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  1. Congratulations Skip! Happy times for sure!
  2. Very nice! How did you find it? How big? Story?
  3. Unfortunately it looks like a host rock sandwiching quartz. Looks like its been in the water for a little bit of time. Just a chunk of vein material.
  4. I agree, the Howa brand is getting expensive. My last one was my .223 coyote gun. Its been probably 10 years since i bought one. Plus the new Howa rifles have a cheesy, bent peice of flat metal now for the safety and it is flimsy. It bends easily just under normal use. I really like the look of the wooden Tikka rifles. The stock looks beautiful on them. That might just be my next rifle brand to try out.
  5. Your right Bob, he will not part with it lol. I don't own any Tikka rifles. I have shot one in .243 but didn't buy it at the time. I do love the Howa rifles though. A little heavy with the Hogue stock and semi bull barrel, but they definitely shoot well. Same there, for the price you just can't beat what you get.
  6. It is just a cheap Ruger American. Other than the barrel heating up super fast, its not a bad rifle. Especially for a 12 year old kid.
  7. We also love the .243. I reload 100 grain soft points for it and talk about dropping a hammer on the deer! We shot this elk with 139 grain factory ammo and it just dropped her. They weren't the most consistent on accuracy, with a crazy flyer once in a while, but not too bad. Plus, the barrel on that gun heated up really fast, so that also played a huge role in getting it sighted in. My wife wants one now too lol!! I use to love my 7mm but dang, what a kicking mule!!
  8. Hello Bob, I have not started reloading for it yet, just because it is a new caliber in our house. After talking to a bunch of my friends that shoot them for hunting and long range shooting, we decided to buy him one for Christmas last year. I didn't want to stock up on reloading supplies for it until we gave it a good solid run. Well reloading supplies will be ordered haha. I love it, he loves it and it has a push instead of a hard jolt or a kick. And yes its in the middle of a .243 and a .308. But the .260 falls in there too, its just not as popular. I do have 1 friend that uses .308 casings and necks them down. Just has to trim the neck down after sizing. Its a fun round for sure!
  9. Hello all, I hope everyone is doing good. Just wanted to share that my youngest son was able to get his cow elk tag filled yesterday. Its his first big game animal! He wasn't lucky enough to draw a youth deer tag this year "WIERD" but i was able to get him a first come first served cow elk tag. He was extremely excited when i showed him we won the tag. Shot her at 297 yards with his 7mm-08. It was a blast. Season opened on Friday and he ended up getting her yesterday afternoon. We love elk meat, nothing better!! Take care everyone!
  10. No sword fighting Bob!! Keep it folded up!
  11. You are 100% correct on that!! I hit a really big specimen one time. Luckily it was uglier than all get out or i would have definitely been sick. It was just host rock with ugly iron stained quartz. I crushed it anyway but i couldn't imagine if it was a beautiful solid nugget or milky white quartz.
  12. I use them for hunting coins and relics but not for nugget hunting. For one, its just another thing to carry and for two, they really dont work well on small or specimen type gold if it has just a little amount of gold in it. Once you learn pinpointing with your coil, its just as fast. Just my opinion though!!
  13. Pretty cool knife Bob, but huh. I have never seen anything like that before!
  14. I agree Slim, there is still a monster chunk or 2 still laying out there in an undiscovered patch!!
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