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  1. I love the gold from Ryepatch/Majuba. It is definitely getting harder to find but it is killer looking gold.
  2. Not to sound one sided or anything BUT not one of us was sitting at that table in the war room. We all know there is stuff we are not told when it comes to intelligence and government security. Unless we are involved and were there, then all we can do is sit back and speculate on why we did it. And as we all know, speculation is not good. Facts rule the day and as of now we have no facts other than what the government has told us. I definitely did not type this to stir things up, because i have the utmost respect for you all. Thats just my opinion on the situation. Let the gold price soar. Take care everyone.
  3. Wow!! Amazing work for sure.
  4. Sounds interesting Bill. It would be nice to see some up here in Northern Nevada. I know they use to. Been trying a long time to join that club. You guys will do great things im sure.
  5. Sorry to hear that Bill. I hope all goes well.
  6. A whole nickel today! Dang, you better slow down lol. Happy birthday Luke, i hope you have a great day.
  7. Those are some sweet chunks Adam. Wow!!
  8. Maybe she swallowed a bunch of 1943 steel pennies. Thats possible haha. Thats some add.
  9. Happy birthday to ya. Sorry its late.
  10. Wow!!! I haven't seen one sentence or paragraph in the comments for your post that are degrading or harsh. The only time these folks start getting aggressive towards a poster is when they flip out like you have. EVERY single person on here gives their opinions and in that opinion they usually state " but it is a picture, and its hard to tell from a picture". These are good folks on here. If you cant handle a little constructive criticism and tips from hundred of years of experience in the field, like thats on here, then i suggest you just move on.
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