconic Bay, near Southampton, NY. Amazing animals!
  9. My son's mother is from San Salvador, El Salvador. My son is a Sheriff's Deputy in Kentucky. He took a brick to the helmet two nights ago, seven-stiches, bad concussion. He was trying to help a 71-year-old woman get safely away from "protesters." We need better police officers. Better psych tests and evaluations, better training. We have Thousands of bad, seriously troubled men and women with badges in this Country. People that riot and loot, burn and beat, should be shot on sight. period.
  10. I like to take pictures when I'm out metal detecting or scouting farm fields and new permissions. Here are some bird shots from my back yard to local woods and beaches here in lower New York.
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