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  1. Well, I am going up near Rapid City to do some prospecting. Wondering if there is anyone familiar with this neck of the woods? Any help would be appreciated
  2. I am 35 years old. yes I would work for a cut, I am beyond desperate. thanks for the advise rough, though I have no drivers license. suspended due to back child support. I don't know why they do that, kind of hard to get a job without a driver's license. thanks for all your kind words..
  3. I got the fever a couple years ago panning near Blackhawk CO. Now I find myself almost homeless and without employment and wishing for some adventure. Is there anyone who may need some help? I work cheap...as in food and shelter. I am drug free, not a felon, smart, and adventurous. I can rough it with the best and am quiet. maybe you have a claim and no time to work it?...I'll work it for you. maybe you need someone to carry your equipment..I'll carry it. can you tell I am desperate?
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