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  1. Whoop whoop!! Awesome Doug!! Time to start griding heavily before the snow sets in. Good job bud.
  2. Nice chunkster Doug! It has brothers and sisters there close. Great find.
  3. I guess i could have clicked on the link you posted haha. Cool find for sure, i know we have found a few up here in our relic/gold area. Get a pic of your chunker when you can and good job hunting it down. I keep forgetting to mail that arm to ya. Too much going on i guess. Deer season will hopefully be over this coming weekend haha.
  4. Hey Doug, just seen this. Been deer hunting for my daughter since Friday so i haven't had network. Great job on the chunk of gold and let us know what your mystery bullet turns out to be.
  5. Happy birthday Homie. Sorry its late.
  6. No worries Bill. We all know you are a busy feller.
  7. Happy birthday Frank, sorry its late.
  8. Welcome to the forum. You will find some great folks here that are full of knowledge and info. Welcome aboard.
  9. 12 looks to be the right number Terry. Thanks for the fun.
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