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  1. Frigging awesome!! Cant beat that at all guys!
  2. Pretty much same area. Just moving out from the main area and also hunting the private property around there.
  3. It is definitely getting a lot tougher now haha. We did pretty darn good last weekend though in a spot that we have hammered. Just had to go slow and get up under the bushes. Ill post up our finds later today.
  4. Post up the handiwork Skip!
  5. My wifes TDI Jetta gets 41 miles to the gallon. Awesome for traveling baseball tournaments! I think we will stick with it.
  6. Us too. We love talking about the history of the things we find. The who, what, and why!! Makes for great conversation and makes the mind wonder.
  7. Its the same as Nevada law. Critters need to be able to drink!!
  8. Hello everyone Made it out yesterday with my oldest son to swing for some nuggets. But after dang near all day of being skunked on the gold, we decided to pull out the coin and relic machines. Cameron ended up finding an 1877 s Seated liberty dime. 'Our first ever seated dime'! He also found the dark colored eagle button and the solid coin silver pocket watch back. I found the gold guilted eagle button and some pretty cool relics. Its a new spot so we will be going back to give it another go. Take care everyone!
  9. Yep its a flat firing pin for a rimfire cartridge. Pretty neat peice of history.
  10. Hello everyone, i hope you're all doing well. The boys and i headed out again Saturday to go chase some gold and relics with my friend Larry. He didn't make it out last year with us at all due to his age and the Covid stuff so this was his first time out in over a year. He ended up getting a new Equinox 600 so we wanted to train him on it. Well Cameron my oldest son was running his GP Extreme chasing gold and his first target of the day was this pistol. Cant get any manufacturer info or any other markings off of it yet, but i think it is a Hopkins and Allen 32 caliber. Still looking into it. P
  11. Ok so i have a cure for this thread!!!! If you want the vaccine get it!! If you dont want it, dont get it!! See, cleared that up in 4 sentences not 12 pages. Wow!
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