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  1. Funny Luke, according to your past comments, your company or "trade" buys what my company "takes"!! Kind of ironic huh? And my top portion of my comment was directed towards the new SOCIALIST type programs we are about to enter into here in the next few weeks. Make you a deal Luke, ill send you a picture of my unemployment check if you send me a picture of yours!!!!
  2. Its ok, we will all be jobless soon! Then the whats "mine is yours and whats yours is yours" will kick in, then ill just go on a huge hunting and prospecting trip. It will all be paid for right??? We will ALL be taken care of haha, there is nothing to worry about. Heck maybe i want royalties now too!! Why not take something that I didn't work for? Happy Thanksgiving All!! Be safe out there.
  3. Up in my neck of the woods again i see Doug!! Jeez, save some for us locals would ya. Lol awesome fish feller, good job!
  4. Holy cow Tom!! Amazing job for sure! You should definitely be proud of those bud.
  5. So correct me if im wrong, because i am definitely not an expert in this field, but doesn't sand or 'Silica' basically turn into glass when it is heated to around 3000 degrees? What would the temperature be at point of entry into the Earth's atmosphere? My thoughts would be that if it was a Sandstone of some sort that entered the Earth's atmosphere, it would look more like like a chunk of melted or conglomerated glass around the outer edge. Just a thought 🤔
  6. Oh yeah thats right. I was just going to ask your depth you got with the 5000. I knew you had an EVO coil but couldn't remember your detector. The depth im getting with the 5000 and the 15 inch EVO is unbelievable. Just was wanting to compare my results with yours is all if we had close to the same setup. Lol i think my father inlaw has an old Garrett Money Hunter sitting in the corner somewhere. He said he found a lot of stuff with it. He also has one of the old Whites that didn't have a tone, it just has a light on the coil that lit up when you came across something. Wow how technolog
  7. Hello Doug, didnt you have 5000 before the GPZ? Or a 4500.
  8. Hey Doug, nice dime!!!! Haha sweet nuggies too!
  9. Aww the good ol days. I do miss pass shooting the birds coming off the refuge. That was fun!
  10. Yep just a euro mount. Its at my taxidermist buddy right now. Just dropped it off today. Heres Cameron holding it up.
  11. The critters do need a place to go to get away from the hunting pressure. If managed correctly, the refuges play an important roll in the success of hunters. Like with waterfowl, most times they leave the refuge to go feed. They get hammered on a bit when they leave but can go back to the refuge to get away from the hunters. I use to live around and work for one of the biggest National Wildlife Refuge in the west, and until you are up close and personal with one, a lot of folks dont realize the benefits. Now for the other side, i do know that a HUGE percentage of the managers that run them, ar
  12. Haha usually i cut the hooves off before i pack the quarters in the game bags, but this time i left the saw a mile back at the truck. Yeah we pack out all of the meat still bone in. Unless its an elk, then we debone it on the mountain. I just like getting it done as fast as we can to minimize the dirt and grass and hair getting on the meat. Plus its usually kind of warm, so i like getting it back to the ice chests fast too. But unless were saving it for a shoulder mount, the hide stays. We bag all of the meat we cut off and leave the carcass pretty high and dry for the other critters haha. Yea
  13. Yes sir, we packed the whole thing out. We usually just quarter them out all the time. We hunt so far in, thats our only option. Plus my oldest son wasn't able to go yesterday due to school stuff, so the pack out was a little more intense lol. Yeah usually the bucks have a cool mask with black and white. This was a really young deer so the mask wasn't as pronounced as a more mature deer.
  14. What a tough year here in Nevada for deer. The deer were everywhere in August for archery season but when rifle season rolled around, they were gone. I think with the Covid stuff going on here, there were just so people and side by sides everywhere. Hunters and non-hunters just out cruising every road they could find so i think it kind of pushed the critters around. Yesterday was her last day to hunt so we had to find a buck or she would just had to find a doe. Being her last youth tag, she was really wanting a buck. Well after lots of worn out boot leather, we finally found one yesterday that
  15. There you go!! Nice buck for sure. Great job. My daughter got hers today also. Finally, its been a tough year.
  16. Sounds just like the same terrain as here!! Up here where i live, we see a couple dozen Sandhills a year. They are a very goofy critter! We can be out deer hunting and something will come out of the tree pockets and rocks and its a dang Sandhill. They act like deer lol. Our refuges are about the same here too. Lots of salt cedar, flooded salt grass and lots of cat tails. But all of our refuges are huntable except in the closed off areas of course. I love hunting the open area on the refuges because the birds will "eat off" all of the food on the closed area so then they go feed outside o
  17. Oh man, Sandhill is amazing!!!! The rib eye of the sky buddy. Mmmmmmm! Im an AVID waterfowl hunter and i would quit hunting ducks and geese in a heartbeat for an open Sandhill crane season here lol.
  18. I know right!! Maybe i will too! Then i wont have to work because of the royalties, and i will be getting everything my rich neighbors have because of the socialism and a free phone has to be in the mix somewhere in there right?? Haha Democratic Party here i come!!! Haha jeez Bob you kill me.
  19. Here where i live we have several gold mines. In the county alone we have i believe 13. The whole state has 31 or so. Im not 100% sure, but the last numbers i heard on the royalties was 5 to 8 percent on the gross wasn't it?
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