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  1. I don't know if it's been posted before but Matt gets quoted lol http://www.utne.com/Environment/Suction-Dredge-Gold-Miners-Hoppin-Mad-Over-Ban-5188.aspx
  2. Benz

    New PI

    I understand we walk all walk over gold. I'm just saying I hate doing it. I spend 60 bucks on gas and 20 on supplies every time I go detecting. So i want the best if im going to spend so much time on my hobby.I'm by no means a "great gold detector" but I have found some little patches. I know a minelab gives be the best chance to find the gold I'm walking over. I know people can't always afford a mine lab hell I cant lol. When I was in the market for a detector I was looking at a tdi. I was told to save and buy a used GP mine lab. Best advice I ever had. I love my GP. Finds tiny gold,and deep gold. It my wife's now. I know that whites has decent PI detectors but mine lab is the best clearly. If whites where the best I would use a whites. I seen what a ML can find and it's nuts! Ps my first detector was a gmt had it for a year and never found gold. But I was very new and had no idea what I was doing.
  3. Benz

    New PI

    I never said it's the equivalent. A 3dwt nugget at 4 inches should sound like a beer can. I'm sure a gold bug will find a 3pwt nugget at 4inches depth. People with mine labs have gold bugs as well to find "fly crap" gold. Gold so small you need tweezers. Luckylundy said in the detecting game inches are miles... I'm not trying to be a homer but I have a 4500 and most people I hunt with have the same. Using a mono coil a 4500 destroys sub gram gold. I have seen tiny nuggets found with it. My first nugget ever was a .20 gram nugget at 3-4inches with my gp3000 and a mono coil. One of my hunting buddies did some testing with the tdi vs a mine lab . He said the mine lab is far superior to any other PIs out there. Under 2grand is a good price for a PI detector. But you get what you pay for. I don't enjoy walking over gold.
  4. Benz

    New PI

    He means a gold bug works as good as that whites PI detector .. The mine labs find sub gram nuggets at the same depth. With my gp3000 I found a 2pwt nugget 14inches deep. You pay for a mine lab because it will find you lots of gold. It's not a waste of money. Other PIs might be.
  5. I know you start on a small area ( i been doing 10 x 10 sq foot area) and removing all the trash. I HAVE A GP 3000 and still need to learn the unit. I have some questions. I also have the signal enhancer. How deep will the gp3000 detect with a 12 inch elip mono? Whats the better tailings to detect? big rocks or small gravel? Does a speaker work just as well as head phones? How should i use my 24inch elip mono nugget finder on the tailings? ( i been working a small area with the 12 inch then working it with the 24inch.((( because i think it will detect bigger targets deeper?)))) ??) gimme tips please
  6. No prob dude. I went to the dump and dug a ton of old old nails. you didnt miss anything lol

  7. great!!!! more info guys!!! How do you tell where the old drywashes, and gullies where? Is there a way? school me.
  8. Howdy i was thinking of heading up to my spot today. Getting a late start. if you want to go let me know.

  9. mine was a GMT. I loved it. But i bought it brand new. I just wish i would have bought a used gp3000 or a new SD2200.
  10. Awesome link. I just hope i find anything. any little tiny big of gold will make my month.
  11. I hear about douchbags in nugget hunting. I cant believe people are so greedy. Most people dont think they are going to make money off this. People do it hoping to have fun. You have the most fun with others. Then when you try to help someone out they totally "F" you over. People make me sick. Anyways lucky for me ill learn off your mistakes. I wish i would have went riight to a PI unit and not spent money on a VFL. O yea which wash did you find that gold?? lol
  12. im heading up call me if you want to meet up 925 642 6890

  13. i am shooting for small ones just wonted lots of coverage. Where im going the brush is minimum. And i have a 12 inch mono. So if things get crazy ill switch over. I was planning on having 3 coils 12 18 and 24 i might pick up a tiny 6 inch one. just depends. I got enuff right now. I need to find gold and pay for this hobby lol
  14. Humm well i have found about 20 bucks worth of gold and spent about 5 grand on goods. Detector and supplys gas ect. over 2 years. but i have ha a ton of fun. And im getting close to gold. hehehe
  15. darn it i got a 24 ich elip already lol. well ill have to make it work lol darn it thanks for the good advice.
  16. So i talked to robert and he might want to go this weekend too. Let me know if your still down.

  17. Thanks for all the information guys. I bought the 24 inch elp mono nuggetfinder. Im going to rye patch twice in nov. Wish me luck!!!!
  18. You played SWG? what server and what time? ps i dont think the links work
  19. Ok i found out all the new coils are Advantage coils. So i ordered a 24inch nuggetfinder from AZ dectors. Im planning on going to the rye patch twice this year and ill be going to the Mojave once or twice so ill need a bigger coil for all that land. thanks for the advice.

  20. Waiting to play with the gp3000

  21. thanks for all the info lucky. Im going with the bigger coil. My father in law and I are gonna sweep the ground with my gp3000. I am looking for anything small tiny large or huge i dont care. Im not in it for money im in it for FUN. Question for you. I was testing the gp3000 with a 12inch mono coil. I had a .22 bullet lead. In air i was picking it up at 5-6 inches. so i went to a park and found some clean sand. In the sand i was picking the lead up at over a foot!! and it was screaming at me. It this how it should work? Someone school me.
  22. does it pick up on smaller gold?
  23. i was thinking about the 24inch elip mono from nuggetfinder any thoughts?
  24. i think i found them, is this what your talking about? Or does it have to be nuggetfinder advantage?

    Nugget Finder 17" Superlight Elliptical Mono Metal Detector Coil

    is it good for hot ground?

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