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  1. nugget108

    New to detectoring

    Hello and welcome to the club. Just curious as to what you are going to be "detecting". That is pretty important when choosing the right detector. More gold than relics and coins? Depth of ground and size of gold? If you know the answer to that one of course. There are just so many variables and questions you have to ask yourself before anyone can really point you in the right direction. All detectors will find metal, but just depends on the metal your wanting find and the area. Good luck and welcome aboard, there are great folks here.
  2. nugget108

    Opinions please

    Whackability? Thats funny.
  3. nugget108

    Know Your Cactus!

    Jeez Bob, looks like you better start posting pics of artifacts and coins and everything else thats protected that we have ALL found. AND REBURIED OF COURSE AFTER WE TOOK PICS. Im sure your cactus art is the least of anyones worries. Cool pics too.
  4. nugget108

    Know Your Cactus!

    Well if i was to guess, this was pointed toward one of our members and their art. Maybe im wrong.
  5. nugget108

    Traditional bowhunting.

    I use the older whisker biscuit droptine. Its the slotted biscuit so you can just drop your arrow in. Not sure if they make the drop tine anymore though. I just replace the biscuit every couple of years when the bristles wear out and just use the same mount i bought years ago. Thats back when it was made by Carolina Archery Products. Now trophy ridge makes them.
  6. nugget108

    Traditional bowhunting.

    Whisker Biscuits are awesome. I have bow hunted for 25 years and have shot every rest ever made. From the expensive drop rests and everything in between. I stick with the Whisker Biscuit. Its great for stalking because your arrow does not fall off the rest if you take your finger off. My Bowtech bow and my Whisker Biscuit make a great team. Just my opinion.
  7. nugget108

    Happy Birthday DolanDave

    Happy birthday Dave
  8. nugget108

    Happy Birthday Garimpo

    Happy birthday Don, hope you have a great day.
  9. nugget108

    Took a Fall

    Get better and get back out there. But with a detecting buddy. Everyone should have someone to go out with, you just never know what can and will eventually happen. It doesn't matter what kind of shape you are in, bad things can happen any time. Take care Rick.
  10. nugget108

    Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Happy 4th birthday Luke. Man your getting up there. Have a good day.
  11. nugget108

    A traveling fool ...

    Safe travels to you Saul. Be careful driving and see ya back here soon.
  12. nugget108

    Traditional bowhunting.

    I have friends that love bowhunting for deer and elk in Az. They apply down there every year and it seems like every other year they head down there. 3 of them. They said its a little more challenging there due to all of the sharp bushes that want to eat you while you stalk. Lol. They stick to their compound bows though.
  13. nugget108

    went out for a wobble again

    Nice nuggie Fred.
  14. nugget108

    Having fun now......

    What a bunch of wackos. Im with Mike, ill keep to raising our own beef and garden every year and our wild game. REAL MEAT, ITS WHATS FOR DINNER!!