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  1. The way i have always understood it was, is a load claim trumps a placer claim. So if there was a load claim on a piece of ground first, only the owner of the lode claim can file a placer claim on it for it to be valid. But you should differentiate between the 2. Because i believe float minerals that have broke away from the load, no matter the distance found from the lode, are still considered placer right? Its just your responsibility to pick which one will be more profitable to you when you file. Most small miners are not set up to mine a lode claim. I could be wrong, but thats how i have u
  2. Welcome aboard! Did you mean all hardrock? Placer is best for detecting so that would be a good thing for ya. Anyway, welcome aboard and im sure you will find this forum very helpful and entertaining. Lots of great folks here.
  3. Here he is back from the taxidermist.
  4. Oh really? Dang dude, if i wasn't deer hunting i would meet up with ya. I only have this weekend and next weekend left. Next weekend my folks are coming up for Labor day so ill have my dad to go if i dont get lucky this weekend. The largemouth are biting like crazy at Southfork. If you fish for them, throw a 4 inch plastic worm without the weight and drag it across the top of the weed beds slow. Hammering the heck out of them that way right now. Good luck with the new pole and send me pics!!
  5. Yeah thats for sure Slim! They can sneak right out from under ya. The rut definitely makes them goofy!
  6. That sounds like a great time Bob! We just might have to try that. Its always cool going and seeing new country and trying to hunt new critters. Yeah those were through the spotting scope. The phoneskope adapter is pretty sweet! He was almost a mile away in that picture of him waiting on the outcropping.
  7. No they aren't the only sources, but neither are Liberal sources. Right? And can you tell which one is correct? You cant, because if you think Liberal then you lean Liberal. If you think Conservative, then you lean Conservative. Fact right? So how can anybody say either side is wrong or right? Thats what is wrong with today's world. Everyone thinks that their side is right.
  8. Haha is there an honest politician Luke?? Had to hit you with that one, sorry. As far as the mining CEO's, hell yeah they make a lot of money. Its just like anything, that position is available for anyone to take right. Its not their fault they got the education and things needed to become a CEO of a big mining company. Put in the leg work and time, and you or i can be anything we want. Thats America!! I chose my path to be a miner and it has made mine and my family's life very enjoyable. Anybody can do it, you just have to apply!! Like i said, if you are not in the industry and are an ou
  9. Yeah payroll is part of it. So compare it to the casinos guys. They tax the hell out of them and look what the employees make for wages!! The poor people can barely support their families. And yes there are taxes paid by the mining companies, and BLM fees, state and county fees that are astronomical and reclamation costs. The list goes on and on. They also donate millions each year to the surrounding communities for parks, schools and recreation areas. So i would say yeah, they get to pay a pretty penny to stay in business. Throw royalties on top of that and all of that goes away. So yeah im a
  10. Many jobs will be lost and that is a FACT!!! For us claim owners, how about we give away half of what we find on our claims since it is PUBLIC land!! If you dont work in the mining industry, you have no clue what expenses these mining companies pay. Just because gold is $1950 an ounce, does not mean thats what they are rolling in. They dont bring in money hand over fist like most think. Out of that $1950, it costs us $1180 dollars to produce 1 ounce. Thats a whopping $770 bucks an ounce profit. Leaves ALOT left for royalties doesn't it??? Sheeeeessshhh!!
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