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  1. I notice that you use tongs to stir the mix you put in the cup. Is the cup preheated ? You donot seem to wear gloves when you you opened the oven's door. Does it stay cool on the out side ? Please realize I do not have sound on my system.
  2. 1. forget the trommel. 2. If there are just 2 of you then a drywasher is the way to go. 3. If you looking for the best spot to get gold Sample,sample,sample. 4. then work the drywasher.
  3. Your saying that your interested in a trommel but where are you planning on using it. The desert ? are you planning to truck loads of water in or are ou talking about some place with water ?
  4. Yes, the plastic bag is mine. No clue where my green plant matter went .
  5. The male tries to hold the female down I think...... Kinda like a dance. Though I would not wanna get in their way...
  6. Try looking here... http://prospecting.50webs.com/1prospecting.html I have no affiliation though.
  7. I have a whites GMT and wondering if anybody can explaine how to use it to follow black sands. I do not know for sure If it will help me to find denser areas of fine gold when I drywash but I am not sure on how to use it to follow the B/S. I won't be able to hunt till august but I'm trying to learn as much as I can with the 100+ ways I have before I can get back out.
  8. True but I'm stuck in NYC till my brother whom sells books to schools is done for the year. Then he is going on a cruise.. Lucky him. Then I'm taking 4 weeks for myself . Selfish me. Looking to go home to drywash and shoot my bow.
  9. Yes, spring time usually there is a lot of moisture just under the surface. But by August when the daily temp is over 108 it is usually time to drywash.
  10. Hello Frank, Just wondering. Not sure if you answerd I was wondering how many amps the drywasher pulls. Trying to see how many amps/hrs a day I might need and recharge to get 14 days.
  11. Nice,, but that ain't no drywasher.
  12. All I can really add here is God bless. Get well soon.
  13. Ok, I have plans for August wheeeeee, Here is my August plan I already have flight reservations. I'll be flying home to Ca the last week of July. and spending ,it in California till the last week in August. That means I'll be buying one of your dry washers in early July and having you ship it to Ca for me. I especially like the gold and coral colors. Got any more photos, ? I especially love to see that waterfall effect dirt has as it travels through the tray.
  14. Hey Frank, I know how you feel. And I'm stuck in NYC taking care of my mom. So I been wondering if you got any photos of your drywashers and samplers in action. It just cheers me up.
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