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  1. Well... bad news! The fix wasn't possible... now idk what to do, because i don't want to send it to USA or Australia, there is a big chance to have problems with customs or something like that. I took some photos from the inside, the detector' boards. Maybe someone could have an idea... Look the album for the photos: http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?app=gallery&album=39
  2. i'll back as soon as i got any news
  3. i am sorry for coming back so late... the 'rapair man' found the problem... it's a component related to sound filtering and amplification. He also told me that the detector already had been fixed in the past, 3 components were replaced... badly fixed, so one of these components and some trails is gone :( ... he is doing his best to repair it, as it seems to be a hard job. have no words from him since last week... garimpo, i'll wait a few days more... i don't want to send the machine out the country because i'm afraid of being taxed (again) or have my machine lost somewhere or need to wait 4, 5 months for arriving... brazil' customs SUX and you know that Reno, interesting review!! Maybe this was what happened to my machine... idk
  4. and what happened to your neighbors GP, frank??
  5. tested everything possible with Don, nothing had worked :( ... now the detector is at a "repair center". When i got news from the technician, i'll back with a feedback
  6. hahaha Don, i only drink imported beers now, i hope you dont worry about it ... i'm thinking to go this week, how it sounds?? John, one of our qualities as human beings is to help other human beings
  7. yep, that's what i'll do frank... Don, i'll accept your help! lets see when i will have time to go there
  8. the strange part of all this, was when i tried to use the detector on field...when i turned it on, immediately it showed a strange behavior, the sound was crazy like a big interference (but still loud)... tried the button that cancels interferences and after the 1 minute nothing happens. Then i turned off the detector and it never worked again.
  9. frank, i'm using the sony 7.2V batteries, with a coiltek "li-ion regulated system", where the battery goes on. I tested the batteries with a voltmeter and the results were strange: 2 batteries with exactly 2.09V and the other 8.02V. The contact pins are normal, nothing wrong. klunker, tested with 3 different coils :( ... 3 issues coils??? improbable grubstake, tested with 2 different power cords... 2 issued cords??? improbable garimpo, let me see when i'll have time to go to Uruacu, then i tell you ok???
  10. Hi frank, Well, I am not sure if the coil wire was unplugged when the power was turned on but it's very improbable, and i am sure it's a genuine product. Don (garimpo) knows my detector! I think it maybe be a problem with the piece where the battery goes on (i use these small batteries). But the lights turns on and the detector seems to be powered... i don't know IF correctly powered.
  11. Hello friends, I have been using my GP3500 for about 1 year with no problems. The last time i tried to use the detector, it showed a strange behavior.. when i turned it on, the sounds were crazy, like a huge interference and i tried a lot of configurations with no changes, none of the buttons seemed to work... after a few minutes the detector stoped to work. Now, when i try to turn it on, i can hear only a veeery low tone (really low) and it doesn't beep when over some metal piece... volume, threshould and other buttons doesn's work (the only button that works is the "Tone"). Tried 3 different batteries (2 are brand new and fully charged for 1 day before the tests) and 3 different coils, same problem. I don't know what is going on ... can someone help me?? Thank you, Rodrigo
  12. And what about GO ... because we really love the "Chapada dos Veadeiros" and need to go back there since its possible! I have a little map.. of mineral deposits... that comprises cities like Itapirapuã, Itapuranga, Cidade de Goias ... near from uruaçu... and about Sao Jorge? we have friends there, so it's a right place to go! good luck... to us! =)
  13. Oh... right... thanks!!! What do u mean with "slave digs"??
  14. Oh... i forgot to say ... i am already trying and learning prospecting tips on rivers and bed rocks here in SP and south of MG ... but without success on nuggets, only trash and coins.
  15. Hello!!! I am living in Sao Paulo, but i am always in MG and GO. I have a X-Terra 70 with a 18.75KHz coil... and i'll expect to be arriving on July, maybe end of June. I'll be going with a friend that also have a X-Terra (705)... we wish to stay one month in Goias, but we don't have a right place... maybe Uruaçu, Sao Jorge and another cities that we saw on a map of deposits (jazidas) .... what kinda tips you have to us?? =)
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