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  1. Have not found nuggets yet.I have found enough small scrap lead pieces to prove to me that it can find gold.I have test nuggets,that I put on the top of the soil(no depth testing yet),the smallest Is about 2 grains,it picks it up,with the disk on,with the disk on about 5.Since I had no problems with the gain,I could crank it(also thershold).I say with good headphones around a 1"depth on a .2-.3 grain piece.Nothing like a GMT,but im sure its just as sensative if not more than the MXT.I would like to do some depth testing and would also like to see how it runs with the stock lobo coil.
  2. I am now convinced the vaquero is a gold machine.Ok its a all-purpose machine,but it picks up small gold.It runs amazing in mineralized soil with the 5.75 coil.I think people doubt the abilties of the vaquero.It picks up such small surface gold.I could not beleave it.I ran it super tuned no problem,not many hot rocks,did find some but its crazy how well and smooth it runs in a electric free area.Its a killer little machine.People really need to give it a chance,learn how to use it.I am sticking with it.I want to really buy another machine,but this thing amazes me every dang time I take it out.
  3. I own a Vaquero and nugget hunt with it.No nuggets yet but its sensativity to small lead and foil is great.It ground balances easy,with the dd coil really easy.It will find .3 size nuggets a bit smaller.You can crank the gain I have used it super tuned (gain and thershold cranked in disk mode) in southern bc but be prepared to dig deep.All-metal is very sensative,the disk kills some sensativty but does a good job on hot rocks.Some hot rocks sound differant than a good target.In time and with practise I am convinced it will work and find gold.Once I can afford a real gold machine I will, but un
  4. Yeah that was me bashing whites.I have to be honest,They sent me back a broken machine.Im not going to fight about this topic Anymore.This Is the truth,sorry whites guys.Im buying another whites machine,the Mxt if the gold scanner is not as good as people say.There service may be a little harder to get if they still service them LOL I wish I could say I was happy with whites service(for I am buying mxt),but I was not.I fixed it myself and problem solved.I have since sold the machine, I was afraid of it breaking down again,since I tampered with the work, there fix would not be on warrenty. I
  5. I am having the same problem.I want a new lcd display machien,but multi-purpose.I will buy a PI for gold only,but for now its either a xterra70-705 or a mxt.I want to check out the f75-But I am not sure how good it is on gold.Have not heard much of that machine. Also what about the fisher quicksilver does not that operate at 5-and 15khz,would that be good for gold?
  6. My spectrum is working top notch now.I dont really want to call,but thank you for the toll-free number!I was sent a number for the repair center or something,not toll free. I now know whites would make up for the repair,I might have to pay shipping but they would make sure I am satisfied. I did a good job this time soildering the connections,no false signals,not shorts. I am going to buy a Gmt.I will have to deal with whites more.After researching some forums and such,I have seen nothing but satisfied customers.One fellow received a xlt for his spectrum because they could not fix it.Thats g
  7. Ok Sorry whites and your Very loyale customers,you know who you are. I did alot of googling,and found nothing bad to tell anyone about. I found nothing but good.If I called I could have wasted anther %15 in shipping and they would repair,the repair cost would be free. Look at this post ,they sent a guy a refurbished xlt for a spectrum because they could not fix! That is mighty nice I would say! http://www.treasurequestxlt.com/community/...-problem-3.html Yeah if anyone else has problems jsut call those guys,They do make up for there mistakes. I am not the only one who has had a bad repa
  8. Oh wow,please let me know if they fix that machine or what happens.That bubba guy got me all mad like. I am being a reterd about not calling,but my machines working now. After doing some searching on the net I am sorry for the bad mouthing. If I call whties would repair for shipping fee's. This happened to another fellow on a differant forum. I am kinda upset they wont answer my emails.
  9. Thanks bubba,IM glad I dont buy things from you,I should just ignore the bad service,is that what your saying,bite the bullet,take my loses.Act like I got good service?Buy there machines and get them same great service.WHaaaat? Too bad they wont answer my emails,why should I call them??? Why should I pay for long distance charges. All the other companies answer my emails! Thats just for information about there machines.Information,free information,they answer the emails give me the info I request. I think frank is a whites dealer or something come on its like I am picking on your little b
  10. I really like the lobo now,but how small of gold will it hit? I think the gmt would beat it for smaller stuff? Or is the ground trak that much better in the lobo it will not miss tiny stuff vs the gmt?,cause you can run it higher sensativity? I heard the gmt has awesome gorund traking,I heard it is overall the best gold detector in a vlf machine? What would a new Lobo cost Vs a new gmt? Would a used lobo if you can find one have the lifetime warrenty tranfered? would a used lobo be cheaper than a used gb4 or gmt? Thanks alot guys,I want to find my show off nugget this year,one big enoug
  11. cool Im glad soeone likes the lobo.I been getting bad replys form other guys on the lobo just being a glorfied coin machine? I like the fact it uses the coils I allready have.Its too bad I cant see one in action,I would love to be able to try out a machien before buying it ,would that not be awesome.
  12. Just wondering I can buy a used Diablo.Whats a good price for one? Is it worth getting? I have a vaquero,is the diablo better for gold? Also I can get a gold trax,are they worth getting? They still are around ,discovery electronis,so they can be repaired Are they as good as I hear?Any opions?I was told its more sensative then the gb2,according to the guy trying ot sell me it! I think the gb2 be the most sensative.I heard the auto ground tracking is awesome in the gold trax,with the black sand module its real awesome,if you need the module,can handle most ground without it I guess. I am
  13. I fixed the thing myself again. Sorry whites,I cant really complain about the detector,it works fine now. If they were going to pay for it to get reshipped and fixed I would gladly buy another whites machine. I will call them just to hear a response.since the email is not going to get answered. Its not like I have a new machine,its old,real old,its a vintage machine. Some one screwed up,big deal ,just want it corrected. I might have overpaid for shipping there,I put $400 insurance on it. Whites sent it back to me at the cost of $15 american.Im sorry again all my numbers were in canadian
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