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  1. I cannot figure out where to go to change my password.... can somebody help me or send me a link ?
  2. Wednesday I called the ridgecrest ,BLM office and spoke with Dick Forest. I think that was his name. In any event he verified that there was no need for me to file a POO as I'm going to be just doing casual mining. So I'm good to go for August. I'll have Frank build me a nice Ole' yeller and ship to california and be ready when I get there. So I'm at 92 days till I start my summer vacation.
  3. I notice that you use tongs to stir the mix you put in the cup. Is the cup preheated ? You donot seem to wear gloves when you you opened the oven's door. Does it stay cool on the out side ? Please realize I do not have sound on my system.
  4. I tried looking at the cali stuff and gave up. I could not figure out how to locate maps for anyplace or get info that made use for me.. Yesterday. I had sent an email which Was listed on the BLM page for ridgecrest,Ca, but it seems the email does Not go to ridgecrest. Here is there answer to me.... Mr. Gilmore: You will need to check with the field office that covers your specific area, if you have previously filed a "Plan of Operation" they will review and/or revise said plan. There has been a moratorium on dredging that is still in effect today. The California website has a map on front p
  5. I have a question just as a question. I see issue with the whole it is illegal to own or posess thing. If you have a home or cabin that is within 100 yards from a closed waterway. I would think what you owned prior to said law is exempt by the very rule of I think in school it's habis corpus? Please excuse my spelling. But the whole idea of tell us what we can own or possess. Maybe nobody lives with in those areas but to think that they can suddenly out law what your owned prior is something to be concerned about.
  6. I think thats what he is saying. If you can sweep it up or shovel great. Just cannot suction it up.
  7. With gold being able to be id'd by site. has anybody create a rough map to where gold and it's % come from? From say randsburg,coolgardie,chocolate mts,29 palms and such...kind of be interesting to see ?
  8. Sounds like a job for a 3 lb pick and a garden trowel..sitting on a bucket..
  9. The weight listed was 34.6 grains.. roughly 1.3 grams about $60 I'd guess at todays value.. depending on actual purity.. Yeah doesn't happen to be a great picture after cutting it out of the original pdf I found it in.
  10. Just nice knowing there are still places with gold out there...
  11. I understand you answer but there is an inaccuracy. 1 lb of gold is lighter than 1 lb of feathers. Gold is measured in troy. Feathers are measured in advo I cannot spell it today... troy has 12 ounces advr has 16 ounces troy ounces are heavier but not heavy enough to over come the number difference. My point though was that at 400x the gold still looked huge...So how much magnification do you need to see just gold as pure ?
  12. I have read a lot of information about finding gold and the fact that is not all pure. But what I'm wondering is if flour gold is more pure. Anbody knoow for sure on how that works out ? is an atom of gold ,or what ever its smallest value would be pure ? Are all atoms elements the same size ? and if so how small is 100% pure gold vs 100% som3ething else ? what will 1 molecule of gold pass through ? Any clue ?
  13. So he needs to move a recirculting sluice further away and bring the dirt outta the hole to his location ? Just wondering ?
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