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    Detecting, fly-fishing, camping, gardening, my mate and our dog.
  1. knowitall2b

    Gold Basin Outing

    Just a note from a literalist. My first time to GB and I found Greggs Hideout Rd no problem. Got to the intersection with Spring Drive. Greggs Hideout Rd. heads down the wash and there were tire tracks. Well I followed the directions and those tracks and thought it was a strange route. It was. I managed to get to the site however. So for literalists the directions should be take Greggs Hideout Rd to Spring Drive and turn left up the grade. Just past the green sign "Greggs Hideout ->" turn right on Hideout Drive to across the second cattle guard.
  2. knowitall2b

    Gold Basin Outing

    I'm planning on being there. I look forward to meeting all cause I don't know squat except the enjoyment one can find in the great outdoors and get-togethers. Thanks for all your votes. Get well 29 Prospector, we'll meet down the line.
  3. knowitall2b

    Gold nuggets detector

    Welcome Pulse Induction (PI) detectors go deep. MineLab has been the industry leader in PI detectors. Lots of old posts on the 4500, 4000, SD2200 and SD2100. Also check out Bill's store here. http://www.nuggetshooter.com/Store/Minelabproducts.html
  4. knowitall2b

    29 Prospector

    Yeah. Once a horn-dog, always a horn-dog. Go Bob! Good to see ya posting here again.
  5. knowitall2b

    Detecting ticket by G'Ville

    Dean, is PLP the Public Law Project? Thanks.
  6. knowitall2b

    New Location - Better Gold

    Nice nuggies.
  7. knowitall2b

    Do you miss me yet?

    You sure you want a little fun now and then?
  8. knowitall2b

    A Lota POO

    Sawmill, you have provided the wise advice of a cool head. Hear, hear!
  9. knowitall2b

    Do you miss me yet?

    Golly, Terry, I didn't know that Bush was a prospector/nugget shooter. That must be why you posted here. Unless this is a message for gun control suggesting it's good for folks to make sure the safety's off and the gun is loaded, to keep a steady hand, to remain calm, to take aim so's they don't miss and to squeeze, all the while being pure of heart.
  10. knowitall2b

    Mining artifacts & history web site

    The mineral specimens are very nice. Pictures of mines and miners. None of owners. Something to think about.
  11. knowitall2b

    Got nailed this morning.

    Hell Sarge, lots of AZ is beach-front property just waitin for Calif. to fall into the ocean.
  12. knowitall2b


    Glad to hear you're home. You're a keeper. Shows ya what doctors know.
  13. knowitall2b


    It's my understanding that 29 Prospector had a knee operation yesterday. I just want to wish him a speedy recovery so's he can get beeping again real soon.
  14. knowitall2b


    Just send the larger ones around the penny. Thanks. Hey, it's just dark green beryl. Blue-green beryl and it's aquamarine. The red variety, which is rare, is found in Utah.
  15. knowitall2b

    Free Garmin Gold Basin Topo Map

    Now that's right generous of ya. Thanks.