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  1. Thanks for all the info! I really appreciate it!
  2. My dad is interested in purchasing a Gold Bug when we gets a chance. Has anyone purchased the one sold at Cabelas? I know when it first came out there was confusion on which model this was(goldbug 3, goldbug pro). Now on the box itself at Cabelas I didn't see any marking saying gold bug pro. They have it only listed as "Fisher Labs Gold Bug Detector". Was this ever descripted as that? Or was that name just given to it when everyone was trying to see what model it was? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. We have been able to work a claim in the bumble bee area a few times now. And during this time we see other people working pretty much only down the main wash in this area. Does anyone work around this area and have any advice for working this area? We are trying to find a good spot for when it dries out so we can do some drywashing. But so far have only found a few small specs. If we go up into the hills and try, do we dig straight down to bedrock and dont worry about the overburden? I realize this is a pretty vague question, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. nice gold...i gotta get out more often so I can find a spot that close to home to hit up when I have free time.
  5. I have explored the southern most part of the white tanks where the mines are located. Many mine shafts going straight down. Some have chicken wire around them many dont. Also a very large opening that you could almost back in a truck right down to the opening. I used to have a pic a few years ago but lost it when my phone broke not too long ago.
  6. I have the book. Got mine about 2 weeks ago or so. What can I say I am a slow reader. How long will it take for the holes in there shoes and pockets to form? I think I havent reached that chapter yet, might have to skip ahead. And YES i agree his book is a must read. ALOT of very good info loaded in his book. Brian
  7. mike c.... i am sure you are right and the gold is gone. Think I will just stay home.
  8. Adam... That's exactly what I was thinking. Use the gpaa to check out the area. I just remember people in the past have said that some of the gpaa claims have been worked pretty hard. Now I can see how with nugget hunting that would be a problem but as long as there are good drywasher areas still out there to find then it would be worth the cost to join the club. and so far me and my dad have really only worked the weaver claims a few times. And the only time I have with bedrock was in lynx creek. So if there areas to get to bedrock at the lsd then it sounds good enough to me to give it a try
  9. I would like to join the roadrunners but the price is alittle high for us right now. How is the GPAA claims? I was talking with my dad yesterday about joining them and that could be an option if it seems they have decent claims in that area. And from what it sounds if they are back to back with roadrunner claims they should be decent as well. would you say the gpaa is a good area for drywashing as well?
  10. I have been reading posts regarding the Little San Domingo wash lately. And with it being farely close to home has me itching to give it a look. Since I have barelly started to look into it I really have no idea where to start. So I was wondering is there any decent club claims in the area? Or does the majority of people search for "open" land in the area. I am still farelly new at researching areas so I figures a club claim would be a good place to start asking. I know no one is going to give up there HOT SPOT in the area and that is not what I am asking for. But ANY basic info on the area wo
  11. what is the cost of the ticket if you get caught? is it more or less then what its costing to get approval. If its not that much different, I would have to agree with 29 prospector and el dorado. I think everyone would be in agreement here. If a vacation is what you NEED to clear your head and enjoy yourself, then the possibiliy of a ticket is really a small price to pay to save your sanity and be happy even if for a short time. Just my thoughts. And I know we dont know each other, but trust me your are NOT alone. Hard times are very common for alot of good people right now!
  12. thanks, I am still waiting to see if we are going to make it out or not this weekend. Crossing my fingers I get out before it is REALLY hot out there.
  13. Does anyone know how dry the rich hill area is? I am ready to use the drywasher out there. Anyone know how long ago they got rain out there? Hoping to use it next weekend if weather permits and it dries out enough. thanks, brian
  14. That was the first time I have seen that done. Very nice!
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