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  1. Yep its a flat firing pin for a rimfire cartridge. Pretty neat peice of history.
  2. Hello everyone, i hope you're all doing well. The boys and i headed out again Saturday to go chase some gold and relics with my friend Larry. He didn't make it out last year with us at all due to his age and the Covid stuff so this was his first time out in over a year. He ended up getting a new Equinox 600 so we wanted to train him on it. Well Cameron my oldest son was running his GP Extreme chasing gold and his first target of the day was this pistol. Cant get any manufacturer info or any other markings off of it yet, but i think it is a Hopkins and Allen 32 caliber. Still looking into it. P
  3. Ok so i have a cure for this thread!!!! If you want the vaccine get it!! If you dont want it, dont get it!! See, cleared that up in 4 sentences not 12 pages. Wow!
  4. Bob i completely agree 100%. My oldest daughter and my wife ended up with it 4 weeks ago. My 2 youngest kids, my oldest son and I did not get sick. They were sick as heck though. Major headaches, tired and extreme body aches. Luckily it didn't hit their lungs!!
  5. I found that if you are in a spot with lots of targets, even just iron trash when they are starting out, they love it. They dont get bored!! Then throw a few good targets in the mix, and my boys were hooked. My oldest son is 19 and my youngest is 12. My oldest got hooked when he was 9 and my youngest when he was 6. They love it!! Thanks Mitchel!
  6. We run the Equinox in Park 2 with a little bit of iron bias. We run them in multi mode which works great out there, and they handle the mineralized ground really well. On my 5000 i run no discrimination at all and usually dig everything. There is probably 3 feet of snow up in the turquoise spot but we plan on going back as soon as it melts. Been researching the area pretty heavy this winter.
  7. Hey bud how ya been? I hope your right, we have some big plans for up at OUR SPOT!! Hopefully be pulling out some nice speci nuggets this year!
  8. Thanks guys. Not a ton of finds like our other previous spots but definitely quality over quantity for sure.
  9. Good evening everyone, i hope your all doing good and staying safe. The boys and i made it out today for the first time this year and it was a fabulous finds day for sure!! We decided to hit a few spots that we have always drove past but never stopped. Sure glad we did today. Cameron found a huge silver spoon, a really cool lock, a Chinese coin, a gold plated shirt pin with a heart on it and a few other cool finds. My little guy found a sweet silver horse bridal concho, a few axe heads, a pick head, some sweet buttons and a complete late 1800s whiskey bottle. I ended up with some cool buttons,
  10. I think it might be barite! It looks similar to me in this example. But im just going off of the wavy brown material that looks similar.
  11. Dang, hes taking on the look of a full wild boar instead of a feral hog. It doesn't take long to breed the 'domesticated' critter out of pigs. They definitely are talking over!! The hog not your nephew lol.
  12. I know everyone thinks just because the 800 has gold mode, its the only option. Definitely check out what the 600 can do on gold nuggets. It will absolutely surprise you! Field 2 just slams on small gold. My buddy has the little coil for his and wow!! Were talking small small nuggets. Mine picks up every nugget i have in my display case with the stock coil. Pretty good cost savings for the 600 also. Just a option to toss around.
  13. Happy birthday Tom!! Have a great day!
  14. Very nice stuff! Good job.
  15. Do some research!! Both of you! The "Previous Administration" didnt shut down anything like that. In fact the "Administration" took the fee off of visiting forests and National parks in April of last year. The closures were within the States control, they decided. Not one road or access trail or anything else was closed here where i am. And we are loaded with BLM and Forest Circus land. Heck the new "Administration" cant even remember where they put the lock and key, so we are safe for a while. Maybe!
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