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  1. Im not a Monster guy but great test. Never seen anyone do that. Great thinking!!
  2. There's always something to find. 😃
  3. Or if he just went back and recovered it himself.
  4. Happy 4th of July everyone! Stay safe and healthy.
  5. Just all the spikes alone will hook that sucker. All you need to do is tie your line to it.
  6. Do they have Yak in Arizona??? Lol. Im with Bob on that. I am sure after he built that muzzleloader he tested every possible combination of balls, bullets, patch thickness etc etc. Im betting the numbers he gave you are what he found to shoot best. But like Bob mentioned, play around and test things out for yourself. You might find a bullet/powder combo that you like better. I do know loose powder and balls do shoot a lot better out of the traditional muzzleloaders than anything i have tried. But, each gun is different and like Bob said, more powder isn't always better. Beautiful gun by the way.
  7. Bob, I shoot the pellets and not the loose powder so im not sure about that. The pellets serve me very well actually. I can shoot 5 to 7 shots before it really gets hard to slam a round down the barrel. I use 2 pellets which is 100 grains and im pretty happy with the results. I know there are other options and combinations but i love the convenience in a hunting situation. I was shooting the green Aero tip powerbelts but my accuracy was all over the place. Which i believe was due to the built on sabot. Still pretty darn good though. Now i shoot a Barns all copper sabot.
  8. That is correct, regular shotgun 209 primers are very inconsistent. I shoot the muzzleloader 209 primers by Triple 7. Very consistent and reliable, just a little more spendy is all.
  9. Happy birthday Skip, thanks for all you do on our great forum. Have a great day!!!
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