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  1. I will tell ya, i have the same dang problem lately. Especially with my two boys loving to hunt coins and relics so much. And unfortunately, where i hunt gold, we also hunt coins because of all of the scattered camps. Then i go buy an Equinox and that made it even worse!! My absolute love for nugget hunting and gold has been partially overtaken by dang coins and relics. Great coins!!
  2. It is because the fibers the armor is made out of break down after so long, making it less reliable. Sun and element exposure speeds up the process. We got to shoot and test new armor and old armor "as per date of manufacturing" and we didn't see a difference. But they say there is a time frame it will break down in. Even the carbon fiber body plates had dates. Hardhats have a 5 year expiration date too! Cant remember the timeline on armor.
  3. Happy birthday Grubby!! Have a great day.
  4. Tomorrow will be a great fishing day! We are smoking a huge brisket while we are gone. No football this year!
  5. It worked for me. I just now cleared all my cache. I use my phone to log into the site.
  6. Classification plays a big roll too!! Dirt and rocks have to be separated for a true ratio of gold per 5 gallon bucket right? Bigger rocks in the bucket means less gold bearing dirt, so your average between buckets would be off if not classified.
  7. Usually the gold where they hunt is really rough or real crystalline chevrons. This is a very crazy and unusual piece of Nevada gold for sure. What a find!!
  8. My father inlaw manages a duck club where my wife and i grew up. The money that some of those members would pay on gadgets to clean their birds was insane. Those little plucker machines sold like hotcakes out there for a while in the late 80s and early 90s. They didn't seem to do a very good job on the pin feathers and then they would start to rip into the skin and meat. Maybe they have improved over the years.
  9. Bob Yeah it was a good hunt. It warmed up here for the last week so it opened up a couple of our frozen cattle ponds we hunt. Very good closing weekend.
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