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  1. I think your scale is off Bill!! Im sure it meant to say 48.0 grams!! Haha thanks Bill and congratulations Chrisski!!
  2. I love water!! When im deer and elk hunting i use Wilderness Athlete for hydration and recovery along with lots of goog ol water! Not a soda or beer drinker so i guess im kind of boring haha.
  3. Ok there are a lot of wierd comments in this big ol write up! If you are running discrimination while you are hunting nuggets, i want to follow you with my " Cutting edge, overpriced" GPX5000 or my even my GoldBug2. Like most great detector prospectors on here, i have found nuggets that one detector will find and the other will not! And vise versa! Everyone here knows thats why, if you can afford it, then you own at least 2 different styles of detector, a PI and a VLF. And to be honest with you, if my detector wasn't picking up the tiniest of fly dookie sized metal, i would be worried!! All detectors pick up METAL TRASH. There is no getting around it! For one it keeps me from getting bored and for two, you know if you are banging the tiny metal trash, you know there is still a nugget there in that patch. Its been proven. As far as the benches in California being "too deep", i have friends over there that are banging nuggets on the benches every weekend with all sorts of different machines. Anything from the old GP Extreme all the way up to the 7000. And everything in between!!! And for the sake of saving the question being asked on the detectors i have, i run a GoldBug2, GPX5000 and a Equinox. Every detector i have has a purpose on different gold!
  4. Needs to cool off up here for us northern chubby folks Bill!! Weve been 100 degrees for a while now. We aren't quite use to it being this hot for so many weeks. After it cools down i will head out.
  5. Leave it to Bob to have a dang fossil of a giant worm!! Jeez lol. It does look like a critter of some sort. Worm or possibly a snake the way the would be scales overlap? Just my thoughts though!
  6. Not sure! I have never found anything like it so i have nothing to go off of unfortunately!
  7. Yes it is. Thats is all i use to access this great forum. Welcome aboard and enjoy the content and folks here.
  8. Good job Bill! Nice chunk for sure. I dont know if you have done it yet, but i pull the basket out and let it just sit on the bottom of the cleaner. Works really well!
  9. Thanks Bill!! I visit this forum every single day whether im in metal detecting mode or in hunting season for critters mode. '"TOO MANY HOBBIES". I love this forum! I have learned a lot from you and the other great folks on here and i would really hate to see it go away. I have been here since i believe 2009, and I, like most of us have seen a lot of people come and go. But there is a huge chunk of us that still remain that have been here forever. That says something! I would share a campfire with all of you if i could. Lets get back to the way it was, like bickering about whos nugget is bigger!! Not the other stuff going on that is just going to tear us apart and turn us against each other. Keep it going Bill, this is the only "Social Media" i have ever and will ever be a part of.
  10. So how does griping about it here fix it?? It doesn't. It just causes problems amongst the members of the forum that enjoy coming here and talking about gold, coins, relics and other cool outdoor stuff! The issues of political differences will not stay in the political forum. You know that as well as i do.
  11. I agree!! This is a prospecting and detecting forum for kids, families, rookies and seasoned prospectors! Even though your posting in the 'Political' section of the forum, you know dang well the beef will carry over to the other topics and threads. It already happens and we dont even have it yet. Just my 2 cents!
  12. Jeez that is our temperature at 4 pm this time a year!! This fat kid would be out of commission, or very very skinny with those types of temperatures. 59 degrees here right now. 🥵 Good luck Bill.
  13. A couple trap clubs here in Nv have a "Groomer" that they drag and it processes the lead shot out of the dirt. Pretty cool. Looks like a big drag behind lawnmower or swather for cutting hay. Minus the rake of course.
  14. Really...........WHO CARES ANYMORE???? DROP IT WOULD YOU! He changed his 'POACHED' large mouth bass picture. Jeez, talk about beating a dead horse.
  15. Hello Bill! Been enjoying the videos bud. Keep'em rolling in and stay safe out there.
  16. How in the WORLD did this go from a feller trying to find out where everyone has found their 'Precious Metals' to Bob having a big ol bucket mouth on his avatar picture?? Talk about flip flopping a topic!!
  17. Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the lower 48 states! Been on it, hunted on it and my grandpa lived at the base of it for years.
  18. Come on Mikestang, both are from outer space!!! Haha
  19. Harry Reid will just lie to you guys! I would look for a better source lol. Maybe Harry is an alien??
  20. Happy birthday Skip!! Hope you had a great day.
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