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  1. Just a note from a literalist. My first time to GB and I found Greggs Hideout Rd no problem. Got to the intersection with Spring Drive. Greggs Hideout Rd. heads down the wash and there were tire tracks. Well I followed the directions and those tracks and thought it was a strange route. It was. I managed to get to the site however. So for literalists the directions should be take Greggs Hideout Rd to Spring Drive and turn left up the grade. Just past the green sign "Greggs Hideout ->" turn right on Hideout Drive to across the second cattle guard.
  2. Bunk, I am still reading the USGS article on the Bradshaws. While it is not clear if this is Quatenary or Tertiary gravel, under PLACER DEPOSITS I found (P. 54): Placer gravel has been worked in Minnehaha Flat and on Grove Creek; on Chaparral Gulch and the adjoining ravines, near Mc-Cabe: in Bigbug Creek as far down as Mayer; in Black Canyon from the vicinity of Turkey Creek station to the junction of Turkey Creek with Agua Fria River; in several gulches of the Humbug district, near the south border of the quadrangle; and in Castle Creek, in ravines near Copperopolis. I hope you find t
  3. In today's bidding it went over and touched $1100.16. Given that gold has not kept up with the inflation (devaluation of the dollar) which has occurred since Reagan was pResident, we can easily expect to see gold reach that low $2k mark in the not so distant. A potential further in future is a high of $32k before finding a plateau in the high $2's. The American Gold Standard is currently achievable through the exercise of private ownership and individual choice.
  4. Bunk, There may well be a reason that there is little about gold bearing Tertiary streams in AZ. I have started reading USGS Bulletin 782, Ore Deposits of the Jerome, Bradshaw Mountains Quadrangles, Arizona (1926). The following is from the introduction to that Bulletin: (emphasis mine) Additionally the Colorado Plateau is largely unfaulted, post-Cambrian sedimentary rock. Simply put, Ariziona's is a quite different geoevolution from California's.
  5. My condolences to Beth for her personal loss and to all of Sonny's friends and acquaintances. And to Grubby, best wishes for a successful surgery and quick recovery. They'll have you up and walking in no time.
  6. Bunk, you might find the article "Tracking Arizona's Ancient Landscapes" to be useful and informative. Try this link for a pdf of the article/magazine: http://www.azgs.az.gov/arizona_geology/Fall_Winter_08.pdf Otherwise do a search for the article.
  7. Fact: W[Worstpresidentever] had the power of the veto. :laught16: :laught16:
  8. Might note also that silver, which earlier in the year was trading below $10 closed yesterday at $17 or a gain of 70%+, far superior to the movement in gold in 2009. Also one might note that Obama has not been in office long enough to establish a legacy. What you are seeing is the response to the legacy of W[Worstpresidentever] and the neo-scam Republicans, the worst recession since Hoover and the Republicans. Geez, I am seeing a pattern!
  9. Thank you for the recommendation to google brown bear. I enjoy expanding my knowledge. I am a bit taken aback by your expression of conservative sentiment, as gold has no brain and is unable to concern itself about the political, economic or religious beliefs or choices of any prospector, beliefs and choices which have nothing to do with the work of finding gold. :innocent0009:
  10. You have asked a very good question. I hope Reno Chris can answer. Meanwhile I found it discussed at this link: http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/ouachita/natural-r...als/quartz.html under Same But Different ... Industrial Grade Quartz
  11. Golly, but I'm not a knowitall. It sure looked brown to me. Now are you going to tell me that this is not a Papal Blessing?
  12. Other. Recently back from 12 weeks in CA. Chevy S10 shortie, v6, 2x. No camper shell. Just a tonneau lid. More than I needed fit in there. Only a couple of roads where I backed out. Two good legs, a detector and a pick or flyfishing. Age 67. Headin' out again soon in the Chevy.
  13. I'm back in AZ after spending 12 weeks in CA camping, fishing and first time detecting. The fishing was nothing special except I found that my dog's underfur makes a very nice fly which the fish attacked with ferocity. Oddly the fly is all white, like no bugs I've ever seen. Fortunately the fly is all white, as I'm a senior with less than perfect eyesight, so tracking its float path is easy. I had a great time even though CA has suffered severely under the Republicans, who took charge after I had moved to AZ. Bird sightings included osprey, peregrine falcon, nighthawk, kite, merganser, a grou
  14. Homefire is right about taking Geocommunicator with a grain of salt. From the LR2000 site get and read "How_Mining_Claims_are_Mapped_in_LR2000_GeoComm.pdf". I have seen a claim marked in Geocommunicator in one section at 160 acres. A stop at the state BLM office and their plat showed that the claim was in an entirely different section of the township and was only 40 acres. Be safe.
  15. Use the "Contact Us" link, they are quite helpful. And remember it's a holiday weekend.
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