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  1. Happy birthday Johnno. Hope you have a good day.
  2. Cool pic Unc. I believe in a past post you had some cool pics of them also last year or so. They do a lot of damage but i think thats why he made the water hole, so they could watch them and the other critters that come in to water. If i remember right. Now on the other side of things, you got yourself a nice blind if you ever need a meal haha. Thanks for sharing. They do taste pretty good for being a rodent!
  3. Heck yeah, just run the 11 inch commander mono for a while until you get it figured out. Nice and lite and has pretty darn good depth on big gold and surprisingly sensitive to small gold. Then move on if you feel you need to. Good luck.
  4. Same here. I think they are just a harder or more resilient mineral to the weathering process.
  5. Heck you never know, you might need a spare for a breakdown situation or a friend/family if they ever go.
  6. Throw it on Ebay. Get more people looking at it.
  7. It could very well be one of those spots everyone drives by and one of those spots that wasn't worth the time of the old timers, but could be a bonanza for the modern detectorist. Heck check it out, it could be pretty good.
  8. Definitely research it. Find any records possible for where you want hunt then go from there. Look for old workings etc. Does that mean there is no gold there if you dont find anything while researching or no old workings? Heck no. But to start off finding gold, like Skip said, go where gold has been found. Helps your chances a lot. Good luck Chris.
  9. Just stick with it. You will succeed.
  10. I totally agree with Mike on the 10x5 commander coil. It is a very capable coil. I need to get another one soon. Good luck Chris.
  11. Definitely fun listening to your adventures Lanny. Keep them coming.
  12. Happy birthday Bob. Enjoy the day bud.
  13. Maybe a little salt in vinegar to start. Shake it around and the salt will act like an abrasive and the vinegar should shine it up. Just to start off.
  14. Just a tip. I run the 15 inch EVO and what an amazing coil it is. Small specks to very sparsely grained species just hammer on it. For sure my favorite all round coil. Good luck to ya.
  15. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Dont do it. You might need that when you come out here for a few weeks.
  16. IF you can keep the monster, i would. It would be nice to have a PI and a VLF in your arsenal. But of course it all depends on your finances and if selling both of them is the only means of setting up your 4500 to where you want it, then i would do what is needed too. But if i was able to keep one and still get my coils, then thats the road i would take.
  17. Jeez guys, Its possible this meteorite fell into an ancient river, and got rolled around to make it the shape it is now. And during that millions of years tumbling down that ancient river, it mixed with what looks to be granite and other stream materials? Sorry, not the best quality pics but hey, A+ for effort right. Then that river dried up and is now what we all know as the meteorite capital of the world, Kenya. See, its a meteorite!
  18. We call that bug dust here. Your right, it flows like water. It usually happens here after there has been a ton of traffic in the hills during hunting season or down in the gold areas where people have been travelling all summer. Jeez it will get 2 feet or more in depth. Makes a mess.
  19. Im with Adam. Have you been successful with the 4000? I haven't used one but my friends that do still run one, love them. They use the new EVO coils and are keeping up with the 5000s. But its also what you want to do ofcourse. I love my 5000 and im not sure if i would trade it for the weight of 7000. Good luck
  20. Thats the stuff Bob. Nice white poofy dirt, then the wind blows and takes off the top 3 inches of alkali. Then it "grows" another 3 inches and then the wind will blow that layer off right into town. Seems like the wind only blew after the alkali was done "growing" then it would cover town again haha.
  21. When i lived in the western part of Nevada we would get huge dust storms ( haboobs ). Haha ill be honest, i had to look it up. The alkali flats would just cover town for hours at a time. The swamp coolers worked pretty good to keep the house pressurized for a while but then it would just cake the pads then turn to mud. They were horrible.
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