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  1. No sword fighting Bob!! Keep it folded up!
  2. You are 100% correct on that!! I hit a really big specimen one time. Luckily it was uglier than all get out or i would have definitely been sick. It was just host rock with ugly iron stained quartz. I crushed it anyway but i couldn't imagine if it was a beautiful solid nugget or milky white quartz.
  3. I use them for hunting coins and relics but not for nugget hunting. For one, its just another thing to carry and for two, they really dont work well on small or specimen type gold if it has just a little amount of gold in it. Once you learn pinpointing with your coil, its just as fast. Just my opinion though!!
  4. Pretty cool knife Bob, but huh. I have never seen anything like that before!
  5. I agree Slim, there is still a monster chunk or 2 still laying out there in an undiscovered patch!!
  6. I still love that picture Slim! I never did find any chunks like that out there but im not done with those areas yet lol. Since i have really learned what the ol 5000 says to me now, i think if i go hit all of our old areas, i might squeeze out a chunker.
  7. Oh heck yeah! Sawtooth, Placeritas, Rabbit Hole and Scoccia are all awesome to detect and drywash.
  8. North of the Eugene's is Blue Mountain. The feller that got us into prospecting had a little prospecting and detecting shop where i am from. He had 2 buddies that had claims on Blue Mountain. I got to see a bunch of the big species that came out of there being found with detectors. Beautiful snow white quartz chunks with gold shot all through them.
  9. Great stories of Northern Nevada Max, keep them coming!! Pegleg John was the crystal hunters name. My little brother and i met him for the first time around 1998 or so. Could be off a year or two. But man did he have the crystal collection! It took several hours for him to show us his collection and he was proud of it. We would stop by and visit him everytime we went to Majuba after that. Very nice feller. Then we met another ol feller up at Willow Creek named Ken. Never got his last name unfortunately. My brother and i camped on the other side of the creek from him while waiting for my dad to come up the next morning. We were just sleeping in the back of the truck when the rain and lightning came in super bad. Ken waved us over to hang out in his trailer until it stopped. While in there he showed us pounds and pounds of nuggets!! He has been digging up above the old Thacker ranch for years and years and kept all of his gold in cigar tubes. I was still a senior in high school and just starting out prospecting. Seeing all of those nuggets was amazing!! Then we moved on to his mineral collection that he had collected over the years. Out came the blacklight to check them all out haha. It was so cool. The next day, he took my brother my dad and i up and showed us where to dig up there. We all dug some amazing gold that day. Those were the days for sure. I truly miss some of the old timers that roamed the Nevada desert back then. It would be amazing to have those times back again.
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