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  1. Whoop whoop!! Awesome Doug!! Time to start griding heavily before the snow sets in. Good job bud.
  2. Nice chunkster Doug! It has brothers and sisters there close. Great find.
  3. I guess i could have clicked on the link you posted haha. Cool find for sure, i know we have found a few up here in our relic/gold area. Get a pic of your chunker when you can and good job hunting it down. I keep forgetting to mail that arm to ya. Too much going on i guess. Deer season will hopefully be over this coming weekend haha.
  4. Hey Doug, just seen this. Been deer hunting for my daughter since Friday so i haven't had network. Great job on the chunk of gold and let us know what your mystery bullet turns out to be.
  5. Happy birthday Homie. Sorry its late.
  6. No worries Bill. We all know you are a busy feller.
  7. Happy birthday Frank, sorry its late.
  8. Welcome to the forum. You will find some great folks here that are full of knowledge and info. Welcome aboard.
  9. 12 looks to be the right number Terry. Thanks for the fun.
  10. Im with Mike, they are creepy as heck. Cant stand them lol.
  11. There you go with the "GRAMS" again. Haha. I sent this to my dad Adam. I will hear back from him tomorrow. He's been wanting a 2200.
  12. Thats why the threads arent deleted. For future reference and reading.
  13. Yep, they will definitely start getting smarter now. Im sure he will stick one. He passed up a pretty nice 3 point Monday morning that was just perfect. The wind and the stalk couldn't have been better. BUT hes holding out for this weekend because we are headed back up to where we were last week. I told him archery isnt like anything else, you take what you can get most of the time. Now that he had to draw a big boy tag, he cant just go from archery to muzzleloader to rifle anymore. He didn't think of that haha.
  14. Thats just my observation from what i do. Bill or the others that have been doing it longer might have a different outlook though, so dont take just my word on it. I run the 5000 but i dont remember if it had a different affect on my GP Extreme or not. It makes sense that a bigger coil would require more juice but im not sure. Good question.
  15. I run a 15 inch EVO mono and will swap to my 8 inch commander and i dont notice a difference in my battery life. And thats going from sun up to sun down or sun down to sun up.
  16. Yeah the technology definitely has come a long way with bows. We stayed at wildhorse and hunted in the surrounding areas around there. We will try for his again tomorrow evening then Sunday morning.
  17. Roger, I pretty much use my GPX5000 for everything. I run a Command 11 inch DD for the coins and relics and use a 15 inch EVO nugget finder for chasing nuggets.
  18. Just got back from 7 days of archery hunting. I got mine but Cameron struggled to seal the deal. He got 4 shots with 4 awesome stalks. Unfortunately he didn't connect. Pretty good buck fever though lol. Then the wind messed him up a few times. Awesome smallmouth fishing mid day and dozens upon dozens of bucks to look at. We have 3 more weekend's so he will get it im sure. Take care everyone. Dan
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